Best Amplifier & Receiver for Outdoor Speakers Reviewed

When holding a party or any function outside, you need a robust outdoor speaker system in place. That is why amplifiers & receivers are necessary.

Usually there’s a burning question in everyone’s mind, Do I need an amplifier for Outdoor Speakers?

The answer is Yes! If you are a music enthusiast & an audiophile you certainly need the best amplifier for outdoor speakers.

Now you have a choice here, to opt for an amplifier or receiver for your outdoor speaker system.

To simplify things here, an amplifier is a device that boost an audio signal from a given source, while a receiver already has a built-in amp inside.

The advantage with buying a receiver is more powerful than an amplifier plus it can pass through a video channel for TV & projectors.

Hence, you can now play great surround sound audio & video in your outdoor space.

With that said, let’s get into the list of some of the best amplifiers/receivers for your outdoor speaker system.

List of the Best Amplifier & Receiver for Outdoor Speaker Systems

We suggest the following receivers/amplifiers for outdoors according to audio amplifying capabilities, no. of channels, wireless connectivity & affordability.

1 – Denon AVR-X4500HPremium Choice (3D Audio & Dolby Surround Sound)

2 – Denon AVR-S960HBest Overall (with HEOS)

3 – Yamaha R-S202BLBudget Option 1

4 – Crown XLS-2502Highly Functional (4 ohm)

5 – Elac EA101Integrated Amplifier

6 – Parasound 2125Power Amplifier

7 – NAD 3020Budget Option 2 (Portable Hybrid with DAC)

8 – Pyle PT506BT Budget Option 3 (Cheapest on the List!)

8 Best Amplifiers & Receivers for Outdoor Speakers

1. Denon AVR-X4500H

best amplifier for outdoor speakers

The Denon AVR-X4500H is first on the list for a reason. Firstly, Denon is one of the most popular & loved receiver brand in the market.

It is a power-packed 9.2 channel amplifier perfect for outdoor setups coupled with 3D audio capability. It can wirelessly connect with Alexa and you can stream live music with Dolby Surround Sound at your disposal.

However, you need a bit of fiddling with this thing to set up everything according to your audiophilic needs.

And if you happen to turn your outdoor space into a home theatre, you can surely bet on the Denon X4500H for it.

That alone justifies it’s high price as getting only an amplifier for outdoors can limit your options down the line.

So if you are avid audio & video enthusiast who enjoys being outdoors mostly, this receiver is highly recommended.

2. Denon AVR-S960H

If you are looking for a multi-room streaming functionality, the Denon AVR-S960H is definitely you want to consider.

We have placed it second on the list considering it can provide you with great audio & video outdoors plus it’s a rather affordable Denon.

It is created to offer unlimited sound control so that you can play your music in the settings you desire.

With WiFi stream, you can use it for as many room, indoor or outdoor as you want.

It is small and portable, but very powerful altogether. It has been rated as a tough outdoor output amp for its all aluminum cabinet. This makes it both dust and water resistant.

It is convenient for wireless inputs. It has a 2.4G WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth v4.2 and RCA input options for maximum applicability.

3. Yamaha R-S202BL

Third on the list is our first budget friendly option for people who want to enjoy surround sound without breaking the bank.

The Yamaha R-S202BL receiver is the perfect solution for all your audio needs.

According to our research & rigorous testing this receiver is best for small setups because it uses the latest amplification technology to bring out the sound as naturally as possible.

It is designed to operate with clarity, delivering accurate and clear sound.

The only down side is perhaps that it is applicable for small outdoor activities only. Well, it can be used in a larger setting but it may not produce the quality you need.

4. Crown XLS-2502

The Crown XLS-2502 is a 2.0CH digital amplifier for passive speakers. It comes with bass and treble control 50W x 2.

It has a CSR642 Bluetooth 4.2 core that supports aptX latency. You can stream up to ranges of 39ft. The Bluetooth and aux selector gives you power to choose how you want to connect your devices.

You can improve your sound clarity and quality with the Texas instrument TPA3116D2 chip. Use a new DC socket as well which does not produce sparks when you plug to the power supply.

It is a small and simple design, but one that offers the best sound experience. It is designed exclusively for customers who value Hi-Fi sound.

With a built in 50 RMS x 2(4ohms, 20 Hz-20 kHz 0.04% THD) built-in speaker protection circuit, you can be sure to get the best operation. It is a great amp for all your speaker needs.

5. Elac EA101

The Elac EA101 is . It is small, yet powerful enough and Mini HiFi class D integrated amp to power speakers of up to 160×2.

If you use it with Texas Instrument TDA7498E chip, you get the best sounds.  This eliminates the pop, audible sounds, when nothing is playing through it.

It is a perfect solution for outdoor/bookshelf/computer/ceiling and standing speakers. And to make your audio experience even more appealing, connect it to your digital devices. You can then enjoy music from the palm of your hand.

It is enclosed in an aluminum casing for better looks, functionality and protection. If you are out for Hi-Fi sound, this is an amplifier we can recommend.

6. Parasound 2125

The Parasound 2125 comes equipped with a 2x120w dual channel power stereo box receiver box, a sound w/USB, RCA, AUX, LED, Remote, and a 12 watt adapter.

It is a great tool for any type of speaker and iPhone connection.

Give your entertainment a boost with the 2×120 watt power output. With it, you also get low distortion, w/acoustic audio production. What more could you want from your audio needs except great quality and enough room for adjustment.

It has an LCD display control from which you can see all the functions taking place. It also has four input, including various external support for USB, SD, headphones, iPhone, computer, mp3 and many other devices.

7. NAD 3020

NAD 3020 is a great portable & hybrid amplifier for amplified subwoofer speakers, CD DVD players and theater.

It offers connection via RCA. It is a 2x5W mini portable dual channel surround sound stereo receiver Box w/LED. It is perfect for your home theater acoustic surround sound system. It gives up to 2×75 watts peak power for high quality music and movie sound.

It is small, but lets you connect different external audio sources. Use it with tuners, CD DVD players, tape deck, camcorder, VCR and enjoy great audio output.

Connect your speakers with ease using the push type speaker terminal available.  The impedance on the speakers ranges from 4 to 8 ohms. This is great for general stereo output.

It has EQ controls for improved smart compact bookshelf speaker needs. There is a button for every control, making it an easy to use tool.

8. Pyle PT506BT

Pyle PT506BT is a small but uniquely designed and powerful power home Hi-Fi stereo amplifier.

It is a 90 watt portable dual channel surround sound audio receiver. It gives your entertainment of PA the best boost you can ever think of.

It comes with customized sound functionality. The tone and direct switch allows you to adjust how much bass or treble you want to come out from the amp.

You can connect it to multi devices, making your audio experience unforgettable. It is simply a tool you can rely on.

Amplifier for Outdoor Speaker – Buying Guide

Searching for the best amplifier to buy for your outdoor speakers is not an easy thing. If one does not follow the procedure as is being shown here, it  can be one of the most tiresome and resource-wasting activities.

What is an Amplifier?

Now, you may have been told by your audio technician that you require an amplifier. What is an amplifier?

Your outdoor speakers do not generate their power needed to drive components that make a sound. This part is where it gets interesting; an amplifier generates this power needed to produce sound.

An amplifier is further used to increase power from a socket to sufficiently power the speakers it connects to it.

Also, you may have come across the term “receiver.” A receiver is more productive than an amplifier in terms of features. Receivers may have CD/DVD input, radio tuner, or even they may be Bluetooth enabled to connect to your phone or computer automatically.

Now, you may be wondering to yourself:

“How much power do these outdoor speakers consume?”

When playing music inside your house, the walls of the house reflect sound. Well, outside, things are a bit different; you need to double the power because there are no walls outside to reflect and contain soundwaves.

Bottom line is:

You may want to acquire a sound amplifier.

How much will it cost ?

The next question you are probably asking yourself is:

“How much will an amplifier cost me?”

I’m not going to lie to you:

There are plenty of choices that will not drain your pocket more cash. However, you might spend more money depending on what you want. Maybe, you would want to have one amplifier powering both indoor and outdoor speakers.

How Many Outdoor Speakers Will Your Amplifier Serve?

Now, when you are trying to match these two, it is always advisable to select an amplifier that can deliver power to two times the speaker rating. This aspect means that for a speaker with a program rating of 350 Watts and a nominal impedance of 8 Ohms, an amplifier that can produce 700 Watts will be required.

Most people will set up a pair of speakers with a standard two-channel amplifier or receiver. Others may want to increase the number of speakers, as they have a large yard. Most amplifiers and receivers come with 2 to 7 speaker channels.

The best part is, to add more speakers, you need to add more channels. You will be shocked to realize that insufficient power may be damaging your good, hard-earned speakers.

Does My Amplifier need to be Weatherproof?

Here’s the truth:

No. In essence, there is no such technology has been developed and released into the market.

You might think to yourself:


You can connect a receiver with a Bluetooth device for your outdoor speakers or even a wireless amplifier, which can save you a lot of wired connections.

With a good and modern amplifier, you can connect your home theater and your outdoor speakers without the need to use wires, in essence, a wireless connection for both indoor and outdoor. Speak of killing two birds with one stone!


The better the amp, the better the sound produced. You must be wanting the best music or the best podcast. The better the amp, the better the sound quality. For example, when watching a movie at a home cinema, an A/V receiver integrated with an audio amplifier will suit you best as it’s sound quality is on the peak.

Power Output

The louder you want to have your audio, the higher the power consumption of the amplifier. Similarly, the size of speakers also matters.

You must be thinking to yourself now:

“How does speaker size affect my power consumption?”

The speaker needs to be powered up by the amplifier so that a stronger amplifier would do better with a bigger speaker in terms of power sufficiency and quality audio production.


Crosstalk matters, because the right will forever remain to be white and left, will remain left;

Crosstalk is the measurement of how much left and right signals mix, …and trust me; you need to consider this as it is a significant factor for the best audio quality.

The higher the number with the minus sign, for example, -80dB compared to -120dB, the latter is better than the former, i.e., the higher the stereo separation.

Check for Headroom

Firstly, you need to question yourself, “What is the headroom?”

Headroom is the difference between the maximum level an amplifier can pass without causing some distortion and its average level. It is the secret for the production of effortless music.

You need to check for the headroom. Why is this important?

Audio and mostly music have an extensive variation, and without ample headroom, you’ll discover that your gear will frequently be distorting.

The headroom is good as it is the extra power readily available for an amplifier to use without distorting the sound.

Our Verdict

Achieving the best sound quality for your outdoor speakers is possible, provided you have the best amplifier installed by the best team.

Here’s the deal:

Acquiring a good amplifier for your outdoor speakers is one thing; installing them with the best speaker to amplifier ratio is another thing.

Follow the tips in this article to have the best outdoor audio experience and save your good speakers from their sudden death due to insufficient power from low-current amplifiers.


Enjoying music in an outdoor setting depends on how much you can here. Whether you are a DJ or just organizing an outdoor even, there is need to have the right amplifier.

Note : In addition if you are a DJ who prefers amplifiers for good bass sound then read our guide on the best DJ Amplifiers for Bass.

We hope our list of best amplifiers for outdoor speakers has something that will make you day successful. Remember, amp choice determines the sound output.