Best Projector for Bedroom [2020]

As far as projectors are concerned, a 1080p LED DLP projector is the most suitable for a bedroom setup. 

Why ? Because they are compact & the heat output is low as well. 

In addition, most content available via streaming or otherwise is 1080p which will result in much natural better looking image output.

And mostly you won’t have to downscale to 720p!

Hence we have reviewed some of the best projector for bedrooms that can easily be installed onto a ceiling or wall.

But before getting into the reviews let us answer the most pertinent question when it comes to bedroom projectors:

“Where Should be a Projector Placed in a Bedroom?”   

Things to Consider when Buying a Projector for your Bedroom

Ideally a projector in a bedroom should be at the “center point” of image projection.

It would be picture perfect if you can mount the projector just above the headboard so the projection level will be aligned with the screen.

We recommend the aforementioned setup in your bedroom for two pressing reasons:

a) If you off-set the projection, then you will need a projector with horizontal lens shift which will add cost

b) Or some radical keystone correction will be required, which will distort the image quality

In addition to all of this, keeping Throw Ratio in check is also very important.

UST Projectors or Ultra Short Throw projectors come in very handy for bedrooms, as they have shorter throw which makes it easy for them to be placed in a room.

They usually have 2000+ lumens, which is very appropriate for bedroom usage.

Note : In smaller rooms the “zoom ratio” of a projector becomes increasingly important. 

It is highly advised to measure the distance of the room properly & opt for a projector which works best within close proximity.

So without further ado, let’s get into the detailed reviews of the essential projectors for bedroom ceilings & wall alike.

List of the Best Projector for Bedrooms in [2020]

We have classified the following as the essential projector for bedrooms to install in ceiling or via wall mounts.

1 – XGIMI HaloIdeal Mini Projector for Bedroom Ceiling

2 – Optoma GT5600Best Movie Projector for Bedroom

3 – BenQ MH530 – Best for Bedroom Walls

4 – BenQ TH685Essential for Ceiling Viewing

5 – Epson Pro EX9210 – Classic Bedroom Roof Projector

6 – ViewSonic PX727Ideal to Mount Over Bed

7 – ViewSonic PA503WBedroom Cinema Projector

6 Best Projector for Bedroom Ceiling & Wall Reviewed

1. XGIMI Halo – Ideal Mini Projector for Bedroom Ceiling


best projector for bedrooms


XGIMI Halo is first on our list of bedroom projectors. It features a sturdy design, which is compact & easy to be placed in a bedroom setup especially if you have a small room.

It is one of the most affordable projectors for home use which offers true 1080p , WiFi & has chromecast built-in.

With battery it runs on 600 ANSI Lumens with a battery time upto 4 hours, while plugged into wall it boosts 800 ANSI Lumens.


  • At 0.44 pounds and with a pocket sized design, this is a compact projector.
  • It can be used with a lot of ease.
  • It produces videos of amazing quality.
  • It has extensive connectivity options to offer to viewers.
  • When there is little ambient noise, the speakers produce adequate volume for viewing.
  • It can stand firmly due to the 360° rotation tripod that it is provided with.


  • It would have been better to see more media input / connectivity options here.

2. Optoma GT5600 –Best Movie Projector for Bedroom



Second on the list is the premium choice for enthusiasts who want to a holistic home cinema experience with the comfort of their bedrooms.

Optoma GT5600 has a very short throw ratio, which is ideal for almost any room size.

It entails 3000 lumen brightness which means you can be worry free of any ambient or recessed light entering your room.

With 3D technology, wireless connectivity  & auto-keystone correction, you can’t really go wrong with the Optoma GT (if you have a decent budget i.e.)



  • It can easily be taken out from the package and used.
  • It has a bright lamp that can run for as long as 8,000 hours.
  • It is well made, and can last for a long time.
  • The images have a lot of clarity, and come with plenty of colors and contrast.
  • The photos and videos have full HD resolution.


  • It lacks a manual lens shift lever.
  • The audio output of the built-in 10W speaker is on the lower side.

3. BenQ MH530 – Best for Small Rooms



Third up is the BenQ projector which is ideal to mount on bedroom walls.

The projector has a portable and light chassis and comes with support for 3D. BenQ MH has brightness of up to 3300 lumens and the image quality is very nice, even when pitted against comparable units.


  • It has a small size and a compact body.
  • The fan is noiseless during operations.
  • You can get wonderful motion resolution and clarity.
  • With some adjustment, you can get decent colors.
  • There is superior brightness, and you can be assured of vibrant viewing experience.


The remote is not backlit, which makes it tough to see the buttons in the dark.

Note : This projector has 3D support which makes it a perfect fit in a bedroom setting with less space.

In addition it is also ultra-portable and relatively small in size which makes it easier to install in a small bedroom.

You can view more options when it comes to the best projector for small rooms.

4. BenQ TH685 – Essential for Ceiling Viewing

It boasts of quick input lag, powerful audio quality, ISF color calibration and more. The images have nice quality and the colors are vibrant by BenQ TH685


  • You can get 1.3x zoom, which means it has longer zoom range for its cost.
  • It has a 6-panel color wheel that spins at a speed of 6X and the beamed stuffs do not come with any rainbow artifacts.
  • In Cinema mode, it offers 96% REC.709 coverage.
  • It is possible to achieve high quality color from its RGBRGB color wheel.


The lamp is dim. Thus, the projection device is not fit for illuminated rooms.

5. Epson Pro EX9210 – Classic Bedroom Roof Projector




Epson HC 8350 is a full HD projector that can be used easily in most settings.


  • It has full HD resolution and can project videos at even 1080p resolution.
  • The contrast ratio is good enough at 35,000:1.
  • It can support 3LCD technology, and the color lumen output is more than that of DLP projectors.
  • The brightness is as high as up to 2,500 lumens.
  • The images are bright and clean, making the colors pop out.


  • It is a good idea to buy external speakers as the in-built speakers are small and not up to the mark.

6. View Sonic PX727 – Ideal to Mount Over Bed

Known as a notorious gaming projector, ViewSonic PX72 can work equally well for watching sports, TV shows, movies and more in a bedroom setup.


  • It is light in weight and compact in size.
  • It comes with 3D capability and can support 1080p resolution.
  • The unit has a reasonable price tag.
  • It can deliver natural color even in moderate-lit environment.
  • The lamp has a decent life of 15,000 hours, when the projector is used in Dynamic Eco mode.
  • It comes with the brand name of View Sonic.


  • The focus can be slightly soft if you aim at having larger projections.

Bedroom Projector Buying Guide

The projectors are used around the world for various purposes and on different venues.

The projectors are used by business officials in their offices to give presentations, used by teachers to give educational purpose presentation.

The projectors are used by friends and families during camping which makes their trip more exciting and entertaining.

Projectors on the other end are also used in homes for the personal use of people.

Every person who are into the projectors would love to setup their own private projector I their bedroom and watch movies and TV shows all day or even watch it with their family and friends.

Mostly the young generation setup the projectors in their room so that they can watch sports or movies with their loved ones.

The projectors are built differently for various venues.

This why it states that there are special projectors which are built for the purpose of using in bedrooms.

The projectors which are made for using in bedroom have their own particular features and specifications.

Which Projector is right for your Bedroom?

Projectors 10 years ago really didn’t have such abilities, it could barely show a video or an image.

Nowadays the projectors are so advance that it can display various multimedia content, games, movies, video , images, etc.

The projectors nowadays are totally inclined enough perform such activities.

The resolution that is common nowadays in the market is more than 720p, the projectors with less resolution of less than 720p are still being introduced in the market. The higher resolution projector are the one which starts from WXGA to FHD.

The 4k versions are also introduce with 4000 pixels image quality. The bedroom projectors come in the models that have many option for connection.

This means that the TV in the bedroom can be the next projector.

Content: What Will You Project?

The projectors are normally used by people to view four types of content which are the data, photos, and video and play video games.

The business projectors display the best results in terms of displaying the presentations.

The home theater projectors gives the desired boost to the videos to play without lagging.

This creates a really excellent environment for the viewers. The projectors which are good for viewing videos are obviously best to view high quality images.

Gaming projectors are even more high quality based and they let the viewer’s play video games without the lag.


The projectors which are built for the bedroom use are mostly portable so that it doesn’t makes it difficult to shift from one room to another.

The main thing the user has to install is the projector itself.

The micro projectors are also used as the bedroom projectors. The projectors are portable to a great extent and provides the person with a chance to move it from one place to another.

The home theater project is not less than a great exception, which further serves as a major help in getting permanently installed.

There is another type of projectors which are named as micro-projectors, these are offered in the market in both business as well as personal models.

This respective classification of projectors include a large range such as Pico-Projectors, majority of these can easily be fit into a simple shirt pocket.

In addition to this they can also be fit into outstretched hands as well as the slightly larger models.

Majority of the projectors are based on LCD and many of the make use of a Texas instrument in addition to a laser.

The projectors which carry a single chip are subject to the quite famous rainbow effect.

It includes the color scheme ranging from blue, green, yellow, red etc. These colors are more visible in the scenes which have a dark background but the areas are bright.

Brightness & Resolution

In the most ideal case, it has been stated by experts every now and then that the native resolution of the projectors, which consists of the total number of pixels in any sort of display, are supposed to match the frequently displayed content’s resolution for better results.

The person should make the choice of buying such a bedroom projector which has a widescreen native aspect, for games and videos.

It has been stated every now and then that the best resolution for home theaters and entertainment carrying projectors is 1080p.

The bedroom projectors range with regard to the level of brightness, be it less than a good hundred lumens for the pico projectors to the thousands of home entertainment as well as videos.

What the buyers of bedroom projectors need to keep in mind is that the perception linked with brightness is measured with logarithmic-ally.

Home entertainment

Another important element which buyers need to look for in good bedroom projectors is that they should be such which can easily be made use of under theater dark conditions in the bedroom.

Further this may range from a clear elaboration, a mixed use room of professionally designed home theater system which can be set up for the purpose of watching movies.

These projectors come in the market with proper built in speakers, which will provide the owners with a great opportunity for the purpose of watching videos with the best sound quality.

Moving, on to more important elements, this list at large includes the image quality, resolution and features. These features also include within 3D capabilities.

The bedroom projectors need to be very versatile in a lot of senses, the reason behind this is that they need to be made use of in family rooms and living rooms as well where the light pattern is rather considerable.

Those very bedroom projectors need to be bought that have become important substitutes for televisions and shall allow the families to project a large range of images.


The person should look for such bedroom theaters in the market which offer more than one methods of connection so that it does not just cater to one connection method that may restrict its respective use. Nowadays, most bedroom theaters come with HDMIs which make it easier to cater to the connection methods.

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