Best Soundbar For Dialogue Clarity Reviewed

A soundbar solves one of the biggest problems that is faced by flat TVs: sound. In most TV models – even the highest priced ones – the sound quality that they provide leaves much to be desired.

It’s an understandable compromise by TV makers so that they can make TVs slimmer and sleeker.

However due to that, several problems arise, and one of those problems is poor sound quality. Hence the only remedy is to get the Best Soundbar for Dialogue Clarity.

However, there are different kinds of soundbars and with different properties. Their prices and purpose depend on many factors, meaning a highly expensive soundbar might not be an excellent choice and can be an overkill. So, what kind of soundbar should you buy?

This article will try to detail some basics for how to pick the best soundbar for your home system and will review some best quality soundbars as well for your ease.

Best Soundbar for Dialogue Clarity

1. SONOS Playbar

best soundbar for dialogue clarity

The SONOS Playbar is one of the best TV soundbars you’ll find on the market. If you have a flexible budget, it is a great option.

It has not been manufactured to be a simple sound accessory though. The American brand wanted it to be part of the decoration of your home.

It is an engineering marvel, as it comes with nine speakers (six midrange and three tweeters), plus a Class D amplifier.

The Playbar is an excellent wireless soundbar. Despite not having an HDMI input, this soundbar will get you an exceptionally high-quality sound that will allow you to enjoy both movies and your favorite music playlist.


2. Bose Soundbar 500 – Alexa Enabled

The Bose Soundbar 500 is designed with the focus on connectivity, as it can be operated by voice commands when integrated with Alexa which allows you to stream music from any medium.

Note : If you want to know more regarding smart soundbars operated with Alexa Voice Controls, then check our guide on the best Soundbar with Alexa.

The Bose Soundbar is thin and is designed to fit in any space and has subtle features such as LED lights (they change colors according to the mode) that give a nice touch to the overall environment.

It integrates rubber bases that keep the vibrations under control and integrates three central and two lateral drivers.

The back has all the connections. It has an HDMI input, optical port, connections for additional speakers, an Ethernet port and the power input.

It also has a connection for the AdaptIQ that is used during the installation of the unit.


3. JBL 5.1


JBL 5.1 is quite a competitive soundbar and is much different from the others. With an exterior as carefully designed as the interior.

It can be considered one of the rivals of Olympus. The JBL soundbar is an elegant and powerful option, with sound quality well above most bars on this list.

JBL usually makes high-quality products and a very attractive aesthetic, and the this soundbar is no exception.

With a semi-curved design and covered with a stylish black mesh of fine cloth, it has a chrome central panel that shows the power button and the brand logo.


4. Yamaha MusicCast YSP-2700

The Yamaha MusicCast YSP-2700 is a soundbar with extraordinary design and incredible sound quality.

It has a sensational sound, but considering its price it can compete aggressively with many of the excellent soundbars in this list.

Its external sub-woofer is one of its best features, which has a marvelous base for such a cost-effective soundbar.

With the sound divided between three channels, this soundbar provides sound quality of such level that you would only find in much more expensive soundbars.

The result is sound quality with much richer details and with incredible clarity, accompanied with a great base in case you are in the mood of some music.

You would appreciate its aesthetically beauty, with aluminum finishes and beautiful black grilles. It has an angular design, which differs from other options on this list with more rounded finishes.

Other than that its one of the most expensive soundbars on our list, it is worth the price.

The Yamaha MusicCast YSP-2700 looks good in any room and has the style to go with. And most important of all, it sounds heavenly.


5. Sony HT-NT5

The Sony HT-NT5 is much more compact (65cm) than the Playbar and also lighter (2.8kg). It is available in black with white finishes.

It looks as elegant as the other speakers of the brand, even a little more than the Playbar.

The Sony HT-NT5 sounds exceptionally good for its size and can also be controlled by Alexa or any other favorite personal assistant.

It also comes HDMI port is compact and much more affordable than the Playbar. We believe it is an ideal option for anyone who needs a more intelligent yet affordable soundbar.


Buying Guide for Soundbars for Dialogue Clarity

Televisions have evolved a lot in terms of their screen size and resolution, but their sound quality has not kept up with their overall progression.

Therefore, the best compliment they can receive is a high-quality sound system. If you want to buy one and you don’t know how to choose the best one, then you must know certain things so you can pick the right soundbar for your home system.

Some Basics

A soundbar is an electronic device that has several speakers of varying size and orientation integrated into a single element that is elongated and thin.

It is used to increase and improve the sound quality of televisions, as it provides sound from different directions, causing an acoustic effect similar to that of cinemas.

Some models have an additional subwoofer to divide the bass treble sounds.

In the market, you can find a wide variety of soundbars. Therefore, to choose one of these devices without fear of being wrong, you must know the most relevant and determining characteristics that the ideal soundbar should have.


Connectivity is one of the most important factors in this type of device, so you should look at this aspect before choosing one.

Keep in mind that the more connectivity options the soundbar has, the more versatile and compatible it will be with other devices.

These types of devices usually have HDMI connections, USB inputs, optical cable connections such as 3.5mm jack auxiliary or RCA.

It is also possible that they have wireless connections via NFC or Bluetooth with which you can establish links with other devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops.

Make sure the soundbar you choose has the most connections mentioned above.

To connect the bar to the TV it is advisable to use soundbars with optical or HDMI input that guarantee exceptional audio of the highest quality.


The power of a soundbar is known by the RMS watts that reach the speakers. You can find devices that reach 150 RMS, which guarantees that you will get a proper surround sound experience if you are in a small or a medium-sized room.

For rooms with larger space, you can opt for a soundbar of 200 RMS or more.

The important thing, in this case, is to consider the dimensions of the place where you will place the bar. So, choose an ideal room in your house where the sound would have a lesser chance to distort.


In the market, you can find small soundbars or compact soundbars and even amplified soundbars which are usually of larger size and they are mostly equipped with more speakers as well than the normal models.

It is important to consider the place where you want to put the soundbar and make sure that the dimensions of this are ideal for both your TV and the shelves in your room (where you would mostly put your soundbars).

Remember that the proportions should be adequate to maintain the aesthetics of your home and balance with the rest of your home media accessories.

No. of Channels

Most of the soundbars have several speakers that separate the bass sound from the media source and the treble.

Some soundbars have all such speakers integrated inside the bar itself and in some cases, are separated by a subwoofer to produce high definition surround sound environment, the latter being the most recommended for a better acoustic experience.

It should be noted that the soundbars have multiple channels with different configurations for the speakers.

The number of channels directly influences the quality of the sound and its distribution in the room. The simplest models have speakers with 2.1 channels, which are ideal for playing music and watching TV.

These are of the highest quality and are also one of the most expensive ones. The choice of one or the other will depend on the quality of sound you desire, your room setup and the scope of your budget.



Surely buying a wireless sound system is not an easy task and it is recommended that you get some help by a professional when you are installing it, and make sure that the soundbar sits well with your environment as well aesthetically.

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