Best Projector for Classroom Presentation Reviewed

When delivering a presentation there is a lot to focus on to make sure your delivery is solid.

Everything from your voice to your content being displayed matters when giving an effective lecture in a classroom.

More importantly it’s necessary to have the best projector for classroom presentations that will fonly add value to your lectures and help engage your students on a deeper level.

Note : If you are not in a hurry and make an informed decision then continue reading our in-depth guide on classroom projector used for teaching in schools, colleges and universities worldwide.

Best Projector for Classroom Presentations & Teaching

1. Espon EX7240 Pro WXGA 

best projector for classroom presentations

If you don’t want to spend all your gold in getting your hands on a professional projector than you should just blindly trust the Espon EX7240 Pro.

It takes pride in calling itself the best among-st all in terms of image quality with its WXGA resolution that is twice more than the SVGA.

Secondly, its super convenient and easy to use. With 5.3 pounds of weight it quite portable and handy plus its wireless feature makes it so easy to project work from your phone, tablet or laptop without worrying about hooking up wires.

Its 3200 Lumens of brightness in color and white both make it a prime choice. Its color brightness ensures that your work is displayed right with its rich and vivid colors and the white brightness makes it convenient to use in well-lit rooms.  It makes use of 3 LCD, 3-chip technology that is known for it’s true to life colors.

All-in-all this is an all-rounder for your professional presentation needs.


2. Optoma EH500 – Best for PowerPoint

It is the ultimate choice for a business presentation. With the Optoma EH500 you are sure to ace your presentations.

You will be stunned with its high resolution clarity of 1080p full HD. Furthermore, 4700 lumens of bright output will give vibrant colors and clear graphics. 10,000:1 contrast ratio will prove to be ideal for a clear visual in a large setup where fine details of image are required. Believe us when we say it doesn’t get clearer than this.

It is the perfect fit for a large setup like businesses or university where up to 250 projectors can be networked with the Optoma EH500.

It also has extensive connectivity options including two HDMI ports, two VGA and VGAOut ports, S-Video, composite video, 12V trigger, RS-232C and RJ45.

Of course so much doesn’t come for free, if you are willing to afford to a heavy dent in your pocket then this Data Series Projector can prove to be a win for your business/career.

Note : If you want to learn more on Business Projectors then check our guide on the best portable projector for PowerPoint Presentation.


3. Optoma ML750


If you want the goodness of the Optoma in a portable size then the ML750 DLP LED portable projector should be your choice.

It is super light in weight, weighing about 14 ounces which is next to nothing when it comes to carrying it around. It is literally the size of your palm so you don’t have to worry about it taking much of space.

It has an equally competitive brightness of 700 ANSI lumens and WXGA resolution as well as HD (1920X1080) via HDMI.

It has an LED Lamp that has up to 20,000 hours of life. The LED technology gives you crisp and bright images without consuming a lot of power.

To add more, the LED lamp is said to have a longer life and requires lesser replacements than the traditional lamp.

Also it has the screen mirroring option where you can share content from your mobile devices, notebook or consoles.

For space constraint images the Auto Keystone correction sensor automatically fixes the image on the screen according to the screen size.

Another feature is that you can go PC-free with this projector and run Office documents, PDFs and images via USB.


4. ViewSonic PLED-W800

Another palm size projector that runs on LED power, the ViewSonic PLED has 800 ANSI lumens of brightness and WXGA 1280 X 800 resolution that lets you enjoy HD quality images and presentations in classrooms and boardrooms. Its compact size and light weight makes it ideal to be used on the go for business travelers.

The size of the projector doesn’t reflect its projections, it projects 100 inches of image from the distance of 9 to 10 feet.

Therefore, it wins points for big screen projections as well. It is extremely easy to use, all you need to do is plug your usb and run your videos, presentations etc.

The LED lamp has a life of upto 30,000 hours making it require lesser replacements compared to the other lamps.

It features wide-format which provides flexibility and compatibility. Whether you connect it to a notebook for a boardroom meeting, or in a class room it will give you distortion-free visual by matching the aspect ratio.

The DLP technology coupled with the SuperColor Technology gives real life like colors with accuracy.

You can expect it to deliver true-to-life colors and pictures in both dark and light environments.

As mentioned earlier, not only does projection matters but also the speech you deliver with your presentation matters.

The SonicMode for enhanced audio performance delivers optimized audio performance for different applications.

It comes with three setting, the standard setting, the speech preset and the entertainment preset.

The standard preset provides best sound for general use, the speech preset enhances the words you speak making it crisp and clear for your audience to understand your lectures.

Finally the entertainment preset has more bass and richer mid-high frequency that is just perfect for watching videos or movies.


5. Epson PowerLite 1761W 

The Espon PowerLite is value for money. In merely around $600 you get 2600 lumens of color and white brightness both.

It is sleek, beautiful and light in weight and comes with a built-in projection feature.

It weighs just abt 3.7 pounds and can be with you always on the go. You can expect it to give you a HD content projection with its WXGA (1280 X 800) resolution.

Plus it offers wireless connectivity to Macs, PCs, iPhone/iPads, and Android devices.

Its 2600 lumes of white and bright light both make it suitable to be used in dark and a decent lit room. Plus the 3LCD technology ensures you get crisp and vibrant projection.


6. Dell M115HD Mobile LED Projector

A budget choice for small audience, this LED projector weighs 13 ounces and is ideal for travel. With 450 ANSI lumens of brightness and WXGA resolution it has a decent image color and clarity.

Also its projection is decent given the price; it projects from 30 to 80 inches from 318ft to 8.48 ft. To win points, it comes with built-in speakers and a mercury free LED source that runs up to 30,000 hours.

Given its price, it’s a decent portable projector that can be used for small classes.


7. Vivtek Qumi Q6-BK

If you are a budget buyer than the Vivtek Qumi is another option to consider. It works on DLP technology and has 500 lumens of brightness that along with WXGA & HD resolutions gives modest clarity and colors.

It’s easy to use and connect with tis wireless connectivity feature and USB port. And if you are a buyer who looks for color and beauty, then you have multiple color options like red, yellow, blue, white and black. And a weight of 1.1 pounds you can just put in your pocket and take it on the go for your meetings, discussions etc.


Buying Guide on Classroom Projectors for Teaching

classroom projectors for teaching

Of course when you talk about the screen then the devices used also play an essential role. What projector you use makes a hell of a difference too in how your work appears on the big screen. If the colors are dull or if the images show big pixels then the viewers can easily interest.

So the projector plays a big role in how your show goes.

What makes a Classroom Projector stand out?

When going out to buy a projector for the classroom teaching the three important things to consider:


If your work involves you to be on the go and you give presentations at not just your head office but at multiple locations then owning your own projector will ensure that a shady projector will not hamper your hard worked presentation.

So for you to be mobile you will need a light in weight projector that has all the other features packed in.

You can find something as light as 2 pounds for you to just dump it in your bag pack.


For your classrooms the resolution should match today’s high resolution laptops. The resolution should either be XGA (1024X768) or WXGA (1280X800)

Brightness & Lamp

For you to be able to give your presentations anywhere during any hour of the day the lamp brightness matters a lot. If the brightness of your projector lamp is good then you will not need a pitch dark room to work your projector and you can place the projector farther away from the screen without restricting your auditorium style or design.

However, the projector lamp’s brightness is measured in Lumens and and some quote them in ANSI Lumens which is lower in value than the Lumens but we do not know for sure by how much does the unit vary.

Therefore, the best choice is to test lamps and compare their brightness before purchasing.


With this our discussion on the ideal projectors for giving effective class presentations comes to an end. We have rounded up a list of light weight, pocket friendly projectors as well as pricey projectors with crystal clear projections.

If you are a professional teacher or trainer with a good enough budget then the Optoma EH500 3D DLP network projector is your go to projector for sharp and perfect projection.

The other favorite is the ViewSonic PLED-W800 which is not just portable but comes with a variety of features like SuperColor Technlogy and great audio presets to make your presentations worth listening.