Best Bass Speakers for Home Use Reviewed

Most people love bass within their mix and if you are one of them then you are at the right place.

In this article, we are going to help you with the best bass speakers for the home use which you can easily afford and place.

We are going to break a few steps for you so you can buy speakers with good bass for your home at a very affordable price.

For those of you who listen to sub-bass music, we have included some subwoofer to pursue too.

Best Bass Speakers for Home Use

1. Polk Audio PSW10

best bass speaker for home

Polk Audio PSW10 is a 10-inch sub-audio speaker which are priced very moderately.

It is a 50-watt speaker and its features are sophisticated engineering and its built-in amplifier which doubles the dynamic power to 100 watts in a genuine boosting manner.

These speakers have resonance-free dynamic balance drivers which are built from durable components and are damped to help counter any standing-wave resonance which causes distortion.

They also benefit from Polk’s state of the art Klippel distortion analyzer which helps in optimizing the motor structure.


1- These speakers are of size 10 inch which looks cool when you keep it in your room.

2- They are easy to connect spring-loaded terminals. The output sound is deep and natural. These speakers are great for different genres of music.

3- They will no consume much power of your house as their consumption are 50 watts with its built-in amplifier.


1- You can experience some audio distortion when you set the volume high enough (above the medium level)

2- These speakers are not the best option for movies.


2. Sony XB72

These speakers can be used via Bluetooth as well with enough volume to start a party. The Sony XB72 can be integrated into your home as it connects directly to your PC and TV also it can be used as a stand-alone solution.

It can be used in an upright position with the woofers above and below one another or laid on its side playing in stereo right and left.

The Extra bass technology optimizes the low-end clarity and efficiently dampens unwanted resonance to prevent the high frequency and deliver powerful bass.

It has a feature of Bluetooth connectivity as well as direct plug and play. You can sync multiple same speakers together and can create a good party host speaker.

They adore LED lighting which produces a plethora of multi-color patterns.


1- These speakers contain extra bass optimization features which make it unique with another bass speaker on the market.

2- You can connect with these speakers via Bluetooth and NFC streaming also.

3- These speakers are built-in LED lights that are very attractive to audiophiles and attract many users towards its fine design.


1- If a person wants an overall best performing speaker that delivers good lows as well then these speakers are not a good option.

2- A bit of costly than the previous one so if you have any constraint with the money then you can skip this speaker.


3. Edifier R1280T – Ideal for Small Rooms

When you are on a budget, getting an audio device that gives good sound performance for your home theater then Edifier R1280T is the right option for you.

It has a pretty nice design that would allow it to fit nicely in any home or office. Its front panel consists of the detachable grill that’s gray cloth with a four-inch woofer and 13 mm silk dome tweeter.

They provide commendable bass without any distortion and have a lot of room before the breakup.

This is all because of its precision engineering and bass reflex ports. These speakers use the user-friendly controls which include equalization adjustments.

These bass speakers come with remote control for handy but you can locate them anywhere as per your comfort specially if you have a small room.

Note : This particular model from Edifier is perfect for small room placements. If you want to know more read our guide on the best speakers for small room.


1- These speakers are active which means you don’t have to buy any extra amplifiers to use it.

2- The sound which it delivers is warm, balanced, and loud and also it has separate bass and treble control system.

3- Excellent build quality for the price and very easy to set up anywhere with remote control features.


1- With a high volume these speakers lack sound quality. Not a good option while you watch a film using these speakers as a main source of audio.

2- The bass is lacking in terms of sound depth and distortion.


4. Klipsch R-41M

Klipsch R-41M speakers are an excellent choice if you are a bass lover. A special feature of these speakers is that they are resistant against water, dust, snow, and anything else you throw on them.

Not only these speakers are durable but also they sound amazing especially when it comes to low-end, bass notes. There are two tweeters and two woofers inside them which deliver 40W sound.

These speakers are designed in such a way that you get superior sound whether you are outdoors or indoors. One of the strongest features of these speakers is their portability as they are small and easy to carry with a handle in-built.

These speakers have amazing power backup as you don’t have to charge it all the time.


1- Packed with 8000mAh battery these speakers not only good in battery delivery but also with punchy bass and surround sound they are amazing.

2- They provide wireless and wired connection options with waterproof, dustproof, and even mud proof.

3- Premium sound and function at a very affordable price. These speakers are the best value for money.


1- These speakers have rubberized seal on USB and AUX port which has no opener.

Buying Guide on Bass Speakers for your Home

Before buying perfect bass speakers for your home you need to understand what are the important things you need to keep in mind.

Since speakers, amplifiers and bins are known for their huge space consumption. Here we are defining a few features which you need to take care of before buying a bass speaker for the home.

How Much Bass is Enough?

If you are a hardcore bass lover and you don’t care about mid and lows then you should go for a smaller sub.

For bigger rooms smaller subs work fine. For movies and entertainment purposes you should don’t care for the bass rather you search for those speakers who are both goods on high and low volumes.

Power Requirement

One of the best things about a powered subwoofer is that its amplification is built-in. You don’t have to spend extra money on the amplification devices.

The specs which you need to pay attention is to sub-continuous power or RMS rating.

Passive Radiators

Some subs are passive radiators to reinforce bass output. The passive radiators add extra beat and sound to the subwoofer output without increasing the amplifier size.

Passive radiators add some extra mix to your sound and will help you understanding music much more clearly.


Some FAQs

Do speakers with higher sensitivity ratings sound better?

A sensitivity rating doesn’t tell you how good or not so good a speaker is. It only defines how effectively your speaker converts power applied to them into the volume which produces.

Higher the sensitivity rating higher the volume a particular speaker produces.

What kind of a difference do tweeters make?

There are many different types of tweeters such as polymers, silk, and ceramic. Each of them comes with its own set of benefits and limitations.

Paper, for example, is very lightweight, thus very responsive. Composites tweeters are more durable on the other hand.



Perfect bass speakers must hold a perfect blend of highs, lows, and mid. Usually these types of speakers have a built-in amplifier which kind of saves your money.

Few good bass speakers have Bluetooth and remote control features whereas some of them are waterproof and durable.

You need to consider every point we have discussed in your mind before buying a set of speakers with bass.

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