Best Projector for Bright Rooms for Daylight Viewing

Buying a projector for a bright room can be a little tricky.

We consider a bright room with ambient light (also known as natural sunlight) present which is not part of a dedicated home theatre with light controls etc. This also can be your living room, lounge or any media room.

Now you might think “What Qualifies as a Bright Room Projector”

Best Projector for Bright Room has to depict a high quality image in the presence of natural light with vivid colors with at-least 2000 lumens.

Basically a projector that can operate well in bright daylight without having the need to control lighting conditions via blackout curtains etc.

So to answer your query of “What Projector Should I Buy for my Bright Room”, we have compiled a list of the projectors that are essential for daylight viewing as they outcast ambient light & provide you with robust image quality in your room.

But before getting into detailed reviews, let’s explore the concept of “Ambient Light” as it is pivotal for image projection in a brightly lit room.

Ambient Light or natural light, simply is any light source that enters your room and has a significant impact on your viewing area. 

This light can distort the projected image by being dimmer & with low saturation.

As a consequence it will be difficult to see bright scenes & dark scenes in a movie as it would lack the image quality if it were a dark room.

So to avoid the aforementioned pitfalls, you need to get yourself a super bright projector to enjoy all your favourite movies & TV Shows.

List of the Best Projector for Bright Rooms

We have classified the following as the best projectors to use in a bright room.

1. BenQ TK800MBest Overall

2. Optoma UHD52ALVPremium Choice

3. Epson VS355Budget Option

4. View Sonic PX747Affordable True 4K

5. Sony VPL-HW45ESPremium Choice with 3D

5 Best Projector for Bright Rooms Reviewed

1. BenQ TK800M

best projector for bright rooms

BenQ is a manufacturer trusted in producing top-notch electronic devices with a focus on projectors.

The BenQ TK800M is one of the newest models they have today. It comes with a True UHD resolution. True delivers 8.3 million pixels for the most incredible image quality.

There is never a doubt on the level of clarity and crisply defined details.

It is perfectly balanced to show vivid colors in any ambient lighting. The high brightness of more than 3000lm and vivid colors of more than 92% rec.709 makes a perfect solution for presentations. It can, therefore, be used without any problems in well-lit rooms.

It offers greater brightness and contrast due to hyper-realistic HDR10 quality.

This enables one to receive optimized HDR features wit natural auto color and tone rendering.

It is a compact 4K HDR projector with a perfect sleek the design. It is, therefore, easier to install and use.

The projector is dedicated to sports experience, offering high-quality football, sports, and cinema modes.

In simple terms, it is a sports projectors. It is a recommended item for anyone looking for a great projection.

This is a white, small-sized projector that has a rounded appearance similar to BenQ HT2550.

It has a more beautiful blue front as compared to the subtle grey appearance of the HT2550.

The TK800 has many connectivity options for video as well as audio inputs. Two HDMI outputs are there, and a VGA input is present for older models.

It has a small speaker that can play simple sounds, which are possibly most appropriate for presentations in the office.

It is highly recommended that you make use of outboard speakers anywhere possible. As a buyer, you can attach the streaming devices of your choice.

You can enjoy better sound and choose your input source from a central hub.


  • It has amazing value.
  • The HDR performance is great.
  • In Cinema Mode, you can get high accuracy of color.
  • There is high brightness of 3,000 lumens.
  • It offers wonderful performance for its value.


  • At optimal brightness, color can blow out.


2. Optoma UHD52



Optoma UHD52ALV is another world-class manufacturer for electronic devices, especially projectors.

It comes with True 4K & pans out to be a perfect smart home projector for bright environments.

Is it looking to discover new home entertainment? The Optoma UHD is the ideal solution.

It delivers full HD content from different devices. For those who love widescreen 1080p images, this projector will magnify them up to 8 feet.

This gives you image size four times larger than a 60” flat panel.

It is made for bright rooms. With 2,500 lumens of color/white brightness, you get nothing but perfectly projected images.

And to make it even more interesting, you can stream videos, movies, games and many other contents from wireless and wired  HDMI devices. It has 2xa  HDMI ports, miracast, and MHL.

Another amazing feature is the contrast. You get up to 60,000:1 dynamic contrast.

It also features 3LCD technology eliminating rainbow image. On top of that are a vertical lens shift, 1.6x zoom, and a built-in 10W speaker.

It is an ideal smart projector that supports Alexa & Google Assistant for light rooms specifically.


  • Color light and white light output depending on the usage condition.
  • Come with one high-definition Link (MHL)HDMI port.
  • Color brightness in brightness mode.
  • High definition sound with great image quality.

Though expensive, this is one of the best projectors on the market today. You can be sure to get back the value of your money.

It can be installed quite easily, and offers wonderful 1080p HD picture.

It offers crisp and clear picture in a home theater ambience, with nice contrast and color composition.

All things can be rendered with absolute clarity, whether it comes to detailed photos or small texts.

It has easy and fast leg adjustment when the projector is put over a flat surface.

You can click the release button, slide its leg to the desirable height and finally let go of the button. The adjustment is as simple as that!


  • There is Vertical Lens Shift in this projector.
  • You can get as much brightness as 2500 lumens.
  • It can project images and videos in HD and even in 3D.
  • The quality of image is very high, and there are no rainbow artifacts to experience.


  • At times, bright scenes rendered by this projector may appear slightly washed out.


3. Epson VS355



There is no limit to the quality of Epson products. The Epson VS355 is designed with amazing HD features keeping natural light interference in mind.

As you may already know, ambient light is the biggest challenge for projectors. Epson VS355 is made to eliminate such challenges by offering great support for a variety of lighting conditions.

For this, it has 3000 lumens in bother color brightness and white brightness.

Do you wish to experience great projection for movies, games, and other visual content? This is the ideal projector. It comes with full HD 1080p widescreen performance.

It’s support for deep black levelslet’s you enjoy your content even in the brightest room.

It offers up a 70,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. If there are dark scenes in your videos, you will feel it.

From just 10.5’ away, you get a projection of 110” image. This is all thanks to +- 60 vertical and +-24 horizontal lens shift.

On top of that is a 1.6x zoom that allows easy positioning and setup.

Epson has designed a super-resolution technology with a focus on sharper refined images to provide lifelike smoothens and clarity

The projector comes with a Roku streaming stick so that you can enjoy content direct from popular streaming services.

The Epson Home Cinema 3700 boasts of amazing picture quality. Very vibrant images are produced by this mid-range projector.

It is also more refined than projector in the budget price segment.

There is a wide array of settings that can reduce noise and improve detail in pictures, with a few of them proving to be very advantageous at the time of installation.

Its Auto Iris feature adjusts the light output.


  • The remote offered with the package is completely backlit.
  • There are flexible options for installation.
  • You can expect excellent picture quality for its price tag.
  • It has as bright output as 3000 lumens.
  • The projector has horizontal and vertical lens shift.
  • It has a color management system and full calibration controls.
  • The chassis is compact and the lens is superior in quality.


  • In some picture modes, you can find the fan producing too much noise.


4. View Sonic PX747



View Sonic is another great manufacturer for projectors in general. The View Sonic PX747 projector features in the list of wonderful products from them.

With it, you can be sure your home entertainment will never be the same again.

It is an Ultra HD cinematic experience projector offering 3,840×2160 resolutions. And with that is 8.3 megapixels on-screen display.

This will make your images very sharp, even in presence of bright light in your viewing space.

The Acer H7850 features HDR compatibility as well as Rec. 2020 compatibility. With this, you get to experience visuals as though in real life.

It manufactured for bright rooms. The 3,000 lumens brightness ensures high-end clarity for all images ensuring you never have to go to the cinema.

The built-in speakers are enough to give you quality audio to accompany your images.

However, it is quite costly. That may seem like a negative side, but it will not matter once you are starting using the product. 

If you are looking for a great 4K projector for the first time, and need an affordable option, the View Sonic PX747 projector can be a perfect choice.

Colors are displayed with great accuracy. It can be set up and configured in an easy way, and can project videos and images in absolute 4K quality.


  • It has superior audio options on-board.
  • The unit has robust color mode performance.
  • There is high amount of brightness.
  • It has robust performance.
  • There is Wireless Projection Technology.
  • The lamp can be replaced without spending much.
  • The lens can be adjusted with ease.
  • The visuals are crisp and clear.
  • It is quite an inexpensive option.


  • The fan produces a lot of noise.
  • In some modes, rainbow artifacts are visible.

How to Choose a Projector for a Bright Room

Lamp & Reflector

Many projectors are designed to meet different lighting needs They feature high light output lamp that enables one to get proper brightness, projecting images in a way they can be visible

But many projectors are designed for dark rooms. That is why you must be careful when buying one for a bright room.

You need to ensure the lamp and reflector and powerful enough to provide a great viewing experience.

At least, they should have 3000 lumens with LED technology. Such lamps can last for more than 20,000 or more hours.

Base Mirror

There is a mirror inside the base unit mounted at a 45-degree angle or less. This is a very important mirror.

It serves to change the angler of the light released from the lam and reflector. This happens from its actual horizontal direction.

This mirror acts as a reflector as well. It sends back the light, leading it through the projector’s stage.

In simple terms, it is a vital part of making the projector perform exceptionally.

Projector Stage


A projection is simply what it is, a stage upon which the projection takes place. It is a surface made of glass with transparencies, for projection.

The stage has a lens that enables one to magnify and focus the image upward.

The lens, called the Fresnel lens has materials with a surface made from a concentric ring.

This is what gives the projector a hazy or fuzzy look. Ensure this stage is designed for bright room projection.

Upper Section

This is an easy consideration to look out for. There are other components above the stage, very important to unlimited experience.

These include the focusing knob, an objective lens, and a mirror. The knob receives light while the other mirror directs the image forward to the projection screen.

The focusing knob is used to budge the upper unit up or down for easy projecting.

There is no disputing the importance of projectors in our lives today. However, you need to pick the right projector to get the best service.

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