Best Portable Projector for Movies Reviewed

The field of information technology is ever evolving and the pace of this evolution has been all the more striking in the past ten years.

Technology does not fail to surprise us, pleasantly of course. The focus on portable projectors recently is mind blowing which is a boon to consumers.

So if you want to host a movie night with your friends & family then explore our guide on the best portable projector for movies.

Best Portable Projector for Movies

1. ViewSonic M1 

best portable projector for movies

ViewSonic M1 is a super convenient and portable projector that can be used anywhere in and outside the house. Because it weighs less two pounds you can literally carry it around anywhere you go. Its widespread connectivity features make it an impressive projector to have multiple sources of media connected via MicroSD, USB-A, USB-C etc.

With 6 hours of built-in battery you are set for on-the-go entertainment. The USB type-C helps run data fast over a single cable.

And if you are ever in an emergency to charge your mobile devices, you can plug in the projector to become a charger for your mobile or tab via USB type-C.

But the greatest feature that makes it extremely attractive are the Dual Harman Kardon Speakers.

The deliver great treble, a well balanced mid and a powerful bass to deliver a holistically immersive sound and perfect your theatre experience.

You can also make it a clutter-free projector by hooking up the wireless dongles likes Amazon firestick and Google cast via USB interface.

And the cherry on top is its 16 GB internal memory that can lessen your dependency on external media sources. You can save your favorite shows, movies or work files for convenient access.


  • Palm sized makes it easy to take on work trips
  • Integrated storage space
  • Good battery life


  • WVGA resolution means picture quality isn’t crisp


2. Vankyo Leisure 460

The Vankyo Leisure 460 is a full HD portable projector with a promising list of features.

The projector is powered by MStar Advanced Color Engine, which makes the colors vibrant and well suited for home entertainment use.

The 3600 Lux brightness of the projector is great for indoor especially living room use. Amongst the list of innovations here is an impressive cooling system which disperses heat all the while suppressing fan noise.

This means that this projector runs cool and quieter than most projectors at the same time.

There are also two built in speakers which provide sufficient sound for two to three viewers without having the need to connect external speakers or sound system.

This is a real plus especially when you use the projector on the go. The projected image from this projector can be as small as 32” and as large as 170”.

Wireless screen mirroring is however not possible, but you can do the same with a cable instead which gets the job done.

It is important to mention at this point, that this projector does not have a built-in battery, so using it in situations where there is no power such as camping is not an option. The keystone balance on this projector is excellent, which means hat setting it up is going to be very easy.

A tripod-stand and carrying case come with the projector, which is an added plus if you need to carry it around.


  • MStar Color Engine throws out some fantastic images
  • Connects easily to multiple devices
  • Quiet operation
  • Carrying case and tripod is a plus


  • No wireless screen mirroring
  • No built-in battery


3. Topvision Mini 

The Topvision Mini Projector is another excellent device that deserves to be on this list.

With an amazing lamp life of 50,000 hours, you can be sure that you are buying a top-quality projector that will last you a while before you need to even think about changing the lamp.

The synchronize smart phone screen option is a great feature which lets you connect the display of your smartphone with the projector using simply a USB cable, making HDMI cable and connectors completely redundant. Apart from this, the projector is also compatible with the Amazon Fire TV Stick, tablets, TV, laptop, USB stick playback, TF Cards, and DVD players.

The 3600 Lux brightness of the projector is enough to be used in a lit-up living room or similar environment as a television replacement.

The projector also has a respectable contrast ratio of 2000:1 which enhances the depth in images for a better viewing experience.

The 16:10 aspect ratio is also more suited to today’s media content than traditional 4:3 projectors, which means that image loss is at a comparative minimum.

Thanks to effective and easy focus and keystone adjustment, setting up this projector is a breeze.


  • Smartphone connectivity with USB cable
  • 50,000-hour lamp life
  • Great contrast and aspect ratios


  • No carry case or tripod
  • No built-in battery


4. Anker Nebula Capsule Max 

The Nebula Capsule Max is nothing short of an engineering marvel. A smart mini projector the size of a can of soda? Simply amazing.

The Nebula Capsule is a 100 ANSI Lumen projector designed to be an ultra-portable travel entertainment companion which you can bring along on your campaign trips.

This soda can size projector can project images as large as 100 inches, which is much larger than the largest living room televisions.

This means that even small groups can enjoy watching their favorite films on the go with this mini projector. The device has an HDMI port and a USB port which means you can easily connect your favorite devices including but not limited to your smartphone, gaming console, laptop, DVD player, etc.

The device is also capable of connecting wirelessly through Bluetooth, Airplay, and Miracast. The projector can be very easily controlled through its Smartphone application for Android and Apple iOS, and can also be controlled using the buttons on top.

The built-in battery gives up to 4 hours of play back on a single charge which means you can easily complete even the longest movies on a single charge.

The Nebula Capsule also has a 5W 360-degree speaker onboard, which has enough power to be enough for a small group.

The projector runs on Android 7.1, which means direct content streaming from applications such as YouTube and Netflix will not be a problem at all.


  • Super portability at soda can size
  • Built in speaker and battery
  • Android 7.1
  • Excellent connectivity


  • Can only be used in very dimly lit environments
  • Manual focus


5. DR. J Professional 3800 L

Known for its great online service, the DR. J Professional believes in delivering good quality products at prices that you can afford and fast delivery followed by excellent customer support. Amongst mini projectors it is rare to find crystal clear images but with Dr.J Professional you can bid farewell to blurred, hazy images.

The smaller the size, the better the aspect and contrast ratio which leaves you with a picture quality that is at par with the flatscreen if not better.

Upgraded 20% brightness, and an enhanced contrast ratio of 2000:1 will together deliver brilliant colors and vivid images that are sharp and close to the true colors of the image. Thanks to the diffuse LED light source you can binge watch with this mini projector without tiring your eyes out.

The healthy diffuse reflection technology doesn’t make use of the direct light source making it less strenuous for your eyes.

Not only the picture quality is excellent but a 40,000 hours of lamp life will keep maintenance cost low.

You can make the most of this handy projector by connecting your iOS devices and Android devices (by purchasing an additional type C adapter) both. And to extend your content library you can get a Roku Stick or TV Stick to connect via HDMI interface and have your home theatre set up ready.

Especially with the built-in stereo speaker you can enjoy sound effects to great detail.

Advanced fan cooling system in the Dr.J Professional projector makes it a healthy choice for you. Its silent and keeps the machine cool without disrupting fun time with noise of the fan.


  • Value for money
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Great brightness for the money
  • HDMI comes included in the package
  • 3-year warranty


  • No projector screen included


6. LG PH 300 Minibeam 

A hybrid of the past and technologically advanced, LG PH 300 Minibeam is a nostalgic reminder of the traditional projectors yet posses the power of the latest and stylish innovation.

An HD projector that can be connected wirelessly to your smart devices so you can enjoy a clutter free set up.

Plus, it lets you build a whole home theatre system with enabling blue tooth sound devices like soundbars, headphones or portable speakers to give you a powerful sound.

With Bluetooth connectivity, sound extension and audio streaming what more does one want? A good battery life an enthusiast would say.

With 2.5 hours of run time, you can binge your favorite shows or host a movie night without running out of battery before your movie ends for sure.

Also, 30,000 hours of lamp life means you are set for many years to come, making maintenance cost super low.

However, with 550 lumens of brightness you cannot expect a spectacularly bright image but since it’s a minibeam for home theatre you can expect it to perform well in the dark.


  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • USB Connectivity makes it convenient
  • Hassle free connection (with battery charged you don’t need to have cords plugged in)


  • Doesn’t give a clear picture in a bright room (low lamp brightness)


7. Optoma ML750 

Optoma ML 750 is a reputable brand in the projectors category and there is no doubt that its portable model makes to our list of mini projectors.

Weighing about 14 ounces means its compact and light enough to be carried anywhere.

700 ANSI lumens mean you get good enough brightness especially with WXGA resolution and 20,000:1 contrast ratio.

Its LED Lamp has up to 20,000 hours of life which is 7 times more than that of traditional lamps which need to be changed every few years.

Thanks to the LED technology you get crisp and bright images with least power consumption.

Another great feature is the screen mirroring option that lets you share content from your smart devices.

The Auto Keystone correction sensor automatically fixes the images that are too large for the screen according to the screen size.

Thanks to its lightning response times, great color and contrast gamers will feel the game in real time. It makes to every games list of favorites that is for sure.

And the additional benefit that you can reap is this projector can help run digital signals with its convenient orientation.

You can play videos, slideshows etc. using a microSD card.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Helps run signages
  • Fast response time


  • Picture quality isn’t that great
  • Fan noise is inconsistent



Not just light in weight but light for your pocket as well. The Elephas LCD video projector can give your expensive pocket size projectors a run for their money.

With 5000 lumens of brightness and 1080p resolution you will enjoy a rich and vivid display.

And the expansion possibility up to 200 inches makes it all the more charming for hosting movie nights for your big group of friends.

Despite its large projection, the display remains deep, vibrant and clear making you get lost in your movies.

And the great thing about it is that it as a powerful cooling system that lowers fan noise making your entertainment time just perfect.

Plus, it is well endowed on the connectivity front. From HDMI, USB, VGA to microSD, audio out 3.5mm you get everything.

And with an additional purchase of adapter you can hookup your iOS devices.

The 3W built-in dual stereo speakers deliver great sound making you want to binge watch forever.


  • Great quality sound
  • Good picture
  • Cheap
  • Short Throw


  • Have to manually adjust the image to the screen by moving projector back and forth


9. Vamyo Ultra

Not just super compact but also extremely convenient to use the Vamyo Ultra projector is as easy as “plug & play”.

You can get up to 100 inches of projector with this tiny but powerful machine. A 1080p HD display with advanced DLP means you get superior brightness, great color accuracy.

HDMI, USB and microSD ports bring forth a wide array of options for you to use the projector so anything that you want to watch will now be possible.

The built-in speakers are decent enough to drain the fan noise or any mumbling jumbling from the crowd during the movie.

This small little piece of machine is supremely powerful in leaving behind a powerful impact with its performance.


  • Portable
  • User-friendly
  • Fair value for money


  • Adapters are needed to be purchased to connect with smart devices


10. AAXA P6 

The last one on the list but definitely not the least in anyway. Its 600 LED lumen optical engine can project a 140-inch screen with its 30,000-hour long-life lamp source.

The AAXA P6 HD projector is a holistic solution with a built-in media player, a great 2-watt speaker, lithium ion battery and multiple connectivity features.

Thanks to the DLP technology plus Vibrant Color Technology you can enjoy crystal clear, sharp images. Unlike others who claim to be HD but only upscale from standard definition to high definition, the P6 is truly native and deliver crisp clear HD images without any compression.

Beautiful on the outside and impressive on the inside, you can be sure that this little magic box will be perfect for your weekend movie nights.


  • Vibrant Color Technology
  • Truly native HD resolution
  • Bright and rich display
  • Affordable


  • Not the best choice to display documents that require reading



Of course, when reviewing products for our best 10 lists, we choose only the best possible for every situation.

Therefore, every projector is unique with some quality. One may be affordable, while other may have excellent built-in speakers, while some other might offer wireless powers.

Depending upon your preferences you are better to analyze which would suit your requirement best.

However, if needed we are listing down our three most favorite and the reason why.

TOPDIVISION Mini Projector : Due to its superb display that is crisp and clear. Plus, it’s a highly innovative projector that has thermal stability and doesn’t let the constant running heat it up.

ViewSonic M1 Projector : who doesn’t like a great pair of Harman Kardon Speakers with their entertainment package? We absolutely love it and so will you.

Vamyo Ultra : for anyone looking for a budget buy, Kodak mini will be easy on your pocket without making you compromise on the performance and design both.