Best Action Cameras Under $100 Reviewed

These days everyone wants to capture breathtaking moments while hiking, snowboarding, mountain climbing etc via a lightweight & affordable action camera. From sports enthusiasts to pet lovers and even homemakers, everybody wants a cheap, lightweight & rugged action cam.

Who is it for ?

So if you are one of the aforementioned enthusiast who loves to record exciting & adventurous moments while staying under a limited budget we have reviewed some of the best action camera under $100.

These action camcorders are being used by vloggers, travelers, actors and normal citizens.

Hence, we have reviewed some really good 4k action cameras which also happen to be GoPro alternatives under $100 (few of them are a bit more than $100 but worth it!)

Due to the huge demand of 4k action cameras there are a plethora of options available in the market these days. 

So without further ado, let’s dive into the world of the best action camcorders.

Best Action Cameras Under $100 Reviewed

1 . Akaso V50 X – 4K Action Cam 

action camera under 100

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Design & Features

Akaso V50 X has been tested and inspected on a professional level by the suppliers of Amazon. This camera caters to the process of refurbishing which further includes repackaging, inspection, and functionality testing.

All the accessories which are relevant are shipped along with the product. The product range also includes a warranty which goes for up to 90 days.

The design of this camera is such that withstands all conditions and environment. This V50X has a waterproof structure and does not even require any housing.

It offers a built-in connection of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and many more amazing features.

It only weighs a good 2.6oz and has one button for controlling.  The quality of the video which is offered in this camera is amazing and caters to the needs of 1440p/30, 720p/100 and 1080p/60 (frame rate).

The menu offered on the camera is a bit breezy when it comes to navigation. The camera does not perform very well under extreme sunny weather conditions.

The camera is a tested item which offers a wide range of features to its users.

  • With Remote Control
  • Lightweight (2.6oz)
  • 4K Video at 60 FPS
  • EIS Touch Screen
  • Menu is a bit complex

2 . Cross-tour Crosstour 4k Action Camera:

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Design & Features

This is a sports camera which comes in with an extremely high resolution of about 4k/20MP. Not just this, it also offers a video coverage of 4k/30 FPS, and a picture resolution of 20Mp is offered by the lens, which covers 7 layers of optical glass.

The lens in the camera is adjustable, and it offers an angle quite wide, which is perfect when you want to capture amazing moments in your camera.

The cases that are shipped along with this amazing camera’s accessory kit both carry waterproof qualities.

If you plan on shooting underwater, then you will be required to cover this camera with the help of the cases, in order for it to perform in the best possible manner and so that you can shoot underwater.

Another Stunning feature of this camera is that it provides its users an anti-shake as well as time-lapse recording service.

This camera does not offer any touch screen feature or even a wrist control option.

Although the cases are waterproof but while underwater the sound quality of this camera tends to deteriorate.

The cross tour action camera is user-friendly and has a built-in connection of Wi-Fi so that you download YouTube and other things once it has been connected with the camera.

  • 170 Degree Wide Angle Camera
  • 2″ LCD Screen
  • Wireless Wrist Mode
  • Two Extra Batteries included
  • Lacks Image Stabilization
  • User Interface Not Friendly

3 . AKASO Brave 4 (Waterproof Action Cam)

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Design & Features

AKASO brave 4 is a user-friendly camera, which offers the user a chance to adjust the angle of the camera according to their separate needs, these ranges between the angles of 110 degrees, 140 degrees, and 170 degrees.

If you want to stabilize your image and perform the process of anti-shaking, then this camera allows you to do that as well. The above-stated processes help to smooth out the overall quality of the picture captured and video shot.

The act of editing the video and sharing them becomes easy with this action camera as it only demands a free app.

All you have to do is download the respective app on the phone or even your tablet and connect your camera with it. The signal of Wi-Fi of this camera ranges up to a good 10 meters.

You can also connect the camera with your television screen with the help of the HDMI wire.

As soon as the need arises, put your camera in the waterproof case, and then you can go down underwater at a depth of about 30 meters.

The quality of the picture of this camera is not very amazing; sometimes the pictures turn out to be a bit grainy when photos are taken underwater. The number of batteries this camera comes with

is two which allow you to use it for a very long time with no problem.

  • Shoot 4K at 24 FPS
  • Excellent Anti-Shake Ability
  • 100ft Water Resistant (Perfect for Underwater Shots)
  • All Accessories included
  • Remote Control is not waterproof
  • Lacks Lens Protector

4 . YI Lite 4K Sports Camera:

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Design & Features

The Yi lite action camera is a professional camera, which offers a video recording quality of a wide range, 1080p/30fps, 1080p/60fps, and 4k/20fps frame rates respectively.

It also captures still images and carries a capacity of about 16MP; this feature has been backed up by the Sony IMX206 image censor.

Another amazing feature of this camera that makes the overall process of control super easy is its integrated touch screen of 2.0 LCD. If you are someone who likes to download their videos and pictures from the camera to your respective smartphone, then this Yi lite action camera is just the one for you.

This camera allows its users to download the photos and pictures to phones with the help of its 5g and 2.4g Wi-Fi signals.

You can even control this camera at a distance of about 100m away. It Bluetooth feature allows you to be at a distance of about 1om and still be able to control this Yi lite action camera with the help of its remote. It has a good nine modes with regard to the shooting.

One thing about this camera which people do not tend to like is that it comes with a stubborn SD card and battery compartment door.

This camera suits most tastes, of video shooting and picture capturing.

  • Shoot 4K at 20 FPS
  • Excellent Image Sensor
  • 130 min Battery Life
  • 9 Shooting Modes
  • It’s OS lacks Support

5 . AKASO EK7000 (Wide Angle, WiFi)

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Design & Features

This camera is an amazing 4k ultra HD action camera. The video of this camera speak professionalism with an offer of 2.7k 30fps and 4k 25fps.

If you want to take incredible pictures then this camera offers you to take them at a quality if 12MP and you are able to change the frames between the offered ranges of 3 per second.

This resolution is 4 times better than any HD camera. This camera comes with a remote control that is wireless, the user is able to capture amazing moments in a unique way.

With AKASA EK700 the processes related to recording videos, framing the shots and controlling this camera has become very easy to perform. The battery life of this camera is very long.

The number of batteries the camera comes with is 2, and these batteries are rechargeable. The recording capacity of this camera is a good 90 minutes.

This feature enables you to stop worrying over having to charge the camera after every short while. You can do your work easily.

The remote control of this camera is not waterproof. This stops the users from using it anywhere near the water area.

This camera is able to withstand bad weather conditions as well.


  • Take 12MP Photos at 30 FPS
  • 2 Rechargeable Batteries
  • Built-in WiFi & HDMI

  • Built Quality a little low


6 . Compark ACT74 

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Design & Features

The footage recording capacity of this camera is 4k/30fps and it takes pictures at 16MP. The censor it contains is a Sony censor.

This camera enables its users to capture the beautiful moments of the world at a resolution which is high enough to offer a great picture quality.

The lens of this camera is a good 170 degrees, and comes with a HD screen of 2 inches. You will be able to save all your captures pictures and shot videos on its SD card, this camera comes with a storage capacity of about 32 GB.

The Compark act74 is a camera which is compatible with both the android system and IOS. The user can even control the cameras with the help of their phones, and they can even send all the pictures and ideas to their friends or family via emails.

These can even be shared on the various social media platforms. The camera has cases which are waterproof; this allows the use to take the camera under water at a depth of 3o meters.

The quality of plastic which has been used to make the waterproof cases is not great. The user has to be careful while taking the camera underwater.

The camera offers great features with regard to video shooting and picture capturing.

  • 170+ Degree Wide Angle Lens
  • WiFi Remote Control
  • Easy to Setup & Use
  • Dual Batteries + Complete Accessories with Bag
  • Lacks MicroSD Card

7 . P-EKEN H9R with Mounting Kits

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Design & Features

The P-EKEN H9R is an amazing and professional camera. This camera has come in the market with a very new feature and that is its live streaming function.

This function is only available of the Apple IOS. The user is able to stream and that too worldwide through YouTube and Facebook.

You will be able to share with your friend and family all the activities you have been having fun while doing with the help of picture representation. This is without a doubt an action camera.

The camera has both HDMI and WI FI built in it. You will not face any issue while editing as well as sharing the sport actions via various mediums.

The Wi-Fi signals of this camera can be ranged from at a distance of 33 feet. This camera truly supports the built-in HDMI system which allows you to take a look at all the pictures and videos while displaying the on your television screen.

It does not matter what sport-related activity you are performing, this camera can withstand extreme conditions. Be it diving, surfing, hiking etc.

This camera is not very consistent with its offer of enabling the person to live stream on Facebook etc.

The batteries are 2 in number, and they are rechargeable. Therefore, the user is able to use it for as long as he/she wants without having to put it on charge again and again.

  • Great Live Streaming Ability
  • WiFi Coverage (33 Feet)
  • EZ iCam App is easy to use
  • 2″ LCD (FHD)
  • Lacks MicroSD Card


Criteria to Evaluate Affordable & Cheap Action Cameras for Use

You have to pre-determine that what kind of action camera do you really need? If you love to explore underwater then obviously you would need a waterproof camera. Likewise if you happen to be a sports junkie and an adventurer then you need strong mounting provisions alongside the camera to keep it relatively stable to shoot.

One of the most important aspect to keep in mind is the image quality in broad daylight. The best way to find out is to check out YouTube reviews on the specific model of an action camcorder you wish to purchase.

Furthermore, it is vital to buy an action camera which is very intuitive to use. If the action camera if difficult to operate or puzzling then you might miss out an awesome shot or shoot the whole thing incorrectly!

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Action Camera Below $100 

Let’s delve deep into specifics, so you can make an informed buying decision regarding affordable action cameras.

1 – Battery Longevity

We placed that on the first spot for a reason. If you don’t have ample battery time on your action camera then you can’t shoot outdoors easily. Action cameras are usually used in remote locations or where there is impossible to access a charging port. So it’s important to know the battery life of the action camera you are going to purchase and mostly people purchase a secondary battery to be on the safe side.

2 – Portability & Compact Design

Action Cameras are on a totally different level when ease of use and portability is concerned. These action cams can easily be carried as they don’t occupy much space, thus recording videos become very easy. Although some might argue that smartphones are also portable. Yes, that’s true but smartphones mostly have a lower resolution output when compared with premier action cams.

3 – Image Stabilization

This feature is pretty ubiquitous & is one of the most important aspect as it helps to produce a smooth video despite all the bumps & shakes one experiences while shooting with an action camera.

Latest action cameras have anti-shake features as well. It compensates for all the erratic movements, shakiness and sudden angle changes caused by recording videos using an action cam.

4 – GPS

Having a GPS enabled action camera is very important for travel vloggers & adventurer tourists as they can tag each location they visit and gather crucial geographical details along the way.

Action Camera Under $100 – Buying Guide


The product we are talking about is action cameras and the word action already points towards the need for versatility because action means a variety of circumstances. Versatility is great to have and depending on your needs, this characteristic should determine the budget you really should be having.

Action camera are used in all kinds of sports and recreational activities for vlogging or for your personal record. Action cameras provide you with a recording view that normal cameras simply cannot provide.

Following are some considerations in this regard :

The following features will make you action cameras extremely versatile. More of these features will mean more versatility.


Video recording with 4K @60fps for smooth video having a large frame or slow-motion recording @120fps or more for very clear, crisp and smooth slow-motion video.


Still pictures with around 20MP for maximum granularity and large prints.


Quality Lens having wide-angle 170° and adjustable several lower angles so that depending on the use, the picture provides complete coverage in the frame.
Wide-angle provides great depth of field and a panoramic view while the narrow angle helps if you need to focus on the subject of video.

Photo Modes

Various special functions like Burst Photo/ Time Lapse Photo/ Time Lapse Video/ Slow Motion Video/ Loop Recording/ Driving Mode etc. allow you shoot your actions and events in the most appropriate way that is not possible with normal shooting.

Similarly, numerous adjustments like WDR/ White Balance/ ISO allow you to attain the optimum exposure according to the environmental conditions and your need.


Good Audio Recording can make the difference for you


Numerous connectivity options will save you time and effort for obtaining best results. These include High quality HDMI/ USB/ Wi-Fi. A Wireless Remote Control comes with most good cameras. It may be the thing for you if you want to control the camera easily on-the-go.


Ruggedness and Water Proofing are highly desirable features in an action camera. In the least case the camera will still be splash proof. High shock absorbing capacity will be a must for extreme photo and video shooting.

Most action cameras come with many accessories that help you in adapting the camera to the circumstances and environment for best mounting. Good battery timing is like gold for an action camera user so watch out for these specs.

Action Camera Accessories

The action camera is not of much use on its own because of what its purpose is and the way it is used. In other words, the action camera is used to capture moments of your action, whether if it is under water during diving or snorkeling or in the sky while sky diving or paragliding or while skateboarding through half-pipes and full-pipes etc.

You want to capture your own action by yourself. So, you need to mount the camera in a sturdy way and at a location around you where you will get the desired coverage, like on you helmet or on your vehicle etc.

Let us consider the following accessories available at Amazon UK as an example. You can identify your need accordingly and purchase your accessories.

Action Camera Accessories:

The following accessories are included in this package.

Carry Case

A shockproof carrying case for keeping your camera and accessories protected during your action excursions.

Flannel Bag

The flannel bag keeps your bits and pieces kind of accessories together.

Head Strap Mount

You wear this on your head and mount your action cam onto it. Using it with the extendable helmet arm or with the  three-way adjustable pivot arm provides you with further shooting perspectives.

Chest Strap Mount

Mount your action cam on to your chest with this remarkable accessory while you are outside cycling, skiing, boating, hiking, fishing etc.

A quick release buckle or J Hook allows you to mount the action cam easily.

Wrist Strap

The wrist strap allows you to mount the camera on your wrist. It provides a comfortable, yet strong grip for you action cam.

Wrist Strap Mount

The Wrist Strap Mount is attached onto the wrist strap and you action cam then gets mounted on the wrist strap mount.

Extendable Handle Monopod

This is your very handy selfie stick monopod, which lets you film or photograph yourself while you are on-the-go!

It is also helpful when you want to shoot yourself as part of a group.

It is used together with an adapter and a long screw bolt.

360 Rotating Clip Mount

The 360 Rotating Clip Mount allows you to mount the camera at the perfect angle needed for your shoot. It provides your camera with complete 360 degree rotation capability so that you can fix it in the optimum position.

Bike Tripod Mount

Use the Bike Tripod Mount to setup your action cam on your bicycle firmly while rotated at any suitable angle.

Car Suction Cup Mount

Use the Car Suction Cup Mount to setup the action cam perfectly and firmly inside your car in a way that is can be unmounted with absolute ease.

Floating Handle Grip

Use the Floating Handle Grip during water sports to mount your action cam onto it, then wear the band on your wrist while holding onto the yellow grip for directing the camera. The wrist band allows the camera to be tied so that it does not slip away even if you lose the grip.

It is used together with a long screw bolt.


Three-way Adjustable Pivot Arm

Use the Three-way Adjustable Pivot Arm to mount your action cam affixed at the perfect angle in 3 dimensions.


J-Hook Buckles

These buckles allow for ease mounting and unmounting of your action cam.

Quick Release Buckles

These buckles allow for ease mounting and unmounting of your action cam.


The adapters come in handy while using the other mounts.

Flat mounts

These mounts help in affixing the action cam.

Ark mounts

These mounts help in affixing the action cam.

Safe Straps

The safe straps have an adhesive sticker for tying purpose while mounting your action cam.


The links also come in handy while using the other mounts.

Screws Bolts

The screw bolts are used with the other mounts.

Adhesive pad

The adhesive pads allow for a temporary fixation that must hold strong while it is used.

Anti-fog Inserts

The accessories all in a single view.

Some of the accessories explained with diagrams

Diagram showing compatible cameras and the accessories practical applications


The concept of frame rates relates to the video shooting and playback.

A frame is basically a still image. The video is captured in the camera in the form of many picture frames captured one after the other.

These frames, when they are shown one after the other on the screen become the video you are viewing that you shot and captured.

The human eye cannot sense that you are being shown many frames one after the other if they are show fast enough. So, you need to determine how many frames you want to capture and consequently show on screen in one second. That will be the frame rate.

So, if you now think about it, a greater frame rate means more frames shot in one second. Normally the frame rate needs to be around 25 frames per second or above. The more the better. Here frames per second is stated in short as fps. So 25fps or more.

One point to note is that if you want to capture fast movement which is not so much sensed by your eye, you can shoot it at very high fps and then play it at normal fps to get a slow-motion result. Here, the higher the fps, the smoother the slow-mo.

Having discussed this, let us come to what you need to look for.

Obviously high value of fps. Along with the frame rate, you also need to note the frame size or the Mega Pixels value of the frame (Picture). Hence a video shot in 4K at 60fps is going to be very clear and very detailed. Clear because of the high frame rate and detailed because it was shot in 4K.

The rest is just common sense. 😊

Oh, and don’t forget to look for a video mode with 125fps or so if you want to shoot in slow motion.


This is a very important aspect because the maximum application of the action cams is in the out-doors. Yes, eternal sunshine is what we all dream of but the reality is far from it. So, obviously the action cams are going to have some built-in weather proofing or safety.

The four qualities to look for according to your needs may be any of the following: –


In case you expect stormy weather, you should prefer a more shock proof camera because there is more chance of it getting hit or smashed around.

Splash Proof

Most cameras are splash proof. This is not the same as water proof but lets say you spilt water onto it or you are present in rainy weather so this will help keep most water out. You need to be vigilant though because water may get in.

Water Proof

This feature gets common as the price value goes up. Water proof cameras can be dipped in water and they should perform just as they do out of water. This feature is a must if you want to shoot under water. Of course, the water proofing has a depth limit of typically 30 to 40 meters, which is quite sufficient for hobby water sports.

Ambient Temperature

This rating is to be checked if you are aim for down south, to the deserts or to the warm beaches for example. Do make sure your camera can operate well in high temperatures that you will be expecting. The same goes if you want to go up north.