Best Projector for Small Room [2020] Reviewed

If you are here, you’re probably searching for a projector to place in your small room or apartment for home entertainment.

When it comes to the Best Projector for Small Room, our recommendations make sure you have the correct balance of cost, features & image quality

But if you are in need of a projector that you will need to run in small rooms then you should mostly opt for for Short Throw Projectors in general.

These small projectors are ideal to use in small rooms like dormitories or tiny apartments etc.

To get the most out of these projectors in a limited screen area, you might need to tilt the projector from the back of the room.

This will enable maximum projector screen area in a room or apartment which has limited space.

But to make an informed decision you should be aware of the different projector throws that are essential for rooms with less space.

So probably by now, you’d be wondering What are the Best Small Room Projectors ? Let’s Find Out!

List of the Best Projectors for Small Rooms & Apartments in [2020]

Here’s a quick overview & comparison of the essential projectors for small rooms, dorms & tiny apartments.

1 – VAVA 4K UHD – Premium Choice (Ideal for Small Home Theater)

2 – Optoma EH200STEditor’s Choice (Best for Small Projector Screen Area)

3 – BenQ HT2050APerfect Small Space Projector

4 – POYANKBudget Option 1 (Ideal for Dorm Rooms)

5 – ViewSonic 3200 TV Projector for Tiny Rooms

6 – Epson EX3260Best for Laptops

7 – QKK MiniBudget Option 2 (Best for Tiny Apartments)

7 Best Projectors for Small Room

1 – VAVA 4K UHD – Premium Choice (Ideal for Small Home Theater)

best projector for small room

First up on our list is the ultra short throw projector with built-in soundbar (Harman Kardon).

The VAVA 4K is our top recommendation as it offers 3200 lumens of brightness to a contrast ratio of 13000:1 it is the ideal projector for any small space especially with ambient light.

The all glass lens delivers crisp and brilliant clarity in the projections.

The vertical keystone gives fast and easy alignment on the screen. In compact spaces this little beauty can be placed near the screen to give between 60 to 120 inches of projection and the clarity quality is such that tiny details of the image will not be missed out.

It has a lamp life of up to 10 hours and in eco-friendly mode you can save up to 70% of lamp life.

Also this projector is extremely quiet, despite DMD’s switching up for 4K output.

This small room projector produces picture in bright quality and sharpness. The lens is great and you can get accurate colors, gamma and grayscale.

It works without producing any sound and there is low input lag at the time of gaming.


  • The images rendered are sharp and bright.
  • It is very noiseless in operations.
  • For gaming purposes, the time lag is extremely low.
  • The remote is good, and quite user-friendly.


  • It does not have lens shift.

2 – Optoma EH200ST – Editor’s Choice (Best for Small Projector Screen Area)

Second up is the Optoma EH200ST which boasts a projection upto 80 inches without image distortion.

With a high contrast of 20,000:1 ratio that enables clear crisp and bright images without making you miss out on any detail of your game or projection.

Lastly, it has got a led power that runs up to 20,000 of usage giving you a hassle free experience.

The only drawback experienced so far is that it’s super noisy especially if it is being used for long periods. However, if that is ignored it’s a superb buy for gamers.

This is a short throw projector that can be connected wirelessly to iOS or Android devices, as well as PCs. There is latest “Split Screen Control” that lets you pick from two or four split screens.


  • Its lamp can last for as long as 30,000 hours.
  • It comes with a carry bag, and you can carry it about anywhere with convenience.


  • It lacks support for 3D.

3 – BenQ HT2050A – Perfect Small Space Projector

Third recommended option is the high performance, BenQ HT2050A.

Be it for movies, playing games or teaching a small class room of people this all digital short throw projector rates great.

You can watch your movies at full HD 1080p on a 40 inch to 300inch (diagonal) screen. You will experience bright crystal images and enjoy a large screen at a reasonable cost compared to buying that big of a smart TV.

Whether you would like to mount it or place it on a surface, you will easily find the perfect spot for this little baby in your limited spacing area.

Connectivity is essential in the digital age we live in; hence the Optoma has got two HDMI ports, Kensington lock port, 12V out, USB Mini-B port and a stereo audio out port.

With so many positives, there are bound to be a few things that may seem unpleasant to deal with.

Like for instance, this short throw projector is a bit bulkier than the other short throw projectors and is difficult to set up.

The lens of this projector has a low zoom ratio but other than these three tiny issues this seems to be a pretty good buy for your game room, class room etc.


  • The picture is of high quality.
  • The display is superior in quality, and bright enough.
  • The in-built speaker has wonderful audio quality. Its audio can be enjoyed without connecting external speakers.


  • The unit lacks a zoom feature.

4 – POYANK – Budget Option 1 (Ideal for Dorm Rooms)

This option is recommended for people on a budget who want to enjoy 1080p image quality.

The POYANK is a highly popular among indoor movie enthusiasts & casual gamers.

Its palm size ensures you can just put it in your pocket or purse and stop over at friends for a friendly match.

It literally weighs less than pound and is your ultimate friend for entertainment.

With brightness of 700 lumens and rec.709 color gamut this projector is designed specifically for gamer to use anywhere anytime.

Talking about entertainment, it has built-in media player that allows for easy image, video or audio playback from storage.

Like all the other this also wirelessly can connect to all smart devices and project on a 720p HD display.


  • There are plenty of output and input connectivity options.


  • Lacks 4K

5 – ViewSonic 3200 – TV Projector for Tiny Rooms

If you are a movie enthusiast or an avid player who hosts game nights or movie nights very frequently, then ViewSonic 3200 should be your pick,

People will not want to be anywhere but at your couch enjoying the rich and bright colors on a 90 by 120 inches screen.

On a 120 inch screen you get a full HD 1080p display, noticing every tiny detail on the screen.

Your images and text are crystal clear and allow you to absorb every fine detail of your projection.

With any popular streaming platform you can enjoy premium content from popular platforms and wirelessly hooking your mini projector to any android device through Wireless Screen Share feature you can also screen Youtube and Netflix with ease.

It comes from the prestigious brand ViewSonic and comes with intuitive menus, amazing images and sufficient brightness even when used in an Eco mode.


  • It has a low-cost projector and beams bright enough images to be apparent clearly even in well-illuminated rooms.
  • It comes with Zoom functionality and can let you size images to screen without the need for moving the projector back and forth.
  • Its menu is quite easy to use.
  • Its fan produces low noise while in operation.


  • The sound quality is not good, and you are recommended to purchase external speakers.

6 – Epson EX3260 – Best for Laptops

This projector has a magic remote feature that makes navigation fast and convenient for you.

The contrast ratio makes or breaks your decision to buy a projector, the wider the ratio the better it is.

The Epson EX3260 offers a 150,000:1 ratio providing supreme picture quality.

To give you a complete theater experience, it comes with Bluetooth connectivity features where you can hook it up to a Bluetooth speaker or headphones to get surround sound along with great vision.

Last but not the least, its 1500 ANSI Lumens of brightness will give life to your games and movies displaying rich and vibrant colors and bright premium image quality.

It is the best projector for limited spaces and it works with a laser lamp that lasts 20,000 hours compared to other lamps that only have a 3000 hours life.

Meaning this will prove to be reliable for more than 10 years before you will have to replace it with a new one.

Even though its fan is comparatively very quiet but it goes further silent when used on eco mode. The only thing negative that we could speak about this projector that was rated the best projector 2019 is that it requires dark spaces to perform its best and well light spaces can affect its image quality.


  • It works even in short range.
  • It has built-in apps such as Netflix and in-built OS.
  • It can render images that are very detailed, vivid and bright.
  • The lamp lasts for a long time.
  • The Bluetooth connection works fast.


  • Its fan produces noise at the time of operations.
  • While it works well in dark rooms, it struggles in well-illuminated rooms.

7 – QKK Mini – Budget Option 2 (Best for Tiny Apartments)

This is a small room projector with a sleek white chassis boasts of a user-friendly design that beams images and videos in QKK Mini, XGA 1024 x 768 resolution.

Furthermore, you are likely to experience life-like colors and images with a lamp brightness of 3000 lumens. 3000 lumens of brightness means that this projector can work well in bright rooms and particularly dark spaces are not required.

And a contrast ratio of 20,000:1 will ensure rich colors and premium quality images.

This laser projector is versatile and comes with high spotlight life and superior brightness. It is a low-cost substitute for OLED TVs for home AV entertainment .


  • It has nice image quality in small rooms.
  • The projector stands for good quality and superior images are projected at extremely close range.
  • For protecting the screen, a lens cover is included.
  • There is RS232 control port, and VGA and HDMI connectivity.
  • Its DynamicEco feature can lower the consumption of power by as much as 70%.


  • The built-in speakers are not that good, and you would need external speakers for perfect sound output.


With this the list of projectors for constraint spaces comes to an end. Even though we covered only four devices in this article but depending on small room usage we have covered from gamers, teachers, business professionals to family looking for entertainment usage as well.

If we had to pick the very best then definitely the LG HF85JA Ultra Short Throw CineBeam Projector wins the award for the best mini projector with the highest contrast ratio it delivers the brightest most close-to-real life projection of colors and images.

But of course, nothing comes for free. This very favorite of ours is the priciest of all amongst all the four short throw projectors. If you are an enthusiast who is not on a strict budget than there this nothing better than the LG CineBeam.

However, we have a good quality all-rounder in budget too. The BENQ short throw projector is everything you need. But if you are the seeker of the biggest and the best, then the Optoma EH200ST is the one with the biggest projection of 300 inches diagonally.

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