Best Night Light Projector with Music Reviewed

The Best Night Light Projectors relax the mood and set the ambiance for sleep. 

The Ocean Wave Projector is little yet amazing and illuminates the lives with beautiful hues and colors, just resembling with the floods of the ocean.

Provided with a convenient remote control, it likewise has contact control, speakers to play music and sounds, and can easily be connected with your smartphone, PC, or tablet.

So without further ado, lets get straight into the in-depth reviews of the top ocean wave projectors or sometimes known as “Star Projectors” or “Night Light Projectors” as well.

5 Best Night Light Projector with Music

1. Gideon – Built-in Speakers

best night light projector

What You Will Love: The showing of water waves on the roof lets you relax through Gideon Soothing Ocean Wave Projector and alleviate you at sleep time.

The Gideon projector night light shows waves on the roof of any room in three colors to help mitigate you to rest.

It is ideal for children and even for grown-ups. The LED lights in the night lamp come outfitted with worked in speakers to play music from any savvy gadget.

The projector connects effectively to every one of your devices through an aux link. It has an hour-long rest clock; however, it can be stopped without using the clock. The light stays cool to the touch.

It can be very well controlled by a DC connector, USB plug, or with four AA batteries. The wave projector estimates 5 inches by 5 inches by 5 inches.


  • It has an hour-long clock that can be killed


  • The light might be excessively diminish


2. Deneve 



It is one of the best projector mood lamps with Trippy Ambient Color changing LED lights.

What You Will Love: The lights of the Deneve Ocean Wave Night Light show ocean waves on the roof in 12 distinct colors.

The Deneve is one of the best options of ocean wave light projector since it can transform any room into the loosening up ocean.

It has 12 unique colors that show rainbow rushes of shading on the roof and dividers. It has auto closed off following 60 minutes. You can interface it to your telephone to play music alongside the light presentation.

This extraordinary wave night light is waterproof, so it tends to be used during shower time for your children.

It tends to be fueled with an AC power connector or with 3 AAA batteries. Deneve offers a 100 percent fulfillment ensure. The Deneve is reduced and gauges 5.3 creeps by 5.5 crawls by 5.3 inches.


  • Waterproof for washroom use
  • Can include your music


  • The light is splendid and might be excessively used to provide the light in general.


3. LBell 


What You Will Love: The various ways of working of the machine in LBell Remote Control Projector makes one of the best choices.

The LBell is the best room night light projector since you can control it using a remote control or with the help of buttons on the machine.

The remote enables you to kill the machine on and set the volume, modify the lights and clock. It has seven distinctive light modes from which to pick.

The LBell projector has a music player incorporated with it that plays prearranged sounds. You can likewise associate with a brilliant gadget or use the TF card opening to play music through the speaker that is incorporated with the machine.

The machine can be adjusted to 45 degrees. The device has 12 LED globules to show the lights. The clock has three presets, which incorporate 60 minutes, 2 hours, or 4 hours.

You can likewise kill the clock, so the light remains on. The projector works through 2 AAA batteries or connected using the power cord. It also accompanies a USB link.


  • Controlled through remote control or buttons on the machine
  • Battery or power line activity


  • The commotion of the machine might be excessively noisy


4. Laser Stars Twilight



What You Will Love: you can see the mist and stars on the roof and walls with Laser Twilight Indoor Light Show venturing.

The Laser Twilight Indoor Light Show will change any room in a starry night sky with meteorites. This best ocean projector uses holographic and green laser innovation.

It consequently turns itself off following four hours. It works by connecting it with the included AC connector.

The projector is 10 watts and alters on a rotate. The unit estimates 9.4 inches by 10.9 inches by 12.3 inches.


  • Can project all the shooting stars on the roof


  • The bulb is hard to find in the market if it burns out


5. BlissLight Sky Lite

The Bliss Light Sky projector has basic button controls that allow it to cycle easily through various light effects, start / stop motion and adjust brightness.


  • It can work as a projector as well as a wonderful night light.
  • The projector can light parties up, and also work well in dorm room, workspace etc.
  • It can project drifting stars against a cloud of changing blue nebula.
  • The button controls are convenient and make it easy to operate.
  • Its package comprises of a 120V AC adapter.


  • The price tag can seem to be quite high for some, although the features justify the cost.


6. Delicacy Ocean

The Delicay Ocean is a projector that also serves as a music player and can be a nice addition to the bedroom.


  • You can change as many as 7 colors, using the multiple color changing modes.
  • Based on your requirements, it can be tilted between 0 and 45 degrees.
  • It can ensure a calming and relaxing bedroom experience.
  • Its in-built speaker is loud enough, and can play the songs of your choice loud enough.
  • You can connect it to your mobile phone, laptop, iPod and more.


You cannot connect it to your phone with Bluetooth feature.


7. Amouhom

Amouhom is a multifunctional projector that works well and is perfect to be placed in the rooms of kids.


  • The projector can be regulated with remote, which makes things pretty easier.
  • Unlike other comparable units which can be slightly time consuming to get used to, this does not involve spending any time to become familiar.
  • The projector base can be rotated and also stopped with a button click.
  • The timer feature allows you to use the projector for just as long as you need.


It needs a charger or USB outlet to be actually operable.


8. SOAIY Aurora

SOAIY Auroroa makes you fall asleep to soothing colors and relaxing music.


  • This projector can give you many colored lights, creating natural phenomena.
  • There are varied color modes and a wide range of changing light patterns.
  • It can work amazingly well in a darkened room, and the colors are fantastic to watch.
  • It has an in-built speaker that offers decent audio output.
  • It can be relaxing enough to put an end to nightmares.


A little more brightness would have been more appreciated. However, the dome cover can be removed to get more vibrant colors.


9. MoreDig

MoreDig is an amazing projector that comes with two varied graphic domes, and surpasses the expectations of users.


  • It covers the entire ceiling and there are many varied color settings.
  • It plays good, relaxing music for bed time.
  • It is easily usable and a remote is offered along with this package.
  • There are plenty of options when it comes to display colors.
  • You can use the timer feature to make it run for only as long as you want.


It lacks a volume control feature, but as it is not loud you are not going to need this option.


Buying Guide on Night Light Projectors

Features You Should Look For in a Star Projector

  • Remote and Touch Controller
  • Various Light Modes: red, blue, green, or multicolored.
  • Auto Shutdown
  • Ideal Dimensions: H12.6cm x L12.6cm x W10.5cm.

With very traditional projectors accessible in the market, it may be hard to pick the best ocean wave projector that best suits your liking. Odds are you will wind up spending more for something that scarcely brings esteem home.



There are projectors for kids, for grown-ups and both. Discover which one you need and why.

Power Source

Every projector has an alternate power prerequisite. While all of them runs on a battery, a USB empowered gadget will keep you at an advantage in a hurry


Sleek, adorable, ergonomic or practical, pick a style that discusses the purpose. Keep in mind, a projector for the gathering isn’t equivalent to the projector for your infant’s room

Lighting Modes

There are a lot of modes from still to turning contingent upon your needs. When you have discovered the purpose, you can, without much of a stretch, select the style. It’s ideal to choose the one that offers alterable modes.


Some projector have innate background noise, and some offer no sound. Pick your one smartly.


These light projectors that are mentioned are already very affordable. Almost anyone can buy these and enjoy it.



So our review of the top ocean wave light projector comes to an end here. We research in-depth and laid out the top night light projectors so you & your kids can enjoy.