Best Low Input Lag TV Reviewed

If you are a gamer or just someone who want to experience lowest input lag on a TV, they generally switch it on or off, shift to another channel, finding the one that has a good input lag.

When you are watching movies or playing games, the performance and the immediate action are of utmost importance. Imagine playing a high-action, thrilling game and the delay in response results in you losing the character?

That would be a big bummer. Won’t it be?

This is why, you must get yourself the Best Low Input Lag TV, so you are assured it would be able to bear the burden of high performance. When you have a console attached to the TV or any external device, it takes the video signals only milliseconds to reach the screen and get displayed.

The milliseconds we are talking about are the input lag, and you want them to be as low as possible if you want to have a high-functioning, good performance TV.

There’s actually no effective way to fix input lag on a TV. Hence, we have put forth a list of the top Input Lag TVs

Best Low Input Lag TV for Gaming


best low input lag tv

TCL 65R625 is the best TV on the list with the lowest input lag. If you combine the affordable price and the amazing QLED Technology, it just becomes the best TV overall available in the market in 2020.

The TCL Roku QLED TV has the excellent image quality and an impressive brightness that offers you nothing less of a premium experience.

It is a mid-range TV but has all the features you expect in a top-quality one. With 11.03ms, it has the lowest input lag in the list, which means that no matter how horrifying your action thriller is or which game you are playing, you get instant results on the screen. It does wonders when you compare it to your past TVs or the expensive options available right now.

With the Roku platform, you get full customization, a simple menu, frequent updates, 4K HDR apps, 4K content, and a lot more. You can even pause the live TV if you want.

Furthermore, it is voice-controlled so you do not even have to work hard to change channels or visit other options. You also have a healthy set of jacks at the back so you can use the headphone jack, the USB port, the RF antenna input, and digital audio output among others.

The only setback to the TV is that video processing is a little short in performance as compared to all the other features when put in competition with the more expensive counterparts.

Overall, this TCL QLED TV is not just perfect for the low input lag, but for Roku, QLED, and dozens of other amazing features it comes with.


  • Impressive brightness
  • Excellent image quality
  • Accurate color and rich contrast
  • Handles Dolby Vision and HDR
  • The best available Roku platform


  • No Apple TV or AirPlay
  • Video processing a little short of the expensive TVs out there


2. LG OLED 65C9P 

With the second-best low input lag TV in the list, the LG OLED 65C9P is a Smart TV with the best picture quality. Even if you are someone who isn’t a TV fan, it will change after you buy yourself this one.

The LG OLED 65 C9P Smart TV is for all those who do not want to compromise on the picture quality and accuracy. If you are willing to pay a fair share for that, it is the definite best buy.

With 13.3ms input lag, the performance is great and the console to screen display immediacy is impressive. Hence, it is the TV with the second-least lag in our list.

It has a wide color gamut, a sleek and gorgeous design that is striking. The screen size is 65-inch which is ideal for gamers and those who want a cinema-like experience at home.

There are four HDMI inputs as well alongside HDMI 2.1 features fully equipped within it. It has the familiarity of our regular, premium Smart TV with both voice and remote-control ability.

Among the setbacks we noticed, the most prominent one is its obvious price which might not be in your decent budget. Moreover, when you compare it to the other LCD TVs vying for similar attention, the brightness is a little low as well. Other than that, if you are a fan of great picture quality and are ready to pay for it, gift yourself LG OLED TV.


  • Best image quality
  • Wide viewing angles and accurate color
  • HDMI 2.1 features
  • Striking design


  • Expensive
  • Low on brightness when compared to the other LCD TVs


3. LG OLED 65B9P

Another LG in the list, with a little less image quality and a little more lag, but less price as well. If you with the OLED awesomeness in price less than the previous TV, these two features not being in perfection can be tolerated.

The LG 65B9P is the entry-level OLED TV, but it has the flagship-level image quality. Regardless of it still being an expensive LG option, the image quality and the 13.7ms lag still makes it one of the best options. If you compare it to the previous TV we have mentioned in the list, the features are quite the same. The only exception is that it is a little less expensive and has a bit more lag.

It carries LG’s legacy of gorgeous design with slim paneling and amazing display. The performance is spectacular with the OLED delight every one of us needs in our TVs.

It has HDMI 2.1 features and supports Amazon Alexa and Apple AirPlay 2. The weaknesses of this TV include a little less brightness when compared to the competitors are the price tag still being on the higher side.

Overall, this premium OLED TV gives you high performance, image quality second to very few and a good lag level.


  • Spectacular image quality
  • Super-slim panel with gorgeous design
  • Supports Apple AirPlay 2 and Amazon Alexa


  • Not as bright as the other LCDs
  • A little expensive


4. Samsung QN65Q70R

The Samsung QN65Q70R is a mid-range TV with low input lag and gaming-friendly features. If you compare it to the other OLED TVs, it costs you a lot less as well.

This mid-range TV offers everyone a high-end picture, a sleek & compact design and a lot of other features most of us do not expect from the TVs carrying the price tag it does.

Even though there are some less expensive options with better features available right now, but it outdoes all in gaming-friendly features by including the Auto Game Mode and a variable refresh rate. Though if you compare it to OLEDs, it does cost less than them.

This Samsung TV has a great bright-room picture experience and it can cut through ambient light. The overall image quality is excellent and spectacular and does not leave you wanting for more.

The design is also sleek, so it will pair with any modernistic or traditional home décor that you have. Unfortunately, the Bixby digital assistant is a little clumsy and you can’t exactly compare it to the giants like the Google Assistant and Alexa. We wish there was a better alternative here.

However, if you aren’t exactly a fan of the other two or choose to ignore Bixby, this TV is a good option with a low input lag.


  • Excellent overall image quality
  • Considerably affordable price
  • Great bright-room picture
  • Sleek design


  • Bixby digital assistant isn’t better than Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Some less expensive options offer better features


5. VIZIO PX65-G1

This can easily be the top OLED TV if you can spare the amount of money it is going to cost you. With low 1080p input lag and nice picture quality, Vizio has made itself prominent in the list of best TVs.

If we consider the 75-inch version, the Vizio PX65-G1 has the topmost quality and the price that will shock you for what you get. It has the best overall picture experience among other TVs. Period.

No other option can compare with it on that front. Input 5 has a nice lag score at 14.83ms, but it only works with 1080p sources. The 4K-compatible inputs have a lag that goes as high as 28.87ms.

With HDR sources and in extremely lit rooms, the brightness works perfect and you won’t even feel all the additional light because it can still deliver. Among its features we don’t like, it has a lackluster Smart TV and remote. The design is also not its strong forte either.

For the picture quality you get and 75-inch size, Vizio is a better value than the OLED TVs.


  • Best overall picture
  • Powerful brightness
  • Cheaper than other 75-inch OLED TVs


  • Lackluster remote and Smart TV
  • Design is okayish



These were our top five TVs with the lowest input lag which is ideal for gaming. All of these options have been tested to ensure they deliver the performance and the features mentioned.

Overall, we find the TCL Roku QLED 65R625 the best option, because of the lowest input lag and the cheapest price. It means you get the best performance and features without even paying a lot.

If you are searching for a premium option, the second in the list – LG OLED 65C9P should be your priority because of its premium design, image quality, and a low input lag.

However, if you are looking for features combined with a decent price tag, the Samsung QN65Q70R is what we suggest for you. Go through the list, make a note of the features and keep them in mind when making the final choice.