Best Over the Air TV Antenna Reviewed

Wouldn’t it be just great if HD TV was for free and there were no bills to pay? To do that you’ll require the one of the Best Over the Air TV Antenna

Feels like a dream, right? But it isn’t anymore. If you plan your installation and TV set up wisely you can eliminate the cost of cable TV bill and save up to almost $1500 a month. That feels good to hear, no?

Let’s tell you how.

To start off, you will have to install an over the air antenna that can transmit free HD channels to your home TV. How that happens is pretty simple.

Most new TVs come with a built-in digital tuner. So, what happens is the over the air TV antenna which is installed at your rooftop and connected to your TV via a cable catches radio waves and the digital tuner in your TV then tunes to different frequencies to get various HD channels.

This way with a simple one-time installation you get to watch free HD channels like NBC, CBS, ABC and etc.

8 Best Over-the-Air TV Antenna

1. Mohu Leaf 30 

best over the air tv antenna

This HDTV antenna is a green antenna that is presumably one of the best interior digital TV antennas. It has a basic design that radiates equal radio signals in all directions.

Mohu Leaf 30 will deliver free HDTV channels like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and etc. for free. You can enjoy 1080p TV with a small, one-time purchase only.

It comes with a 10 feet coaxial cable and a multi-directional and reversible digital antenna that can be coordinated with your interior setup with any kind of color paint.

You do not need to have it pointing in a certain direction for it to work smoothly. You will experience crystal clear transmission with this antenna. And the best part is its super easy to set up.

All you have to do is attach the cord, power the amplifier and hang it in the ideal spot for reception.


2. 1byOne

Get your favorite news channels, weather, drama, kids, and sports channels in HD without any fee with this HDTV indoor/outdoor antenna.

It comes with its mounting accessories (saves you money there as well), power adapter, power booster and a waterproof casing in case you want to install it outdoor.

Plus, 1byOne comes with a high-quality coaxial cable that will connect the antenna to the TV and that’s it. The installation is pretty simple. You save up to $120 annually with this little box.

It’s boosting amplifier has a high-tech smart IC chip and an advanced CleanPeak Filter technology to clear away any disrupting signals in FM deliver a crystal picture with minimum noise.

It also enhances gain and range. The design of the antenna is thin and compact. The coaxial cable is long enough for it to be easily placed behind the TV, or mounted on a window or a wall.

The antenna is multi-directional that receives signals from up to 80 miles away.


3. Mohu Sky 60

The Sky 60 from Mohu is a multi-setting, lightweight Antenna which you can use both indoors such as in an attic, or outdoors mounted to a roof.

The build quality of the antenna itself and of its mounting hardware is class-leading, which means you will not have to worry about needing to troubleshoot a faulty antenna.

The signal range is approximated 60 miles, and the antenna is able to withstand and perform in all types of weather. There is a thirty-foot cord included to connect the antenna to your television set. Apart from improving the reception on existing channels on your television, Sky 60 adds many new channels to you to watch from.

A USB powered preamplifier is supplied with Sky 60, which is a welcome addition.


4. Antop AT-415B 

Tired of your average, boring looking antenna? Take a look at the Antop AT-415B UFO antenna, that actually looks like a UFO!

The compact design of this antenna makes it one of the smallest in this range of antennas, giving it the versatility of multiple applications, including but not limited to attics, rooftops, or even balconies.

Needless to say, the fact that this device is built for the outdoors, it is weatherproof. The device comes with a smart switch which ensures that there is no signal overload.

The power amplifier helps boost picked up signals for clearer picture and sound, and the 4G filter keeps away all cellular signals that will otherwise create interference and ultimately noise in the TV signals.

The manufacturer’s proprietary Smart Pass technology gives the flexibility to easily adjust signal reception from long-range to short-range and vice versa.


5. 1ByOne

This is one of the sleekest designed antennas on this list; something that will go unnoticed until they’re really looking for it.

Made of sturdy materials, this antenna can be mounted virtually anywhere you can bolt it on, indoor or outdoor since it is weatherproof. With a simple installation kit, 1ByOne 85 is very easy to install and set up.

Signal reception is significantly boosted by the addition of this antenna with its in-built amplifier, leaving little to wish for, for all of your infotainment needs.

The product includes a J-shaped wall-mount pole to make sure it sticks out for the best possible signal reception.

6. Antennas Direct 

If you want high performance from your TV antenna, look no further. This is a long-range, high-gain antenna that promises one hundred miles of range, and a whopping 17.4 dB of signal gain allowing it to join the ranks of the high-performance antennas available on the market.

The four panels that make up the bowtie are all individually moveable thanks to a well-thought-out mounting bracket, which means each panel can be moved to face a different signal source.

If you’re away from the city, this is an ideal choice for catching signals from far away towers from over the hills, farms, and trees. Needless to mention, this is an outdoor antenna which means you can mount on the roof, or of course, in the attic.

The antenna is capable of handling ultra-high frequencies with a 75-ohm impedance.


7. Channel Master CM3020

The CM3020 is a long-range reception, it has a 100-mile range but when paired with an amplifier and an increased installation height the reception range can be extended and it beats most antennas that claim ranges of 125 to 150 miles.

It is a sturdy antenna that makes sure to receive all channels even when there is a wind or a storm. The CM 3020 is quite easy to install and it has a reliable high gain performance of 8.6 dB in VHF and 9.5 dB in UHF.

The great thing about CM 3020 is that it delivers excellent signal strength in areas where the signals are weak. And lastly, it is specifically enhanced for HDTV and digital FM signals.

8. Five Star Long Range 360 Rotating Antennas

These are the ideal antennas to use when the towers are in different locations. Since they rotate 360 degrees with a built-in motor, they can receive signals from all the towers.

They are HDTV Yagi fashioned antenna that has a pre-amplifier.  Plus, they have signal enhancing reflectors that help increase the strength of the signal and lower the signal drops.

You can relish broad spectrum reception for both UHF/VHF stations and get full HD and 4K ready signals. But note, that in order to enjoy 4K channels you will have to have a 4K ready TV as well.

If the miles between your home and the different towers are a lot you can tune in by directing the antenna towards the right direction to get the channels. Remote control is included with the antenna package that helps adjust the motor in the direction needed.

These antennas should be used on rooftops or attics specifically. The antennas come with mounting brackets, mast, and instructions for easy installment.


Buying Guide on OTA Antennas

So, what happens is that the over the air antenna catches signals from a transmitting tower that broadcasts signals.

Now depending upon how far are you from the tower, your antenna should be decided. For those residing in metropolitan cities, a large antenna isn’t required but in other cases, it might be.

Here are a few really helpful places to go to find out the top OTA Antenna that suits your requirements.

1) Websites

2) Phone Applications



Below are a few websites that guide you on the best-suited antennas for depending upon your location.

TV Station Locator Tool – All you have to do is enter a zip code or address on this website to find out which high definition channels are free of cost in your area. Once the address is entered the site will show you the broadcast towers and stations available in your area.

TV Fool – This website specifies the kind of antenna you need, what should be the height of the antenna above the ground. It also gives 3D prorogation models for your exact location and height and delivers a summary that tells about the strength of the signal and direction of all the channels in your locality.

Mohu Antenna Selector – Once you enter your zip code you will find an antenna suited to your location and the stations that are for free.

Channel Master – This website not only gives the suggestion on antennas for your area but also tells you the distance and location of broadcast towers from your address.

Antennas Direct Antenna Selector – Provides you with a list of channels that are for free in your location. Plus suggests the ideal antennas to help save the most money and the range results for your location.

ANTOP – This is a good site that has DTV signal maps and provides antenna options depending on your area.


Phone Applications

There are a few smartphone applications in the market that help you find out the right direction for your antenna. Whenever you want to know the correct direction of where your antenna should be directed at just take your phone to the roof, attic, window where the antenna is and use one of the below apps to find out the correct direction.

iPhone Applications

  • OTA Map
  • TV Towers USA
  • Antenna Point

Android Application

  • Digital TV Antennas
  • HDTV Antenna Pointer

So, what happens on these websites and applications is that it provides you with generated maps of the area you live in and where is the nearest tower and in which direction should you be pointing your antenna to. Plus, it also provides a list of channels that you will be able to see.

Furthermore, these websites tell you how far you are from the broadcast towers so you know the “Mile Range” antenna that is required for you to catch the stations.

And most importantly, there is a “Color Code” method on these websites that helps understand what antenna you need to buy to receive the right signals to get all the channels in your area.

Once you enter your location you get a color code pie chart that shows the different color antennas needed in the different areas of the same vicinity to receive all the channels that are listed to be broadcast-ed from the nearest tower. Here is an example of the color code chart which shows the results when an address was entered.



Next, we move on to the different colored antennas and their specific purposes. Once you understand this then your antenna selection process is fairly simple.

With this, we come to the end of our over the air TV antenna buying guide and list of the best  OTA antennas to choose from.