Best Projector for Projection Mapping Reviewed

Do you have a stellar video mapping content, but all you need is to get the projection done? Creating the videos for projection mapping takes hours and hours, other than a brilliant mind, strategy and technical skills.

While you might get the video done after all those efforts, no one would want to waste them on a projector that cannot project the mapping in the right way. Here’s our guide on the best video projectors for Projection Mapping will help you.

Projection Mapping is reserved for elite events & launch shows specifically so you definitely don’t want a crappy projector that would ruin the event.

In the end, it all comes down to which mapping projector you choose, what its specifications are and if they fit right into your strategy or not. Moreover, depending on what projection needs to be done, sometimes you might need a multiple of these devices together.

In today’s article, we will list the best projectors video mapping, also known as 3D mapping.

Let’s look into the list of the best small & large scale mapping projectors that will do justice to no matter what kind of content you have prepared for your projection mapping.

Best Projectors for Projection Mapping for Large Venues

1. Barco PHWU-818

best projector for projection mapping

Barco is a leader in the projection mapping industry. While the rest of the projectors to follow in this list might be a little small-scale, Barco PHWU-818 one is the best for large scale events and can astonish a great quantity of audience.

Key Features

  • 60,000 lumens of brightness
  • 4096 X 2060 resolution
  • 20,000 hours lamp life
  • Vertical and horizontal lens shift


  • Perfect brightness
  • Astounding lamp life
  • Lens shift
  • Great resolution


  • Bulky, not portable at all

The Barco XDL-4K60 has 60,000 lumens of brightness and that should just be the mic dropper. It can project during day and night and it doesn’t matter what the size of the projection is, it can slay that. The native 4K resolution presents the perfect and crisp image with the attention to all the details in the projection.

It also provides perfect 3D performance with twin wavelengths. Even if we try, we cannot pinpoint any visible errors in it. The Barco XDL-4K60 has a perfect projection, great mapping, and flawless performance. If you want to go big with video mapping, you can bestow the weight on its shoulders.


2. Christie Digital 3DLP

Key Features

  • 5000 to 30,000 lumens of brightness
  • WXGA to 4K resolution
  • Lamp-based and RGB laser options


  • Perfect brightness options to choose from
  • Amazing resolution
  • Great lamp life
  • 3D Upgradable


  • Not portable

The Christie 3DLP is an entire range of projectors, and not just one. Each and every one of them is perfect and can be used for projection mapping; from small scale to large scale. Christie is a leader in the industry and the 3DLP range is the leader when it comes to the industry experts throwing their money on it. The brightness is perfect and can cut through ambient light and work well at night too. The image resolution is crisp, clear and equally vivid to the audience watching at different positions.

The Christie 3DLP Projectors are 3D upgradable and come with a solid warranty life. The best part about them is that you have got a complete range with different specifications, features, and a price tag to choose from.


3. BenQ 96710

The BenQ 96710 projector provides the flexibility of installation and versatility in usage. The brightness and the resolution ensure that the projection no matter how large is well executed.

Key Features

  • 7000 lumens of brightness
  • 2800:1 contrast ratio
  • 1024 X 786 resolution
  • Full HD 3D
  • Lens Memory
  • Dual lamp


  • Amazing brightness
  • Decent resolution
  • Dual lamp


  • A little less lamp life
  • Not exactly portable

The BenQ 96710 is a large venue projector that comes with a Dual Lamp and XGA. It can easily be set up in large venues for the projection mapping application. With the brightness, contrast ratio and resolution all paired together, it can take the video and 3D map in the right way. There are eight different modes of optical lenses with functionality like zoom, focus, and lens shift as well.

All in all, the BenQ 96710 provides a presentation without any external interruption due to the dual lamp system. It is reliable and hassle-free maintenance, which is perfect for those who want to use this same projector for multiple projections on different locations from time and again.

4. Epson Cinema 1060

The Epson Home Cinema 1060 performs amazingly in the daytime but works even better during the night. So, your projection needs will be met no matter what the time is.

Key Features

  • 1920 X 1080 Full HD Resolution
  • Up to 6M Operation distance
  • 300-inch projection size
  • 3100 lumens brightness
  • 2 HDMI ports


  • Bright light
  • Portable
  • Clear image
  • Lightweight


  • Audible fan
  • No output jack for sound

The Epson Home Cinema 1060 has 3000 lumens of brightness, which allows the projector to cut through the ambient light of the day and project well wherever the need be. During the night, the projection mapping done through it is even better. It doesn’t present washed out image and the colors are so bright that they stand out. This is the reason its brightness is the first reason people go for it.

The Epson Home Cinema 1060 can project up to 300-inch images and is a short-throw 1080p projector. With this resolution and the image size, even a large wall can be covered with the projection. It is lightweight, portable so you can easily carry it around, has high performance and works great with the outdoor setup as well. Hence, it has everything you need in a projector to project the perfect videos no matter what the time or place. We definitely think it deserves to be among the top of the list.

5. ViewSonic PG800HD

The ViewSonic PG800HD is the best projector not only for projection mapping, but you can use it for your home theater or for gaming as well. It doubles up and fulfills almost all your projector needs.

Key Features

  • 300-inch projection size
  • 3500 lumens of brightness
  • 1920 X 1080 full HD
  • USB and HDMI port
  • 12,000:1 contrast ratio


  • Short throw projector
  • Bright


  • Loud fan noise
  • Not portable

The ViewSonic PX700HD might be tough, bulky and look like machinery rather than a projector, but it is worth the heavy-duty package it comes in. It has a 1080p resolution with 3500 lumens of brightness which is enough to present the bright and clear image required for great projection mapping. It might be a small device, but it has a lot of features and punch packed into it. Though we agree this might not be the most portable of the projector, it is definitely the best ones for projection mapping.

It is a good short-throw projector that can give a big picture at a short distance. This is what is required in the short-throw projection mapping projectors. In a nutshell, the ViewSonic PX700HD is bright, clear, can cut through ambient light and has the perfect short throw needed.


6. BenQ MH535FHD

BenQ MH535FHD is famous for its reputation as a home theater projector, but it is an amazing projection mapping projector as well. It has a clean, sharp, and vivid projection that can cut through ambient light too.

Key Features

  • 3600 lumens of brightness
  • 300-inch image projection size
  • 1920 X 1080P resolution
  • USB, HDMI, and MHL ports
  • 15000:1 contrast ratio


  • Sharp and clear image
  • Bright projection
  • High contrast ratio


  • Low audio quality

BenQ has a range of projectors, each one better than the other. Preceding the reputation of the brand, the BenQ MH535HD has a pleasant appearance and is sleek. This is undoubtedly one of the best projectors under this brand name. With 3600 lumens of brightness, it is great for projection mapping and has the tendency to present a bright and clear image.

One of the strong points of this projector is its high contrast ratio. One of the things that are responsible for great projection is the high contrast, therefore the BenQ MH535HD falls right in the category. When the dark parts are shown in the projection, they stand out clearly and won’t miss the eyes of the viewers. Hence, we have given it a place in this list because your projection content will definitely be worth it when presented through it.

Buying Guide on Video Projectors for Projection Mapping

This was our list of the best projectors for 3D projection mapping for both small-scale and large-scale events. Considering what your long-term requirements are, you can choose the one from this list and check if it fits your needs or not.

For projection mapping, you would obviously be investing in a video projector. To get the right one for yourself, there are three things that are the most important. The first one is the lens or the throw ratio. It determines how big the projected image will be depending on the distance. A shorter throw ratio results in a wide image. Hence, you must know how long your projected image will be, so you can choose the projector accordingly.

Secondly, you must inspect the resolution. The higher the resolution, the clearer the image will be. For projecting on smaller objects, the smaller resolutions will work fine. However, if the projection has to be done on a bigger surface, the projector must have full HD, which is around 1920 X 1080. If you have a 4K content, then nothing could be better than getting a 4K video projector.

Finally, the brightness of a projector is another important factor. The higher the lumens, the better the brightness will be. For the small objects, the 3K lumens brightness will be fine. On the other hand, if the projection area is large, the projectors with 14K+ lumens will be required.