Best 3D Hologram Fan Projector

Are you looking for the Best 3D Hologram Fan Projector? If you love 3D, these fantastic and well-acclaimed units can be to your liking.

4 Best 3D Hologram Fan Projector Reviewed

1. Cacocol 3D Hologram

This 3D Hologram Advertising Fan can work well on HDMI as well as VGA output. It has a shiny exterior and offers clear images.


  • It can offer a premium performance, whether in stages, schools or shopping malls.
  • It has a nice 3D Hologram effect, which makes the viewing experience much better.
  • The wall mount is quite good, and can let you draw more traffic.
  • The WIFI can be used easily.
  • It has superior hardware.
  • Its adapter can work as per expectations, working equally well with Mac and PC.


Its software needs improvement.

2. iDiskk

This fantastic 3D projector can be used at exhibits and trade shows in order to attract attention and project images that appear as if they float in the air.


  • With this app, uploading photos and videos becomes much easier.
  • The hologram effects are extremely good.
  • It is very bright and has a high resolution.
  • Its motor and other parts are superior in overall quality.
  • There is support for WIFI connection to ensure transfer of data.
  • It does not take up any space, and is professional in appearance.


The instruction manual is not good enough to understand.


This is a 3D holographic fan of high quality, and is stable and easily operable. It can be used primarily for premium chain stores, business events, exhibitions and more.


  • It has a LED Fan that rotates at high speed and can create images or videos in 3D effect in the air.
  • It can be mounted on the wall to let you draw in more traffic.
  • The images look amazing, and its transparent protective cover makes it safer as compared to others.
  • The product can be used at trade shows and for companies.
  • It can support a wide variety of video formats, and there is no conversion needed.


It is a little pricey.


This hologram projector fan lets you achieve pretty and attractive effects. The software that is included along with it can help create 3D hologram text graphics with convenience.


  • The unit is loaded from before with a few videos.
  • It can be set up and loaded with ease.
  • Its phone app can be downloaded easily, and lets you wirelessly add videos and photos from your phone.
  • You can access a 3D hologram video archive easily with this device.
  • It begins right after you plug it in.


It does not have any on / off switch.