Best Portable Projector for PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint presentation experience can be enhanced when you have the most appropriate presentation projector at your disposal.

A robust projector can make your pitch immersive, interactive and help you exhibit more authority on your behalf. Buying a projector for work is slightly different than buying a projector for a home theater setup.

Business projectors should be portable, compact & affordable without compromising on picture quality.

Hence we have reviewed some of the Best Portable Projector for PowerPoint Presentations ranging from budget options to full fledged 4K projectors as well.

So without further ado, let’s get into it.

6 Best Portable Projector for PowerPoint Presentations


1. GooDee 4000L

best portable projector for powerpoint presentations

The GooDee 4L projector comes with nice 1280 x 768p screen resolution and has been designed with care.

It can project presentations, games, movies and more very well. It is super easy in setup and does not take a lot of your time.

The menu is easy to navigate around and offer support in multiple languages. There is a higher brightness rating at 3600 lumens, which means it can work against the ambient light as well as when projecting onto a wall.


  • It projects footages effectively, and the fan is noiseless while the projector runs.
  • This is a versatile unit, and you can connect it to other devices in varied ways.
  • It lasts for a long time and is backed by an energy-saving technology.
  • It has amazing image quality and brightness.
  • The manufacturer offers it with a warranty of 3 years.


For the price it comes at, this projector falls slightly short in performance.


2. ViewSonic 3600

This is a bright projector that can be used in small business and academic settings. The ViewSonic 3600 It has 3600 lumens and can project things to a distance of 120 inches from only 15 feet away.

When in dark room, the lamp settings allow to boost contrast ratio at 5000:1 and reduce brightness to provide with the right picture quality for detailed images.

It also offers wireless connection, so there is no need to get yourself confused with various wires.

The contrast ratio is 15000:1, which is reasonable for the price it comes in. It has 1080p resolution, which enables projecting better and brighter than the similar projectors in the market.


  • It projects sufficiently bright images to be visible clearly in well-illuminated environs.
  • It has twice the lumens of standard projectors.
  • It can size images to screen with no need for adjustment.
  • It has a very easy and accessible menu.
  • It comes from a highly trusted brand.


It is pricier than several other projectors, although the features justify its value.


3. BenQ MH530

BenQ MH530 is a stylish projector in shiny white, textured plastic. It offers very reliable projections with vivid colors and sharp lines.

It is appropriate for home entertainment as well as for classes and meetings. The lamp has nice illumination which makes projected images and videos look good even in well-lit environment.


  • The images are rendered in clear and sharp quality.
  • Even in well-illuminated rooms, it offers a good performance.
  • It is very bright and the projections are big.
  • There is superior saturation and contrast.
  • The price is reasonable.


It does not have Smart TV capability.


4. Optoma X412 – Best for Classrooms

This is a reasonably priced projector that offers reliable performance, backed by a DLP 3300 lumens lamp, and rendering projections in a large color palette and with high-contrast ratio.

Vivid, bright colors can be expected. Optoma X412 exhibit superior brightness that ensures you can see your content well even in well-illuminated rooms.

Moreover, the projector has an LED source with pairing to a 5-inch LCD tech. There is an upgraded cooling system that has reduced fan noise and world-class heat dispersion.

There are also built-in 2 X 3-watt speakers that are enough for the audio and no external output is required.

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  • At 3300 lumens, it is very bright.
  • It has high accuracy of colors at Rec. 709, which is a standard for HD display.
  • It comes with rear projection support.
  • There is optional wireless capability.
  • It has an affordable price tag.


Its 2-watt speakers are weak.


5. Epson EX7240

Epson EX7240 is a 3LCD projector that offers high-quality and bright images, with a durable lamp that can reduce operational expenses as much as possible.

The KUAK HT60 has an ultra-big screen with a projection distance of 3.5 to 17.6 feet. It comes with Dual USB, SD Card, Dual HDMI, AV, and VGA.

The cherry on top, it works with Blu-ray DVD player, smartphones, laptop, PS3, PD4, and computers as well.


  • It is bright enough (3,200 lumens) to project vivid and vibrant footages in small and medium sized rooms.
  • It is light in weight, and can be carried around easily.
  • You can get videos of watchable quality, with 1.2x zoom feature.
  • It has in-built WIFI for networking wirelessly.
  • Images are rendered sharp, and the text for business presentations is easily readable.


  • There is no support for 3D.
  • It has no audio-out port.


6. Optoma EH500 – Best for Conference & Meetings

A premium quality projector, it offers the blend of DLP technology and Full HD native resolution to render images in the best quality.

The Optoma EH500 is an ideal projector to have in your meeting rooms to conduct online training or virtual business conferences.

might not have a high definition display, but its projection size of 300-inches and the ability to display the date in ambient light sort of makes up for that.

It is relatively small, portable and with a weight of 6.61 pounds, you can carry the device wherever you want to.

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  • It has 10000:1 contrast ratio that helps the projector maintain proper clarity.
  • It has high color accuracy.
  • The projector has complete HD 3D capability that offers an amazing and immersive presentation experience to viewers.
  • It can be installed anywhere and the screen size can range between 29 and 341 inches.
  • It has many connectivity options, like 3D Sync, RS232, RJ45, RCA, composite, S-Video, VGA, HDMI and more.


Its lamp has average lifespan.