Best DJ Amplifier for Bass Reviewed

Only a DJ can understand the importance of a good bass balance. You want to make sure you audience is getting the best sound output at all cost. It will only happen if you have the right audio equipment. And you are at the right place.

Getting the best DJ amplifier is not an easy task. There are so many options it becomes overwhelming to choose.

Our list of top DJ amplifiers for bass should make things easy for you. We have carefully selected them to make sure you give your audience the best.

Best DJ Amplifier for Bass Reviewed

1. Pyle PT8000 CH

This Pyle PT800 multi-zone home theater audio source amplifier system will make your life as a DJ much easier. It is high powered to offer distortion free audio distribution.

It is designed with a 8-channel processing power. This gives you the ability to set the best sounds possible with bridgeable switches and binding post/banana plugs.

The color LED graphic audio display makes it easy for you to see everything you have connected. It comes with independent rotary level control knob.

It has gold-plated audio/speaker connector with daisy chain linking. You can configure your channels from right/left/mono, Bus/AUX inputs.

2. Gemini XGA 

With a 5000 watt instant peak power, Gemini XGA amplifier could not miss on this list. It processes a clean and most dependable power. It also has a frequency response of 10Hz-50 kHz at 1.5 dB. Apart from that, you get a total harmonic distortion of less that 0.1% and input sensitivity and impedance of 0.77v.

It has a front-to-rear airflow for thermal stability with 3 speaker outputs for channels A/B/Bridge. There are also 5-way binding Banana Plug channel outputs, DC output, short circuit protection and A ground lift. These features give you great performance.

It is designed with a perfect sound for every DJ. Coming from Gemini, an industry leader, you can trust having the best equipment for your needs.

3. Gemini GPA-6000 – Best for TurnTable

Gemini is a leader in the industry. And the Gemini GPA-6000 does not disappoint. It has a 5000 watt IPP High power output to drive professional loudspeakers without clipping. The front to-rear airflow and cooling fan gives it thermal stability and reliability.

Balanced inputs and outputs plus a comprehensive front panel indicators including signal, clip, protect and bridge gives this particular item the real features of a useful DJ amp. There is a short circuit protection that gives you peace as you work with any type of speakers.

The ground lift switch with total harmonic distortion functionality provides the quality of sound you need for great delivery. It gives less than 0.1% input sensitivity and impedance.

Budget Pre-Amp for TurnTable

Gemini Amps are also widely used as pre-amplifiers for turntables by novices & professionals alike. To know more check our guide on the best budget pre-amp for turntable.

4. Adkins Pro

A professional DJ requires proper equipment to give his audience a great performance. If you are in need of bass amplifier, then the Adkins Pro Audio is the item you should put on your list.

It is a 2050 watts x 2 MPP power amp with 1025 watts x 2 peak. This power is boosted by a RMS of 500 + 500 @ 8 Ohms – 1000 + 1000@ 4Ohms – 2000+2000 @2Ohms.

It has an LCD display that lets you see everything you are doing. The heavy duty fan cools the amp without making noise.

Outputs include ¼ and Dual RCA inputs, ¼” banana plugs and speaker outputs. All these are protected well in the aluminum casing.

This item comes at the best price, and that is why most customers find it worthy.

5. Rockville RPA9 3000

This is another professional DJ amplifier we have found amazing. This Rockville 3000 Watt Peak 2 channel professional/DJ Rack mount amplifier comes with goodies every DJ would love. It is created with 2U rack space. It also has bridged and stereo output switch that makes perfect for 2 subwoofers, and 2 or 4 speakers. The built-in cross over switch allows easy usage with speakers, monitors or subwoofers.

It comes with a heavy duty rack mount with ea hands for easy setting. The cooling fans inside cools the system without much noise.

This items is perfect for all DJ work. It has the input impedance of 20k Ohm balanced audio and 10K unbalanced.

6. Pyle PMXAKB 2000

This Pyle PMXAKB 2000, 1000w +1000w at 4 Ohms DJ Karaoke Mixer and amplifier with built-in Bluetooth, 2 mic inputs and effects is a real deal. These features provide easy mixing functionality even for those who are still learning.

It has a Bluetooth streaming ability. With this you can connect multiple audio sources. Work with Smartphones, tablets, computers and anything else that has wireless connectivity to produce offer great experience to your customers.

The microphone talk-over allows you keep your audience engaged at all times. This is a gadget every DJ would love to have.

7. Technical Pro – Torque 

From an outside look, Torque Pro amplifier looks quite basic. Well, that is the whole idea around it; to provide excellent sound out put with simple features.

With 1000 peak power in your hands, you can control your speakers and audio output in the most professional manner. It produces 450 watt @2ohms, which is perfect for any type of speaker.

It has banana outputs. These are great for most speaker requirements. It is designed with power, level & clipping per channel.

It has dual cooling fans to keep temperatures under control. You can always work knowing you are covered.

8. Mr.DJ SUB 4000

Every DJ enjoys carrying as little equipment on their back as possible. And Mr. DJ SUB4000AMP offers that portability. It is a single DJ base amplifier with max peak momentary power of 4000 watts.

It is an active base amplifier. It is designed with the best considerations in mind to make sure you have easy time all through. It has a heavy duty ¾ inch MDF construction for safety. It is more than a simple base speaker.



We hope the items reviewed above will help boost your career and passion as a DJ. Every DJ needs the right gear to deliver the best results.

This is why this list will help you achieve your goals and give your audience a performance they will not forget.  Consider buying an amp based on your needs.