Best Omni Directional TV Antenna Reviewed

Since the advent of digital media, especially cable Television, antennas are being used to catch signals of various frequencies.

There are basically two types of antennas, directional & omni-directional.

In this case we will discuss some of the Best Omni-directional TV Antenna available.

As the name suggests, omni-directional antennas can catch signals from virtually all directions (360 degrees) without being directed in a specific place for reception.

You can easily receive 20 channels free of cost with a 100 mile range from TV Tower.

This comes in very handy when you are travelling outdoors, especially if you are watching TV in an RV.

The range of these antennas start from 35miles go all the way to 150 miles even.

Note : However, if you want to boost signals further you can always opt for TV Antenna Amplifiers.

So without further ado, let’s get into it.

4 Best Omni-Directional TV Antennas

1. 1byone 360°

Best Omnidirectional TV Antenna

The number second omnidirectional television radio wire on our rundown is 1byone.

This enhanced television receiving wire offers long-range. You can expect to gather up to 150 miles.

Along these lines, in the event that you are searching for an omnidirectional radio wire with long-range this is the best one you can get.

Truth be told, this is the just one in our rundown which offers a scope of 150 miles.


1byone HDTV reception apparatus is a convenient one. On the off chance that we see its structure, you can see that it has a roundabout shape.

By holding we can tell that it’s not heavier than 5 pounds. The body is covered with against UV material.

Likewise, you can depend on its snow confirmation and waterproof structure.

Things we like

Let see highlights of 1byone television receiving wire.

You can get a great deal and HD channels with this radio wire. As it offers 360 degrees turn and scope of 150 miles you can get your preferred channels without any problem.

Another element which settles on it a magnificent decision for any purchaser is its climate-safe assembled.

After researching numerous receiving wires, we can securely say that 1byone radio wire is entirely strong you won’t face colossal breaks in breezy and blustery climates.

You can associate 1byone omnidirectional television reception apparatuses with two TVs simultaneously.

It has worked in signal enhancer too. Along these lines, we don’t suggest getting it independently.

You can utilize this omnidirectional television radio wire inside, outside, in RV just as placeable in your upper room. It is likewise extremely simple to introduce.


Above in highlights, we examined its 150 miles go which makes it a standout amongst other long-range omnidirectional television receiving wire.

Be that as it may, it surely has a few downsides for example you won’t get 150 miles of gathering wherever a great deal of components will come in.

We likewise saw some image quality drop-in stormy climate however that was not extraordinary.

As this is combo UHF/VHF receiving wire you can encounter loss of VHF channels or can likewise endure no gathering by any means.

The fabricated quality is generally excellent. You can anticipate solidness also transportability.

The establishment procedure is likewise exceptionally simple and won’t take quite a bit of your time. In any case, there is a trick.

The long-range isn’t really broad yet at the same time best contrasted with numerous other long-range receiving wires.

Likewise, this television radio wire isn’t awesome in getting VHF stations.


2. UFO- ANTOP AT-415B 720°

AT-415B by ANTOP is a standout amongst other omnidirectional television reception apparatus you can discover in the market.

The top motivations to pick ANTOP AT-415B 720° UFO are its value, the nature of this receiving wire and well it is from ANTOP which is a top and confided in marked in this industry.


This radio wire offers effortlessness you can set it up without anyone else. You needn’t bother with any master to set it up for you.

Likewise, it is one of the lightweight omnidirectional radio wire which makes it simple to convey and alter. Also, you needn’t bother with any instruments to fix it.

Things we like

This omnidirectional television radio wire offers a lot of highlights. As it names recommend it has 720 degrees which are clear as crystal as it will get the signs from both vertical and even headings.

On the off chance that we clarify this in our words, it implies that 360 degrees from vertical edge and 360 degrees from level blessed messenger.

Another significant component we saw in this receiving wire is its capacity to square undesirable signs from various sources.

For instance, it can obstruct the 4G and 3G impedance from towers and let you watch directs in much more clear quality.

The omnidirectional television reception apparatus offers worked in enhancer to help signals for both long and short ranges.

Its inherent switch can forestall troubling of signs without any problem.

ANTOP is a top brand for reason and we customers make any brand best or most noticeably awful.

Be that as it may, the organization needs to assume an imperative job in that by offering amazing help to clients and as per our experience, it offers first-rate clients administration.

Trust us, we attempted numerous different brands and we disposed of them from our rundown in view of their poor client care.


Above we have talked about its highlights and structure all the great it can offer to you.

All things considered, for this particular item, you won’t discover a larger part of downsides.

The item itself has an amazing quality however it doesn’t accompany great guidance manual.

You can cover this disadvantage by reaching client service yet at the same time.

Considering, ANTOP claims its simple establishment it ought to have been anything but difficult to introduce for anybody.

Extraordinary compared to other omnidirectional television receiving wire since it offers a remarkable incentive to its clients.

The valuing isn’t exceptionally high, yet you get the astounding gathering absent a lot of interferences.

The manufactured nature of this radio wire is likewise first-rate. Along these lines, we enthusiastically suggest ANTOP AT-415B (redesigned model) since we realize it won’t squander your cash.

The drawback is certifiably not a significant shortcoming. As everybody has various inclinations and better place as a primary concern about setting the Antenna in this way, you can be baffled with its manual which offers no assistance.

Be that as it may, on brilliant side client assistance of ANTOP is something you can depend on.


3. LAVA HD8008

It is a standout amongst other outside omnidirectional television receiving wire. LAVA HD8008 offers a lot of highlights and serious valuing to purchasers.

Things we like

The unmistakable component in this omnidirectional television receiving wire is its worked in dipole which makes both VHF and UHF gathering great.

The normal separation you can get from LAVA HD8008 is 65 miles. Nonetheless, it can fluctuate from forty to eighty miles too. Also, most extreme you can accomplish is 125 miles.

It gets three kinds of Frequencies FM, UHF, and VHF. It has worked in intensifier and shield which ensures and forestall commotion.

Like other television reception apparatuses it accompanies UV insurance and climate security.

Like 1byone HDTV receiving wire, HD8008 likewise offers 360 degrees gathering.


It’s an open-air television receiving wire which implies you can just fix it outside. The plan of radio wire gives a look of fan with two wings.

Be that as it may, this receiving wire weighs around 7 pounds which is heavier than 1byone 2020 omnidirectional reception apparatus.


Most likely, it is among the best omnidirectional television radio wire, however, it has certain downsides simply like some other item.

The principal downside isn’t the item however after deal backing of LAVA which isn’t excellent.

The second downside we went over is its failure to pick the vast majority of the directs in the wide-open area.

Not really a disadvantage but rather you have to filter channels after establishment else it will give you zero channels.

Additionally shun utilizing in excess of 50 feet link else it won’t pick any channel.

HD8008 by Lava is astounding outside omnidirectional receiving wire on the off chance that you live in a major city.

The inherent dipole really helps in picking UHF and VHG flags in a better way.

The establishment pack is incorporated with this item along these lines, you can introduce it without any problem.


4. Antennas Direct 4TV

Clear stream 4 is extraordinary compared to other open-air multi-directional television receiving wire in the classification of seventy miles.

We referenced over that Lava HD8008 is certainly not a decent television reception apparatus for country regions in any case, Antennas Direct Clear Stream 4 is truly outstanding for provincial zones just as appropriate for private areas.

Things we like

Clear stream 4 isn’t exceptionally substantial on highlights side like different receiving wires we referenced in this article.

In any case, we should perceive what you can get with this one.

It is multi-reason radio wire which can be utilized for both indoor and open air.

This receiving wire likewise bolsters UHD 4k relies on the gathering of the channel and your TV. Radio wires direct offers a lifetime guarantee for clear stream 4.


There is not a great deal of highlights offered by this radio wire yet, its structure is everything.

Radio wire direct cases, they are outranking their opposition as a result of clear stream 4 structure and we nearly concur with them.

The clear stream has a loopy plan alongside wide bars which are not rotatable as it gets signals from each bearing.

There is a reflector on radio wire which aids counteraction of impedance from different sources. Additionally, somewhat it intensifies the signs.

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