About Us

Hi there folks and welcome to www.operaincinema.com

The raison detre behind “OIC” is to un-earth latest technological products based on un-biased reviews. We are tech geeks ourselves and every now and then like to read about tech products & lay out reviews about them. Mostly websites pertinent to tech space have reviews of products laid out in a very technical & geeky manner.

Hence our motto is to provide our readers easy to understand information regarding tech products.

Hence, “OperaInCinema” was born.

We mainly review tech gadgets and other useful tech products that can make lives easier and enable it’s consumer towards a more healthier & productive routine.

The Brain Behind 'OIC'

Mr. Syed Shah

Hi, my name is Sohaib Hasan. I am 28 and I like to vicariously read about tech news & products. It’s my passion to try new gadgets and use them often. I know the important of having the right knowledge about a certain gadget can be critical. Hence I take matters in my own hands, research the latest tech gadgets to the core and write about them in a language that everyone understands.

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