Best Projector for iPhone [2020] Reviewed

Finding a suitable iPhone projector can be a tiresome & confusing endeavour given the plethora of options in the market these days.

There’s absolutely no need to get overwhelmed as in our guide of the Best Projector for iPhone, we will lay down a comprehensive comparative analysis of projectors which are compatible, can be paired & are easy to use if you have an iPhone.

These recommendations of these projectors are laid out keeping in mind iPhone 11 Pro, XS, 8 & 7 models alike. They are portable, compact and have wireless connectivity via Bluetooth.

With these essential iPhone projectors you can easily conduct presentations without fiddling with wires in front of an audience.

On the other hand, you can use them as personal home theater projectors to enjoy your favourite movies, music & live stream games.

What to Look for in an iPhone Projector ?

Let’s kick off the discourse with a common question, What’s the Best Projector for iPhone?

An ideal iphone projector should be a mini, portable projector with built-in battery & speakers.

In addition to this many often wonder, Is there a projector for iPhone 11 specifically?

Yes! As stated on Apple’s official website, Miroir HD Pro is highly compatible with iPhones and can easily be carried in a small bag or briefcase.

Feel free to read reviews of Miroir HD Pro, and decide for yourself.

With that being said, let’s explore some other projector brands as well.

List of the Best iPhone Projector in 2020

Following is a comparison in listed form of the best projectors for iPhone users.

1 – Miroir MP150AFully Compatible with iPhone (Recommended by Apple)

2 – Anker Nebula CapsuleBest Overall (Ideal for iPhone 11 Pro)

3 – Vankyo Leisure 3Pico Projector for iPhone Users

4 – Yaber(Native 1080p) Ideal iPhone Projector for Movies

5 – Dr. J ProfessionalBudget Option 1 (Mini Projector for iPhone)

6 – QKK MiniBest for iPhone 7 Plus & Later Models

7 – CrossTour MiniBudget Option 2

7 Best Projectors for iPhone

1 – Miroir HD Pro – Fully Compatible with iPhone (Recommended by Apple)


best projector for iphone


The Miroir HD Pro is first on the list for a specific reason.

It is the officially recommended by Apple to pair with iPhones specifically. And there’s no need to take our word for it, read customer reviews here.

You can consider this a mini hybrid which seamlessly connects with all major iOS peripherals especially AirPlay etc.


  • Recommended by Apple
  • Very Lightweight
  • Easily mirror content from your iPhone


  • Would require external speakers for a more immersive audio

2 – Anker Nebula Capsule – Best Overall (Ideal for iPhone 11 Pro)


The Anker Nebula Capsule comes second on our list.

The Capsule is perfect mix of portability & robust picture quality with a projection size of near 100 inches.

It also features built-in 360 degree speakers for a good overall sound quality, ideal for interactive presentations & movies.


  • It supports MicroSD, USB and HDMI.
  • There are no complex menu screens or buttons.
  • You can connect it to the HDMI Video Player, Gaming Console, Cable Box, Mac or PC of your choice.


  • Not bright enough to outcast ambient light completely

3 – Vankyo Leisure 3 – Pico Projector for iPhone Users



The Vankyo Leisure 3 It is one of the best apple projectors you can get at an affordable price.

In addition, it supports older generations of iPhone models as their connectivity solely relies on HDMI & Thunderbolt ports.

It supports 1920×1080 resolutions, which is a great deal for home entertainment.

Play videos, watch TV series, enjoy great football action and much more with easy connection.

A projection of 32” to 170” at a distance of 4.9 to 16.4ft is a great way to enjoy your movies. However, it is recommended to use a distance of 6.5 ft.

The fan noise expression system ensures you only hear sound from your videos.

At the same time, the custom cooling system makes it possible for your devices to work for longer.


  • The bulbs can last for a long time, and can persist for as many as 40,000 hours.
  • It is offered with a smartly designed remote control.
  • It is sold with an instruction manual which makes it easy for novices to understand how the unit operates.


  • As the LED bulbs approach the middle of their lifespan, the brightness is reduced. You have to replace the bulbs, which is an inexpensive job.

4 – Yaber – (Native 1080p) Ideal iPhone Projector for Movies



The Yaber is highly recommended as it’s offers true 1080p resolution for a fraction of the price when compared to other brands.

It comes with new square-pixel technology for greater projection. This gives an amazing 80% higher lumens and brightness, ensuring nothing but the best movie theater experience. It comes with a better resolution size of 28-180 inches.

It has amazing portability, supporting 1080P big screen resolution. It’s compatible with multiple operating systems, including MAC, PC, Android, and iOS with SD/USB/MHL connectivity.

With a 50% fan noise cut, you get to enjoy a silent viewing experience. It is the quietest projector on our list!

It is not easy to get a 50000-hour lamp life from a video projector. Yet that is what you get from this one.

Also, you get 2200 lumens, 220 Lux peak brightness with a contrast ratio of 1000:1.


  • It is compact in size, and can be moved easily. The unit does not take up much storage space.
  • It has many inputs, including HDMI, X-Box, PS3, PS4, TV Box and laptop.


  • It would be good to have some more ability to adjust pictures in the settings menu.

5. Dr. J Professional – Budget Option 1 (Mini Projector for iPhone)



The Dr. J Professional is our first budget option on the list.

You can easily connect it with your smartphone and stream Netflix, Prime etc. The optimal display size is around 100 inch of projection without having any blurry image issues.

However, you should keep in mind that the Lumen count on this is low (as it a budget projector) so don’t use it in a room with ambient light.

The built-in speakers are decent, but if you happen to be an audiophile then external speakers are highly recommended.


  • Simple & Easy to use
  • The built-in speakers are quite good for indoor, small room viewing. However, for a bigger space, you would need external speakers.
  • It comes with a remote, which makes it easier to operate this unit.


  • It would be better to see higher focus adjustment in this projector.

6 – QKK Mini – Best for iPhone 7 Plus & Later Models



This QKK Mini is compact, sleek and fully supports iPhone 7 & other latest models.

It comes with a projection screen & with that alone it’s a huge bargain considering the crisp image quality.

All you need is an iPhone to HDMI adapter which will plug into your phone straight-away and then you are all set to watch anything on demand.


  • You can get a large screen that is between 50 and 120 inches in total size.
  • The projector renders bright images, and has good vibrancy – which makes it a joy to view stuffs beamed by it.
  • There are vibrant colors that are perfect for TV and movies.


  • Weak sounding built-in speakers

7 – CrossTour Mini – Budget Option 2



The CrossTour Mini is the most affordable mention in our list.

So you are really struggling on a budget or trying to pair a projector with your iPhone for trial purposes, the Cross Tour is a essential in this case.

It’s an excellent little projector which packs a punch in terms of picture quality.


  • Very Afforable
  • Good picture quality considering the price tag
  • Highly Portable


  • Don’t Expect very high quality or 720p native picture

Projectors for iPhone Buying Guide

The smart phones of today’s time carry the capability of storing long hours of movies in HD quality, and further be able to stream the never ending quantity of content available. The iPhone projectors are mostly problem free with regard to the transformation of the data into beautiful visuals of HD quality.

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that with every passing day, the smartphones have become bigger than before. In addition to this, the quality of display with the help of latest technology is very much light on the pocket of the user and compact as well.

The iPhone projectors carry the status of being very bulky, because the makers of this projector soy made it for assistance in presentations as well as movie. With changes taking place in the makeup work, new technology being introduced new makeup being bought, the answer is the same that allowing their kids to take part in all of this is the iPhone projectors were originally made for presentations purposes.

The new projectors on major information at Nowadays, most of the projectors that are available in the market are on compact, carry amazing features and have a number of lumens.


One of the most important and crucial elements is that the brightness needs to be perfect. This specification is the most important one and the entire needs to get this right. This is exactly the stage where the element of ambient light plays the most important role.

The reason behind this is that if the final image which is being projected is not seen clearly, then this leads to the rest of the specifications and features not being any important anymore and get thrown out of the window.  Therefore, you need to make sure that the brightness can be adjusted to the perfect setting, such that the image is seen absolutely clear.

Secondly, the person should take into account the delicate features as well in order to enjoy the respective services to the maximum. It is very important, that the projectors which is being bought comes with warranty and not without it.

In addition to this, the purchase should only be made from sellers who carry a good image and offer tech support.

Image Quality

Another very important feature is that at the time of buying the person needs to make sure that the iPhone projector is delivering good quality of picture. The major reason behind this is that bad image quality leads to the entertainment being suppressed at the respective event.

Therefore, it is crucial or the person to ensure the quality of image before making the purchase. The bets way the person can ensure the image quality of the projector is with the help of only taking into consideration those set of models that possess the highest resolution, high ratio of contrast and huge number of lumens.


There is no doubt about the fact that if a person buys a projector for iPhone after reviewing the market and the projector fails to work, then this proves to be rather disappointing as well as frustrating. Therefore, in order to avoid this situation to the maximum, it is better advised for the person to run a check on its compatibility.

Experts advise, that in order to go for a safe option it is considered smart to purchase such a projector which is universally compatible, this will help in avoiding many issues linked with the working of the projectors for iPhone.  In simple language, the person needs to look for such projectors that don’t just work with iPhones but MacBook, tablets, Pcs and laptops as well.



It is not an easy test to look for the best projector for iPhones in the market, because there is not just one but a couple of specifications which need to be checked thoroughly to avoid any sort of inconvenience in the future with regard to the usage of that projector. There is no denying of the fact that it is difficult to find such a projector which has the best versions of all the specifications, therefore a projector with a blend and balance of all specifications will be rather beneficial and a smart decision.