Best Soundbar for TCL Roku TV Reviewed

When you have an unlimited library of digital content to binge-watch you definitely don’t want your experience to be marred by some stereo quality sound.

A rich & deep display paired with a big screen and untiring video content would only make one want the right kind of sound system for a holistic cinema experience.

Same is the case with TCL Roku TV, you cannot expect the stereo quality built-in speakers to do justice to your Roku TV library.

For this, you need the Best Soundbar for TCL Roku TV to immerse yourself in that cinematic feel.

Finding the right kind of soundbar for your TV isn’t easy so we took the grilling task upon ourselves to get you the best soundbar for your Roku TV.

6 Best Soundbars for TCL Roku TV

1. Sony HT-S350

best soundbar for tcl roku tv

Our first choice is of Sony HT-S350 to pair with your TCL Roku TV which is a simple black L-shaped package for your audio set up.

It is black in color with matt finish which gives it a very premium look meaning you do not need to worry about how it may appear with your interior.

Trust it to suit well to everything and anything. The bar is 35 inches wide and a little less than 2 inches in height which means you can slide it under your TV on your console without having to make extra room for it.

It comes with touch buttons to switch on, control volume, Bluetooth connectivity, etc. It has an HDMI ARC interface along with optical audio input which means you will have an uncompressed Dolby Atmos sound that will make your binge sessions on Roku TV just perfect.

It will be just like you would feel in a cinematic surround sound system. The subwoofer can connect wirelessly and your whole setup can remain hassle-free and compact.

Performs on a 320-watt power supply emitting some really immersive sound especially when coupled with its heavy-duty subwoofer.

It cannot be said that the audio results are impeccable because there tends to be some noise disturbance but the voice mode helps straighten it out by separating the dialogues from the noise in the content. It is observed the music playback output quality far excels the dialogue quality in movie playback.

It can be concluded that in terms of sound quality the soundbar is a decent performing soundbar.

In terms of set up, it’s super easy to install and get started. All you need to do is connect the bar with an HDMI cable to its HDMI ARC port.

Then all you have to do is change the sound output from settings to external speakers. Once done with this you can then control the volume of the bar with the TV remote itself.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Good sound quality
  • Bluetooth connectivity makes it wireless
  • Easy Installation


  • Connectivity interfaces are less
  • Noise disturbance is heard occasionally


2. TCL Alto 7+

What better to suit a TCL Roku TV than a TCL soundbar? It comes in a holistic package with subwoofer, remote, wall mount and cables.

TCL Alto 7+ has a surprisingly sleek structure that will look exquisite on your TV console. There buttons to control volume, Bluetooth pairing and power on/off plus a remote for all the controls.

Connectivity options are limited but good; it has an HDMI ARC port, optical input, and Bluetooth. A single HDMI port can be restrictive in terms of hooking up gaming consoles, DVD players, etc. but for the given price expecting more wouldn’t be fair.

For the given price, the audio performance can give a tough competition to much more expensive and fancier soundbars. Noise cancellation is excellent as you can hear every word during a movie loud and clear. Music playback isn’t as superb as the movie playback but can be rated decently though. Installation is peanuts and similar to as discussed earlier.

Connection begins with HDMI ARC followed by choosing the sound out to external devices so your remote can control your soundbar volume levels as well.

To conclude, it’s an extremely affordable soundbar that is bound to perform without any hiccups with a TCL Roku TV thanks to the same manufacturer.


  • Cheap
  • Distinct word clarity
  • Do not need to purchase additional accessories
  • Elegant design
  • Easy Installation


  • One HDMI port makes it difficult to hook up a PlayStation or DV player simultaneously


3. Sonos Beam

The most compact soundbar amongst the list. It is so tiny that it can easily slide under your TV and not be noticed at all. Sonos Beam lightweight makes it ideal to be mounted as well.

Coming in two different shades gives you the choice to choose a color that befits your interior. Its super lean and elegant design will make you want one to give your TV room a commanding appeal. It has touch-sensitive buttons to control volume, control your content by pause/play/previous/next buttons.

In terms of connectivity, amongst our list, it has an expanded connectivity interface so far; from Ethernet to HDMI, to Wi-Fi. Despite not having remote-control navigation is easy with voice command options of Amazon Alexa or controlled using the Sonos application.

Despite its super small size, the sound discharged can liven up your large rooms. A rich and clear dialogue can be heard without having any background noise disturbances.

Paired with its subwoofer you can experience crystal clear dialogues. Unlike many other soundbars, the quality of music playback remains as excellent as movie playback.

Installation is a breeze; all you have to do is plug into power and connect it to the HDMI ARC port on your TCL TV if the Sonos application downloaded in advance.

The app will automatically guide you and be your remote for both the TV and soundbar volume controls.


  • Fairly priced
  • Crisp Sound Performance
  • Compact design


  • Doesn’t have Dolby Atmos support


4. Bose SoundTouch 300

It is a flagship soundbar that everybody has eyes for will leave you wanting one for your lounge. A glass top that harmonizes an aluminum mesh to give a classy look to the Bose SoundTouch 300.

It’s an elegant piece of beauty that has no sensors or buttons on it just small LED lights on one side indicating the current status of the bar.

Connectivity options include an ARC HDMI, digital optical HDMI, Ethernet, Acoustimass jack, a 3.5mm Adaptiq microphone input and a micro USB interface.

Plus, you get to enjoy WiFi and Bluetooth with NFC. It comes with a universal remote or can also be controlled with a SoundTouch App.

A beautiful blend of pitch and clarity, the Bose sound will leave you flabbergasted. Loud, clear and immersive movies and music playback will make you want to binge endlessly.

On the downside, the setup is complicated. First, you will have to hook up all sources to the soundbar and then to the TV. Then with the help of the microphone, you will have to change the output settings to the soundbar. Then to finally begin you have to press a preset key and wait for the system to begin with its introductory tones.

Apart from a complicated installation, the quality and clarity of sound will permit you to happily bear with the set-up pain.


  • Immersive sound
  • Streaming options
  • Beautiful and powerful design


  • Set up is twisted
  • A subwoofer is to be purchased separately


5. Yamaha YAS-207

Great in performance and easy on the pocket. Nobody can deliver that other than a Yamaha. Despite not paying heed to design in the past, the Yamaha YAS-207 is a slender and appealing soundbar that can snugly fit under your TV. The touch controls and led display on the front panel give it a more premium look.

It comes along with a remote that can be used to control the soundbar and the subwoofer both. The subwoofer too has a sleek body that can be easily placed around the TV console.

With HDMI, digital optical input, plus analog input and Bluetooth the connectivity features seem to be decent.

The performance will leave you surprised, for its small design the sound that it emits is engulfing and powerful. It seems to balance the background sounds and dialogue clarity quite well and the strong bass lets you enjoy music playback equally.  It has the ability to catch minute details evolving as the music progresses so you can enjoy every bit of it.

Installation is basic, you have to connect the optical cable with the HDMI ARC on the TCL TV.

Then like with most TV/soundbar unions you will have to change TV sound output settings to control the soundbar volume with your TV remote easily.


  • Unexpectedly stylish
  • Rich and deep sound
  • Vocal clarity
  • 4K support
  • Easy on the pocket


  • Only HDMI connections


6. Polk Audio Command Bar

The command bar as the name suggests will give your TV room a more commanding aura. 4 inches deep, 43 inches wide and a height of 2 inches will sit well on your TV console.

Nothing speaks premium more than the color black. Polk Audio Command Bar comes in just that with a blue ring in the center that has all the controls.

At the back, it comes with two HDMI inputs; HDMI ARC and Optical port plus a USB port. And from the previous Polk soundbar, the Command Bar has stepped up and come with a remote now.

It has been rare in our search for the soundbar that would perform equally well in movie and music playback both. The command bar, however, seems to have almost reached that category.

With the best frequency ranges of bass, the music played has a commanding depth and very immersive feel. The dialogue clarity is also very good but a rumble here and there can be experienced.

All in all, it’s a great buy at the given price, especially with its easy installation. Just like all other, the standard protocol is to connect the soundbar to your TV via HDMI and then download the Polk Connect app.

Then log into amazon to enable voice command via Alexa to begin using your command bar as a step by step assisted process.


  • Installation is easy
  • Price is reasonable
  • Sound is rich and deep


  • The application can be made better


Buying Guide on Soundbar for TCL Roku TV

Why a Soundbar?

Even though pairing with the right kind of surround sound system will fulfill your need but soundbars are convenient and compact with close one or none wires required.

Plus, they are cheaper than a surround sound system. The price range for soundbar varies and you can always find one in the budget, unlike a surround sound system that will leave a big dent in your pocket in any case.

Before purchasing a soundbar you need to understand the connectivity features of your TCL Roku TV. It has three kinds of connectivity interfaces:

  • Analog Audio Output
  • Digital Optical Out

Analog Audio Output

Analog audio output is the most basic kind of connectivity interface. It has an elementary 3.5mm jack that transmits audio signals from the TV to different accessories like sound systems, soundbars, headphones etc.

Since the interface is analog, the sound is compressed to be transmitted through hence decreasing the quality of the sound.

Digital Optical Output

This is an advanced interface compared to the analog audio output. It transmits digital audio without having to compress it.

You will experience a surround sound system up to Dolby Digital Plus if paired with a compatible soundbar.


HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) is the advanced interface that permits to and from the flow of sound between the TV and any other sound accessory.

It also lets you control the volume of your soundbar with your TCL TV remote. And the most exciting thing about HDMI ARC is that you get to enjoy Dolby Atmos sound level without any compromises.

So, the better the interface the greater the quality of sound you will experience. Now the thing to consider before purchasing is what HDMI interface your TCL Roku TV has and how well is it compatible with the soundbar that you want to purchase.


That brings us to the end of our discussion of the best soundbars to be paired with a TCL TV. Hope you have an equally immersive and joyful experience with any of the soundbars discussed above, just as we did on our hunt for the most ideal soundbars for your Roku TV.