What are the Best Picture Settings for Samsung Series 7 LED TV

You might be reading this article because you have the stunning Samsung LED TV Series 7!

Well, this is an advanced television with so many interesting settings. If you wish to enjoy the Series 7 televisions to the fullest, you must calibrate its settings properly. Thus, let us discuss more about the best picture settings for Samsung LED TV Series 7.

And, it is important to understand how the television screen would function in each of these settings.

Whether it is a 65-inch LED 7 series television or a 43-inch LED television, the settings must be fine-tuned carefully. It should be calibrated to suit the content.

For instance, the settings used for games cannot be re-used on shows and movies. Games require different picture settings for a better experience.

Best Picture Settings for Samsung LED TV Series 7

Basic Setting

Best Picture Settings for Samsung Series 7 LED TV

Let us begin with the basic settings. You must turn off the auto settings in the televisions. This means all “Eco Solution” features should be turned off. This is mainly because the standard picture settings and backlight levels can affect your calibration.

To witness the effect of your calibration, you must get rid of all eco solution settings in the television. The eco solution setting changes the brightness of the television based on the room’s conditions. It is important to turn it off, else the brightness of the television will change even as you configure your own settings.

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Step 1: Turn Eco Solution off!


As mentioned previously, every content has its unique calibration. You must appreciate this calibration and set the television for optimal results. For instance, when you are watching a high definition movie, you must ensure that the image quality matches with the creator’s specification. This is when the movie can be witnessed and enjoyed to the fullest!

Always remember that the calibration should be close to the content’s predefined values.

The most important change would be around the backlight. The best backlight configuration for a Series 7 Samsung LED television would be “21”. This is when the calibration goal of 100 is achieved.

Most movies are captured to this luminosity. Some people find this backlight setting to be very dim. If you are finding it dim, you must adjust the value. There is no harm in changing the backlight setting to improve your movie experience.

When you change the backlight value, you will not make any changes to the picture quality.

Tip: According to experts, the best backlight setting for watching movies would be 21, the brightness should be 0, the contrast should be 45 and the sharpness should be 0. If you are shifting the color to 25, the tint values should be G0 and R0 for green and red. Once again, remember that these are suggestions and not the final figures!

Expert Mode

Moving on, you can also dig into advanced settings in your Series 7 Samsung LED television. The first step in advanced mode would be turning off “Digital Clean”. In this view you will be able to see older movies, which were captured in lower resolution at a better quality.

The content will become much smoother and there will be no compression artifacts in the movie. Before you decide to turn “Digital Clean View” off, you should turn off the “Auto Motion Plus” settings. These settings are strongly dependent on one another.

Sometimes, it would be wise to leave the “Contrast Enhancer” also off. The contrast enhanced processes the image and changes the original content to some extent. By turning the Contrast Enhancer off, you will avoid image processing and keep the content as original as possible.

Soap Opera Effect

The soap opera effect is quite common in advanced, high definition television. The motion factor of Series 7 Samsung LED televisions is controlled by the “Auto Motion Plus” setting.

As mentioned previously, it would be wise to turn this setting off. If the panel has a refresh rate of 60 frames per second, it will be able to interpolate content captured at 30 frames per second to 60 frames per second.

To reduce or boost the impact of the soap opera effect, you must convert the Auto Motion Plus option to Custom. And, you should reduce the value of the “De-Judder”.

Gamma & Color

The gamma and color plays a very important role in the screen’s outcome. Most of the time, movies are best watched with the color tone is “Warm 2”. This is because “Warm 2” is closely calibrated to the color of high definition movies.

When you pick any other color tone, you will see more of red and yellow! Unfortunately, this is a small glitch seen in Series 7 LED Samsung television. To play safe and to enhance your viewing experience, always choose “Warm 2” for HD movies.

The gamma setting should be around .1886 +2. This is the best calibration for any high definition movies. Fortunately, the television is smart enough to alter gamma values based on the content. If you are unhappy with the television’s calibration, you must navigate to the gamma curve and move the slider. Reduce or increase the gamma value to see or avoid darker scenes.

On the other hand, the color space settings should be set to “Auto”. In this mode, the color calibration would match the content automatically. You can use the “custom” option in color space when you want to change the value for SDR content.

Tip: By selecting custom in color space, you will have to alter the settings of the screen time after time. Every time you switch between HDR and SDR content, you should alter the setting.


On the whole, the final display of your Series 7 Samsung LED television depends on what you want. You can always adjust the calibration to suit your content. Of course, if the calibration is very bad, you can always reset the values. This will bring the setting to its default values and you can start calibrating again.