Best Soundbar for LG TV Reviewed

Just like most flat-screens, even LG flat screens cannot house robust speakers that will do justice to the 4K/8K resolutions display. Hence the Best Soundbar for LG TV are there for the rescue.

These displays can give your cinema experiences a tough time, but when it comes to sound, unfortunately, most flat-screens fail.

For this reason, soundbars came into existence so you can pair them up with great display LG flat-screens for a powerful duo.

Soundbars are a high investment purchase for audiophiles, and choosing a soundbar can become a daunting task. It may take a while for anybody to research, test, and shortlist the best soundbars well suited to your TV.

Hence, we took upon us the grueling task and narrowed down the list of the best LG Soundbars.

5 Best Soundbar for LG TV

1. LG Electronics SH2 2.1 Channel 100W

best soundbar for lg tv

LG SH2 2.1 is the epitome of style and class. It is a perfect blend of technological headway and handiness packed in a beautiful body. It’s a sleek, long bar that discreetly delivers a mighty sound.

The finish emanates a premium class, and the edges gleam with their round metal plates. The sub-woofer is similarly classy and an elegant square box that can be wirelessly connected to the soundbar without having to be placed anywhere near the TV.

On the interface front, you get digital optical input, a USB port, and 3.5mm jack plus built-in Bluetooth. This way, you can stream live music wirelessly using the Bluetooth, and the soundbar itself can be controlled for basic functions using the LG TVs remote.

The Adaptive Sound Control technology is like the advanced version of DTS TruVolume because it lets you enjoy sound at a comfortable and ideal level balances the highs and lows depending on the content requirement. Plus, with this feature, you don’t have to opt for movie mode, game mode, news mode, all the mode’s sound requirements are built-in and are adjusted on auto without having to change it each time.

You can have a hassle-free, wireless connection to keep your TV console tidy by connecting it using the Bluetooth to connect to your LG HDTV. On the performance front, you will experience your room to liven up with a captivating sound that’s deep and spellbinding.

Your movie experience is far better than a cinema because now you get surround sound filling your comfortable TV room where you can relax in your PJs.


  • Does not take up too much space; looks good too
  • Simple to connect and use
  • Had Bluetooth connectivity – no tangled wired
  • Lightweight speakers with a lot of functions


  • Does not support 4K pass-through
  • Limited at 100 watts


2. Samsung HW-M360/ZA 2.1 Channel

Samsung’s HW-M360 is a great value for money option that should be considered by everyone looking to upgrade the audio experience on their TV. Even though it is an entry-level soundbar system, it is easily one of the most pleasant sounding soundbars available on the market.

The HW-M360 has a somewhat understated design; it has a contemporary design, one which will easily blend with most TV room settings. With the brushed metal finish on top coupled with a grill on the front, one can tell that the designers were not afraid to get this thing noticed for what it really is.

On the right side of the bar, you get four control buttons: Power on/off, Source, and Volume Up & Down. These buttons are well placed and have good tactile feedback. All the connectivity ports are located, as expected, on the back panel, for easy tucking away of all cables from sight.

The HW-M360 comes packed with features like Bluetooth connectivity, support for a ton of apps, Samsung’s proprietary One Remote Control, and Dolby’s Digital 5.1 decoder, which steps down multi-channel 3.0 audio signals to a playable 2.1 for zero signal loss.

In terms of performance, this soundbar can easily outperform many from the competition thanks to high-tech non-linear control and sound distortion-canceling technology.

The result is crisp audio, with easily one of the best all-round performance for both movies and music.


  • Exceptional sound
  • Unbelievable bass
  • Multi-source support


  • The stereo effect is not very pronounced
  • Pricey
  • Too tall for tabletop use
  • Dolby Atmos missing


3. Vizio SB3220n-F6 3”2 2.0 Channel Soundbar

Another great soundbar option comes from the American brand Vizio. The Vizio SB3220n is specifically designed with the limitation of the poor sound quality of TVs’ own speakers.

One of the best things about this soundbar is its well thought out design: it stands only two inches tall, making it one of the most compact soundbars out there on the market.

This means it can easily be used in a tabletop mode without blocking out the view of your TV. With parts made of metal and a beautiful looking black mesh upfront, you can easily tell that the designers have not cut corners. The controls for this soundbar are located up top with dedicated buttons for Volume Up & Down, Power On/Off, and Bluetooth. The ports are all located on the back, as you would expect.

The SB3220n is a feature powerhouse, especially for its price. In the connectivity department, the device has onboard Bluetooth and Chromecast, which enable audio connectivity via handheld devices from online streaming apps. The device also has an optical audio input, a 3.5mm jack, and also USB input.

The only real lacking in this department is the absence of a 4K HDR pass-through, which some rivals have. The device features DTS Virtual:X audio processing, which delivers a virtual overhead sound for a richer audio experience. Dolby is also on board, so you’re sure to be able to pick the highs, mids, and lows.

As expected with any 2.0 sound system, it is important to note that there is no dedicated sub-woofer here.

The sound performance on this system is class-leading, as it can produce up to 97dB of undistorted sound, with sufficient bass even in the absence of a sub-woofer. Expect to be pleased.


  • Compact Design
  • Dolby Audio
  • DTS Virtual:X makes it sound much more premium


  • No HDMI pass-through
  • No Wifi


4. Yamaha YAS-109

It is good to see a brand that has expertise in making world-class musical instruments to step into consumer electronics to augment home theatre experiences.

This is Yamaha’s YAS-109 Soundbar, which is worth every penny you will spend on it. The device has a real trick up its sleeve: in-built sub-woofers for tucked away bass, which is more than welcome.

The YAS-109 looks like something to be used in conjunction with a musical instrument – an electric organ perhaps, or that could just be because of the Yamaha branding.

However, the design is friendly enough to be used in front of a TV without blocking out the view. The device comes with capacitive touch buttons on the bottom of the front panel and nice-looking green LED indicator lights. The device comes with a wall mounting kit.

In terms of features, the YAS-109 is one of the most densely features packed soundbars available on the market. It comes with a whole bunch of connectivity options, including support for AC, 4K UHD, and HDR pass-through, HDCP 2.2 Optical, and audio inputs.

One really innovative feature onboard this device is the built-in gyroscope, which adjusts the sound directly at you for whichever orientation you choose to install it by.

The device comes with its own remote control. In terms of Bluetooth connectivity, this device is ahead of others in its class, since it can pair with and connect with up to two devices at once and switch back and forth without you needing to wait. Connectivity to Amazon Echo is also possible.

In terms of performance, you can tell that this device is from a brand that excels at creating sound from instruments because unlike other consumer electronics brands out there, this device is not obsessed only with creating bass, but also focuses on creating excellent mid-tones and highs.

This is not to say that the bass on this device is weak, far from it, in fact. With deep basses, and perfected high-frequency notes, the sound output is almost mesmerizing.


  • Complete sound with sub-woofers in a compact device
  • Excellent treble and bass at the same time
  • HDMI and 4K pass-through
  • Great value for money
  • Bluetooth with dual pairing


  • No direct app support
  • Setting up is not the easiest


 5. Samsung HW-M550C/ZA 3.1

If you want uncompromising features and performance at the same time, look no further. The HW-M550 from Samsung is a mid-range soundbar which offers a slim design, a myriad of features, and awe-inspiring sound.

The M550 has a highly-functional, unobtrusive design that enables it to sit discreetly. The device is generally well-built with high-quality materials, with a brushed metal finish on the top, and a stylish looking grille upfront. The connectivity ports are all located on the rear of the device. The system comes with a separate subwoofer to create deep bass.

There are many features on the HW-M550, including a power loop through optical input, 3.5mm jack, HDMI loop through, and even a USB port.

The device comes with a display that greets you every time you turn it on, which is a nice touch. There are onboard Bluetooth and Wifi, which means audio playback from online streaming sources will be a breeze. Unfortunately, there is no 4K video pass-through.

As we have come to expect from Samsung, the sound performance from this device is incredible. Samsung’s Surround Sound Expansion technology created an impression of spatial depth to the experience, delivering cinema-like sound to your living room. The lows are very powerful on this device.

However, it can, at times, be difficult to make our words in vocals as the highs are not perfectly handled.


  • Rich surround sound experience
  • Excellent features list
  • Excellent build quality


  • Overpowering bass
  • Absence of 4K/HDR pass-through


This rounds up our list of the best soundbars for LG TVs. Happy shopping!

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