Best Amplifier for Klipsch Speakers Reviewed

Every audiophile knows the name Klipsch. For those who know what it means to get the best quality listening experience, this is the brand you can trust.

They are best known for providing great punch in small packages. This is why you need to select the best amplifier receiver your speakers.

Here are the top choices for amplifiers for Klipsch speakers.

Best Amplifier for Klipsch Speakers

1. Yamaha CX-A5200 

Best Amplifier for Klipsch Speakers

Yamaha is another well known name in the sound industry. It is therefore easy to see why we put this particular item on top of our list.

It is portable; small enough to be used indoors without any problems. Sometimes it makes it seem as though it’s the same with the speakers.

Since Klipsch speakers mostly come in small packages, here you have an amplifier that fits the products. They have been created to offer proper support for the speaker strength.

For those who love music, getting the best tools to produce proper sound it top priority. You can connect the amplifier to your speakers easily using provided cables.

The package comes with one Yamaha CX-A5200, an 11.2 channel pre-amplifier and 1 Klipsch SW-311 Subwoofer.

One of the reasons we find this item worth reviewing is the quality. Both in term of sound and design, there are not very many amplifiers you can compare.

But the price is something else. Because it comes as a full package, it’s quite costly. But that cannot be a problem if you are looking for a great pre-amp.


2. Klipsch KA-1000-THX 

The Klipsch THX ultra2 system is a new technology on the market. And behind is the KA-1000-THX subwoofer amplifier. This might be one of the best products of this nature in the market so far. Not only does it provide high quality sounds, it offers great support to your connected speakers as well.

it has the capability to deliver 1000-watts into a 4 ohm load. This gives it the ability to convert and present each sound the way it is supposed to be.

The best part is, you can connect two high performance subwoofers and it will support them effectively. There are not many amplifiers with such power.

We put it on this list because it offers great dependability. It is a high value item that requires proper handling if you are lucky enough to have it. It offers solid dependability where listeners get nothing but all power. Beside this, it gives detailed sounds, including emotion from your favorite music and movies.

One downside about this item is its price. But it is understandable, considering the value and quality of this amplifier. It is designed with the best technology to offer clarity in every sound coming through it.


3. Klipsch RSA-500 

When you are looking to power any subwoofer, it is important that you get the right amplifier for the job. The Klipsch RSA-500 is a channel you can rely on for a passive subwoofer. It is a single channel amp for such a subwoofer that lacks and internal amplifier.

Its primary purpose was to be used with the Klipsch RW-5802 and RW-5101-C wall subwoofers. But it has since found better use with other sub-woofers. It features custom settings for AW-800-SW outdoor subwoofers. That is why it is a very popular amplifier among those who understand what they need in sound production.

It pumps out 300 watts into 8-ohm load. This is for one subwoofer module, giving it enough power to work under extreme conditions. And for a two subwoofer module, the power is raised to 500-watts for a 4-ohm load.

It is supportive of any device as it comes with standard input/output connectivity. This makes it a system you can rely on for all your sound needs.

Another great advantage is the price. It is quite cheap compared to many other items we have reviewed here. The only downside is that it’s designed only for passive subwoofers.


4. Klipsch R-15M – Budget

Before you buy an amplifier, or any sound related system, you need to understand exactly what your needs are. In this case, this bundle of Klipsch Powergate Amplifier PlayFi Wireless Gateway is the right choice for those who don’t like too many wires. It comes with a Klipsch R-15M Reference Bookshelf Speakers.

One amazing feature that many have considered is its power. The amplifier can drive even the most difficult speaker with its 2×100 watt class D packing. No matter the type of speakers you are using; bookshelf speakers in the office or a pair of Klipsch speakers, this is an amp you can rely on.

Being a wireless streaming device, you can plug anything into it and it will be streamed for playback in other rooms with Klipsch products. This is if you use it as part Klipsch Stream Multi-audio system. It is simply a product you can rely on for great power input.


5. Klipsch Heritage – Best Option

An amplifier is only as good as the power it gives.  Here is one amplifier you can rely on for power. It is a 2×100 watt class D amplifier. The Klipsch Heritage is enabled with WiFi connectivity making it easy to connect with other devices via internet.

Use it as part of Klipsch stream wireless multi-room audio system. This integration connects every Klipsch system different rooms.

It comes with a Phono Pre-Amp/RCA analog audio. This is one feature that makes it more applicable. The system can be used well with both classic and modern systems.

Apart from WiFi connectivity, you can connect other digital devices through Bluetooth. It has AAC and apt-X decoding capability as well. With such easy connectivity features, you can be sure to get the best sound experience for your music and movies.

It has USB audio input, Bluetooth, Phono pre-amp/RCA analogue. An output includes headphones, subwoofer and line level pre-amp.

It features DTS play-Fi technology and a remote control unit. It is the lowest in price on this list, which makes it a comfortable choice.

The amplifiers discussed above are all great choices on the market today. We hope it helps get you great sound for your music and movies.

Note: If you are on a tight budget and need a stereo amplifier for quality sound then read our best stereo amplifiers under $100 to know more.



Klipsch speaker are among the most trending speaker for most music enthusiasts. This is why our list of best amplifiers for Klispch speaker is necessary for you. It will help you make a more informed decision and get an item that will serve you properly.