Best Rabbit Ear Antenna for Digital TV Reviewed

If you have a Digital TV, finding the signals for the local TV might not be as easy as you expect it to be. But, if you have a few tricks under your sleeve, the process will become a lot easier.

A set of the best rabbit ear antenna for digital TV will help you pick up more signals, but if you don’t know how to use it properly, it might cause some problems.

Let’s take a look at some of the top rabbit ears antenna for your TVs

Best Rabbit Ear Antenna for Digital TV

1. RCA ANT111E – Indoor Antenna

Best Rabbit Ears Antenna for Digital TV

The non-amplified RCA ANT111E Indoor Antenna is the first in the list because of its sleek design, great signal catching capability and greater support for numerous broadcast types.

It is cheap yet comes in a high-quality, durable style and packaging. The design is sleek and won’t look ugly even if you have to continue changing spaces to get the signal. It is also HDTV Energy Star Certified, so that speaks volumes about the credibility and authenticity.

The signal range is advertised as 40 miles, but the result depends on the distance from the transmission towers, the broadcast power, the terrain around the signal location and the actual location of the placement.

It can support up to 1080i HDTV broadcasts. The result is high-quality sound and a crystal-clear picture. It can also catch the FM broadcasts.

The dipoles of this rabbit ears can be extended and adjusted for analog and digital channels; 2-13. Though we haven’t found any disadvantages to be reported as such, consumers have sometimes reported inner circuitry issues, which we can award to a manufacturing fault. The RCA ANT111E comes with no-scuff pads so the rapidly changing location around the house won’t scratch or damage your furniture.

Overall, with the cheap price it comes in, you get everything you desire for in your antenna.


  • Affordable
  • Great signal quality and overall performance
  • Sleek design


  • The inner circuitry might be problematic in a few pieces



Philips calls itself the number antenna brand in America, and we think this self-proclaimed title might just be true. It has a lifetime warranty, which is the biggest perk you can expect from an antenna company.

The Philips SDV7114A Rabbit Ear Antenna takes the lead of the company’s flagship antennas and extends the quality. It is affordable and allows you to get rid of expensive satellite cables and get the same channels for yourself.

It shows ABC, Fox, PBS, CBS, and NBC in full HD among other options. No monthly bill and you still get to watch all the TV you want.

This indoor antenna catches both UHF & VHF signals and 1080p signal and provides crystal-clear audio and picture quality. The base is weighted and the feet are made of rubber, so your furniture won’t be scratched and the antenna won’t fall off with a single push. It works with all HDTV brands, so there are no chances of you worrying about whether it works with your TV or not.

It might cause issues for those who live in rural areas, as the signals might be distorted and an ample amount of adjustment will be required to correct them.


  • HD picture and sound quality
  • Stable body
  • Affordable


  • Chances of distortion in rural areas




The Fosmon HDTV Antenna gives you lifetime access to your favorite stations at high-quality for one-time, cheap investment. What reasons do you have not to buy it?

The Fosmon HDTV antenna gives access to high definition local channels from some of your favorite stations. It goes up to 1080p resolution and provides clear, crisp and smooth picture quality.

This antenna also works with NextGen TV for 4K OTA Broadcasts. You will have to, however, buy NextGen TV tuner to receive the content.

You get flexible placement options with this antenna. You can either place it on a table or mount it at the wall of your choice. The rabbit ears are adjustable and retractable so you can use them easily to get an optimal reception for the broadcasts.

The Fosman company also gives you a lifetime warranty, so should you have any issues feel free to contact them and get a replacement.


  • Clear and great quality
  • Low price
  • Nice design


  • The cord could have been a little longer



When you have got rabbit ears like that of Philips, ditch the pricey cable options and get aplenty access to local channels and various TV stations for a one-time cheap cost.


  • Slim and sleek
  • Provides an HD viewing experience
  • Affordable


  • A little tiny

The Philips SDV8201B indoor TV antenna maximizes the HD TV viewing experience by one-time cost instead of settling for pricey satellite services and cable.

It is slim and sleek with a modern appearance, albeit a tiny size that might hinder its capacity sometimes. You get access to local TV channels including the famous ones like PBS, CBS, Fox, and ABC among others in full HD.

It has great reception, so the rabbit ears can receive both UHF & VHF signals in uncompressed 1080p, which are also 4K TV ready. So, it can match the cutting-edge picture quality and display delivery required. It has rubber feet so the surface upon which it is placed won’t be scratched.

With a lifetime warranty, the Philips Rabbit Ears is one of the bests we have found in the market till yet.



Another GE in the list, this Rabbit Ear antenna has superior reception and can easily catch the local TV broadcast.

The GE 33694 Antenna is similar to all the other options on this list. So, there isn’t a lot that is different, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good. It has great reception even though the rabbit ears are short and some users complain about the signals.

It gives easy access to the local stations with crystal-clear picture and a good HD sound quality as well.

The loop design is rotatable and the rabbit ear is traditional in appearance, so there are better chances of it working out in your area, no matter how rural it is.

There is a limited lifetime warranty, so if you face any issues, the technical supervision and assistance will be available from the company’s end.


  • Easily adjustable
  • Good range


  • Dipoles are short



The RCA antenna is always worth your investment and time. It is cheap, easy to set up and definitely delivers what it promises.

There is no need to keep the cheap antenna a second option and buy another one when you enough budget because the RCA ANT121Z offers a high-quality, durable body with HD TV compatibility.

Alike the other RCA products, it is Energy Star Certified which makes it more credible when compared with the other options.

It is sleek in appearance, does not cause damage to where it is positioned and can catch signals even when in rural areas. The broadcast durability is steady.

However, the rabbit ears are sort of fragile and will have to be carefully dealt with when positioning and re-positioning at the transmission towers. Overall, it is a good and long-term buy.


  • Energy Star Certified
  • HD TV compatible


  • Fragile rabbit ears


Brief Buying Guide on Rabbit Ear Antenna for Your Digital TV

Know The Location Of Your Nearest Broadcast Center

AntennaWeb is a great source for you to set up your indoor antenna. The first thing you need to do is to type in your address. If the source channel is within the radius of 20-30 miles, your rabbit ears will get the reception.

Check the location of the broadcast origin as well. The channels are all color-coded. The red or yellow color means you won’t have issues tuning into the broadcast of your choice.

The TV signals are broadcasted in two ways – VHF and UHF. VHF is the stronger signal and can be picked by rabbit ears for the digital TVs.

If you bought your antenna within the past few years, it will be able to pick both signals.

Finally, click the ‘View Street Level Map’ option to see where is the broadcast originating from. This will help you point the rabbit ears at the maximum best location.

Angle & Set

The smartest way to get a strong signal is to move your rabbit ears from the living room or wherever the TV is and place it near the window. Move it away from the Wi-Fi router as well, because both the signals can interfere.

Angle the antennas in a ‘V’ shape then take one of the antennas and point it towards the broadcast tower. Take five seconds to see if you are catching the right signals or not.

Make a few adjustments by angling the antenna upward or downward if you aren’t getting clear signals. If it doesn’t work then angle both antennas at the broadcast direction for a wide signal barrel.



This was our list of the top rabbit ear antenna for Digital TV, so you don’t have to miss out on superior quality and competent reception.

You can access your local TV channels with these without having to subscribe to monthly cable or satellite TV options.

As always, our best pick for you is the non-amplified RCA ANT111E Indoor Digital TV Antenna which is affordable, has the great broadcast capability and clear reception.

All other options are equally cheap, so money won’t be a deciding factor here. Other than this one, we recommend Fosmon HD TV antenna for rural areas where catching signals might be a problem.

To sum it up, all the six options here are the best of the bests, so it all falls to your personal choice and past experiences in the end as well.