Best Budget Pre-Amp for Turntables

Among the tools that makes turntables experience amazing are the preamps. These components play a vital part in enhancing performance and delivery.

Even though more advanced technology has emerged regarding music playing, turntables still play a vital role with many. Check our list of best budget preamp for turntables.

Best Budget Pre-Amp for Turntables Reviewed

1. NobSound Little Bear T11 

Best Budget Pre-Amp for Turntables

The Little Bear is an ideal choice for you if you are in need of equipment modified to work on MM cartridge only .It’s important to note that before using the pure tube Phono preamplifier, you first equip your turntable with a Phono signal output instead of a line output.

The NobSound Little Bear T11 is improved equipment from T10 since it has a lower background noise even at lower volume. It has a better experience due to its terrific sound output.

It gives the user the privilege of choosing between the covers that is; whether to use the metal covers or the Acrylic covers for the RIAA equalization Phono stage circuit tubes.

The stress for replacement tubes is eliminated since it supports 6N2/12AX7 tubes

2. Rolls Belari VP549 

The preamplifier dubbed Rolls Belari in an ideal affordable way of incorporating records into your system since its from one of the most affordable super audio companies in the sound industry.

The Rolls Belari VP549 is modified to be adapted universally by any system, it’s perfect for connecting turntable to any line stage, preamp or any other audio equipment with line-level RCA Inputs.

It produces lively, terrific sound upbeat with a very low background noise with a high precision and low noise for even low-output cartridges. This is a high end product ranging on the same level with other companies super quality products but what makes it exceptional s the price. It’s relatively cheaper compared to other preamp products.

3. U – Turn Audio 

It’s an elegant signal booster for your turntable since it possesses super quality components and a direct circuit design. It possesses a stainless steel cover that protects its sensitive components from being altered in any way. It also has subsonic filters that eliminates low frequency noise and comes with a 3 year warranty

U Turn Audio Pluto, also has a crosstalk of 80dB hence excess noise is eliminated and also has an input capacitance of 100PF, with an S/N ratio of 90dB.

4. Turntable Lab Rolls VP 29.TTL 

Everyone will go for equipments that satisfy the expectations of many users. The turntable Lab Rolls VP 29.TTL Phono preamp is one of the best selling equipment both online and in-store because of its compact size and its super quality having been produced by a blend of two companies; Turntable Lab and Rolls/Bellari.

It does not amplify unequalized RIAA Phono signal to a line level signal but with a terrific and direct sound system circuit.

It possesses quality components that effectively coverts the turntable Phono output to line level output. This makes it possible to be used with audio outputs and systems like speakers.

Due to its ease of use, it does not require any special knowledge to set up and play and is flexible enough to work with any turntable. It’s made in the USA and comes with a warranty of 6 months.

5. Little Bear T7 Nobsound 

Little Bear T7 is a Phono preamplifier that is modified for only MM turntables only which mean it cannot support MC turntables.

It notable to say its suitable for devices like CD.DAC,PC  or even the cell phone due to the presence of the standard communication port.(it’s an auxiliary preamplifier.)

It works better to produce lively sound especially when the MM cartridge is update to the latest edition. Of course everyone will go for an item that will not strain them when it comes to portability or handling. The little bear t7 is the perfect size with a protective covering which makes it even less delicate.

On the PCB, there is a gain control switch which also makes it unique and hence special in a way.

6. ART DJ Pre ll 

This equipment Art DJ Pre II is modified in a way that it allows you to play and record tour audio from many different sources ranging from your audio work station to the home stereo. It’s designed to amplify and equalize your vinyl records.

Its capability to work and optimize the gain of variety of input devices is amazing and this is made possible by the front gain control and signal LED.

Art DJ Pre ll is installed with a switch analog capacitance to maximize your Phono cartridge performance. When playing audio, you will notice the turntable rumble is minimized and this due to the presence of a low cut filter.

It comes with a power supply and a three year warranty.

7. GOgroove Phono Preamp 

Thanks to the GOgroove Phono Preamp your turntable PHONO volume is boosted to another higher level, and better sound quality. This makes it the best to use with any stereo, speaker and any audio output equipment.

This equipment is installed with RCA and DIN that can be connected to amplifiers, mixing and recording units. When connected to the Phono output of the turntable and the line input of the speakers, the sound produced is more terrific than any turntable that has a build in preamp.

The most amazing feature about GOgroove preamp is; Your also have the privilege to connect to your old school player but still maintaining the high quality sound.

When listening to an audio via the headphone port on the front of the preamp, the user can also control the volume through the monitor knob. There is also a clip indicator that flickers indicating what part of the audio are loudest. In some preamps, the sound could be deformed but in this equipment, that scenario is minimized by controlling the input gain. The filter button eliminates turntable rumble.

8. XtremPro 

The Xtrem Phono Equalizer is a great innovation with affordable prices to suit customers’ needs. Its sound is perfect with low noise and not prone to distortion. It can be used on both MM and MC cartridges.

It relays circuit with delay function hence makes it possible to control an event based on time. There is a high quality 24 carat gold plated contact that provides important finishing touch beneficial in a variety of ways for example;  the plate is very nonreactive hence wont rust/corrode overtime.

9. GOgroove Mini

Most customers go for preamps that boost the turntable audio to a more lively line level hence outputting more sigh sound and reduced noise.  This equipment is the best when connecting your turntable to stereo device or any speakers.

The most amazing feature about GOgroove Mini Phono preamp is; you also have the privilege to connect to your old school player but still maintaining the high quality sound. Distortion is eliminated when all cables are surely plugged in. It’s also quick and easy to setup and play.


More and more people are finding fun in vinyl music playing again. There systems are great are producing sound to perfection.

However, not all turntables are automatically compatible with speakers, computers and other devices. This is why our list of budget preamp for turntables is helpful. Choose the one that makes you feel in control.