Best Soundbar for Samsung TV Reviewed

Watching TV today isn’t just about seeing the content but also having a close to cinematic experience with the best resolution, deep and close to life pictures, rich pictures, biggest screen size and a surround sound that sets the mood right.

When purchasing a Samsung TV, you automatically take care of the display quality but it isn’t fair to expect cinema level sound with any built-in speakers.

Hence we have put forth a list of the best soundbar for Samsung TV for your home or office use.

6 Best Soundbar for Samsung TV

1. Samsung HW-MS650

best soundbar for Samsung TV

Samsung not only manufactures TVs but has also entered the market for sound systems too by coupling with the audio giant Dolby to develop this pristine Samsung HW-MS650.

This soundbar is literally a single piece bar that just makes your TV set up all the more premium. You can hang it anywhere around the TV on the wall with its mounting points and connect it easily with a single socket.

It comes with optical and auxiliary audio input and output in case you ever feel like setting up an extra subwoofer.

Paired with multiple connectivity options such as Bluetooth, WiFi and 4K capable HDMI loop-through system it becomes ideal for use at home.

It’s USP is its base levels and there is no other audio device to beat that as of yet. It can various format audio files like AAC, MP3, OG, ALAC, FLAC, WAV and etc.

This powerful bar can be used both with and without wires depending if you choose to connect through Bluetooth, Samsung’s multi-room application or by the traditional way of hooking up wires.

There is an additional beneficially feature of playing things directly from your phone via the soundbar if you ever feel like being cozy and watching things on your mobile phone.

The sound quality is parallel to none, the base boosts the sound and the noise cancellation effect makes it all the crisper and deeper. Muffled sounds are now in the past; you can enjoy each dialogue with crystal clarity.


  • Different format files are compatible
  • Sound is extremely powerful & doesn’t require any kind of amplifier


  • Dolby Atmos support is lagging
  • The stereo effect is lesser than expected
  • The size is not compatible with all TVs


2. Sonos PlayBar

If a high price point doesn’t turn you off and your utmost priority is to get yourself one of a kind audio device that will give your media room a bombastic feel, then Sonos PlayBar should be your pick.

With its delicate design, no one can really guess the power that this sleek machine holds. It’s aluminium detail and black speaker web speaks volume about its elegance and class.

Having 90cm width you can place it simply on your TV console or if you prefer it can be easily mounted on the wall nearby.

However, the drawback of this device is its liking for minimum connections leaving the utmost essential HDMI port. So one has no choice but to pair it with a TV that has an optical output.

It doesn’t come with a remote control so you’ll have to install the Sonos Application on your smart device (mobile phone or tablet) in order to operate. You can simply enjoy streaming music with Spotify and Napster on this lean beauty.

Connecting your TV to your soundbar is a bit of a hassle especially because of the optical output.  Once you have successfully connected the optical output of the TV with the soundbar you should then mute your TV sound to make sure all sound waves are directed towards the optical output.

This will signal the audio device to learn the volume control up and down and even though this sounds like a tedious way but it is super quick and easy.

With its 3.0 configuration system expecting anything less than an addictive sound quality is foolish. Every word played on this bar is distinct and clear making it your favorite already. Dialogues can now be crisp and deep leaving you delighted.


  • Terrific sound
  • User-friendly
  • Classic design


  • Expensive
  • Less connectivity features
  • Doesn’t have a remote


3. Sony HT-X9000F

Where TV’s built-in speakers cannot do justice to A-class display and cinema-like feel the soundbars come into play. Designed solely for the purpose of boosting the sound of your Smart TVs the Sony HT-X9000F ensures that Sony’s name remains amongst the top players in this category as well.

The great thing about this bar is that it supports Dolby Atmos surround sound simply meaning more the merrier.

Inspired by its ancestral design of the Bravia, this soundbar looks professional and elegant and it can easily be laid on any TV console. Its bulkiness ensures that it remains steady and isn’t toppled over. Better yet, you can mount it on your wall and have it beam in your lounge like a piece of art.

Like the majority of a soundbar, this one also has limited connectivity options but luckily comes with both an HDMI and an optical input.

Most soundbars are a 2.0 channel unit, however, this one is a 2.1 channel bar meaning its inclusive of a subwoofer.

It can be operated with both a remote controller that comes along or its app for iPhone or Android phones. Furthermore, it has predetermined 5 modes that enhance the audio for you depending upon the situations. The modes are:

  • Cinema Mode for an immersive and surround sound
  • Music Mode for verbal clarity and enhancing tiny details in sound
  • Game Mode for not wanting distinct clarity and keeping you focused on the game
  • News Mode enhances the voice over the background sound
  • Sports Mode boosts the ambient crowd cheering immersing you further in the match

So whatever your choice of channel is, there is a mode for every mood.

Powerful bass makes sure you experience a spellbinding sound that leaves you immersed in whatever it is you are watching or listening too.

Some may complain that there are many other soundbars that have much louder sound but the quality and immersion of this particular bar will leave you wanting nothing else.


  • Easy installation
  • Good quality sound
  • Value for money
  • Multiple modes


  • Connectivity issues like USB support
  • Compatibility issues


4. Bose Solo 5

Despite not matching the benchmark quality of its name, this one does come with a cheaper price tag. Hence it can be referred to as a value for money soundbar by an audio giant like Bose.

The design despite being made of plastic gives a very premium feel when first laid eyes upon. The curved edges and matte finish gives Bose Solo 5 a very appealing look.

It is ideal to place I below your TV in order to avoid any blocking of the sensors. The solo 5 works well with 37 to 42 inch TVs. Compromising of two digital audio inputs and stereo analog input the connectivity options are limited here as well.

Even though it doesn’t have Bluetooth but being compatible with Dolby Digital Audio it means that it can be connected with the TV’s internal over-the-air tuner.

The remote is good to feel and hold and easy to use. Installation is a breeze. Hooking up the soundbar via the HDMI with your TV and the soundbar to the power supply you are set to press play.

The last step is just to mute the volume of your TV speakers and your soundbar is ready to boom.

The sound quality isn’t top-notch but it is decent enough for the price you pay for it. There is no muffling and the variation is distinct from explosive scenes to hushed tones.


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Easy installation
  • Good design of the soundbar and remote both


  • Sound isn’t the best
  • No display
  • Doesn’t support TVs beyond 40 pounds


5. Yamaha YAS-109

One of the most talked-about soundbars in the category. Advertised as home theatre surround sound solution, this is an excellent audio machine that is very much appreciated.

When they say do not judge a book by its cover they are right. Yamaha YAS-109 is an average looking small in size soundbar that will not appeal to you at first.

But with 2 inches in size, it can snug fit any corner of your living room without ever coming in your way. You can place it or mount It you will not be disappointed.

For its size, the connectivity options are fair; an HDMI input, optical digital audio, 3.5 mm analog, and two Bluetooth 4.2 connections plus a good remote that has additional features to adjust the volume, change bass level and choose from pre-existing modes.

You can choose from the 3D surround, surround stereo or clear voice or bass extension to get the ideal sound of your choice.

The Yamaha soundbar will not let you down. It reeks superiority and class. Variations from hushed tones to cars racing or fires being shot sounds, the sound is well balanced in all areas.

The sound notes are well balanced with the bass and not overpowering so your home stereo experience doesn’t get compromised.


  • Modes available on remote
  • Affordable
  • Immersive sound
  • Easy setup


  • Designed is average
  • Input lag from remote


6. Sonos Beam

A good looking and performing soundbar from Sonos. It can be controlled via voice command and can easily be your solution to a start-up home theatre requirement.

If you are looking for a compact solution, then you have landed at the right soundbar. Sonos Beam is small and has its controls placed on top of the bar.

Its limited connectivity offers Ethernet, HDMI slot and power and Wifi buttons. Like the Sonos PlayBar, the Sonos Beam also doesn’t have any remote control, it can be navigated via the app on your smart devices. You can control your soundbar and TV with Alexa and for Siri followers, the integration is on its ways.

The Beam knows how to give an immersive sound without making it too shrill or loud for you to not be able to enjoy. Voice enhancements in TV shows are more evident and the background is blended well with the vocal sounds. While listening to just audio don’t expect to be mind-blown but know that it will not disappoint.


  • Nice sound
  • Compatible with HDMI ARC
  • Size is easy to handle


  • Use of the app and not remote isn’t very user friendly
  • Doesn’t support Dolby Atmos
  • The installation can get difficult without HDMI ARC



With this we reach the end of our suggestions. It isn’t easy to pick one so we will let you be the judge of what suits your needs best. Outlined from price point to performance and ease of use you can now make a sound decision for your soundbar needs.