Best Soundbar for Vizio TV Reviewed

Visio TVs may not qualify as high-end TVs but they surely do outperform in terms of performance and display.

However, it will not do justice to the brand if you expect it to have the exceptional sound quality from the given price with the speakers that come built-in. Hence the Best Soundbar for Vizio TV are the only solution.

The grueling task of identifying the most suited soundbars for your Visio TV isn’t easy, which is why we took it upon us to research and shortlist the most appropriate soundbar for your Vizio.

5 Best Soundbar for Vizio TV

1. Visio SB3820-C6

Best Soundbar for Vizio TV

You may as well call the Visio C6 as the best budget soundbar. Visio is known to make products that are affordable yet to perform exceptionally well.

In terms of design, all Visio products are very basic, the Visio SB3820-C6 is a compact and black beauty with brushed metal panels on the sides with a black cloth acting as a mesh.

Its simplicity makes it suitable for any kind of room and its compactness makes it easier to place it anywhere.

It comes with a decent number of connectivity interfaces; from a USB port to a stereo RC, digital optical output, coaxial inputs, subwoofer output and a Bluetooth that enables for wirelessly playing music via your cell phone. Apart from its remote, it can be controlled with power on/off, volume up and down buttons on the top of the soundbar.

The best thing about this compact beauty is that it has a feature called Deep Bass Module which gives extra bass without having to connect an external subwoofer.

This unique technology fills your surroundings with a 100 dBs crystal clear sound that’s immersive and powerful. Further, it comes equipped with Dolby Digital surround sound which is known to be the standard sound of the cinemas. And finally, the DTS TruVolume balances the overall sound while you can just set it at the desired level once and enjoy a consistent volume throughout.

Plus, the DTS Tru Surround is a surround sound solution that creates an ambiance of surround sound.

Movie playback is more than average, with a nice mid-range response you get to hear dialogues clearly despite the background noise while total harmonic distortion is less than 1%. To summarize, the overall performance is quite a surprise given its affordable price.


  • Great sound features like the DTS TruVolume, DTS TruSurround and Dolby Surround Sound
  • Reasonably priced
  • Slim and compact
  • Neat Design


  • Built quality isn’t the best


2. Visio SB29290-C6

Like most Visio soundbars this too has a simplistic design with two metal plates around the sides that hold together the black fabric usually that is seen around speakers.

At the top, you will find quick buttons for power and volume controls. Visio SB29290-C6 is 29 inches long that can be easily hung on a wall or slid beneath your TV on the TV console.

It will not take up much space nor will it be a visual distraction as its basic design can go well with any kind of interior.

You will get multiple connectivity interfaces here; you can hook up the soundbar to your TV with analog inputs like the 3.5mm stereo jack, RCA port and via the digital audio input options like the optical port and the coaxial inputs.

Plus, with the help of the USB port, you can play audio files and the built-in Bluetooth gives you the option of wirelessly streaming audio using your smart devices.

At such an affordable price, the features are limited but the DTS technology support makes up for the lag. The DTS TruSound lets you enjoy 95 dBs of crystal-clear surround sound filling the room instead of just having the sound directly delivered right in front of the speakers.

Additionally, the DTS TruVolume ensures a consistent and well-balanced volume throughout your entertainment experience once you set it at the desired level.

The dialogues will be high lighted while loud sounds like action scenes or loud music will be lowered to not be too intense and remain comfortable.

Movie playback and music playback both are outstanding, you can listen to your dialogues loud and clear yet enjoy every fine-tune detail when music is played.

It can be safely said that at this price point it’s a very reliable and sturdy soundbar that will surprise you with its performance.


  • Elegant looking
  • Crystal clear sound
  • Bass is variable
  • DTS Technology


  • Fine detailing isn’t very great


3. Samsung HW-M360

Like all Samsung products, this soundbar is also a work of art. Emitting a premium aura with a black matte finish the soundbar has its name crested across.

Samsung HW-M360 has a black grid on the front and back while the edges compromised of plain metal. Along comes a wireless subwoofer that might a little too tall for one’s liking.

So, make sure not to place it in front of your TV. It has the standard connectivity interfaces; a micro USB port, Auxiliary inputs, and Bluetooth for wireless streaming.

It has a 2.1 channel surround sound that will let you get immersed in a filling dynamic sound. With its powerful bass, you can feel every thunder and every intense move of your favorite thriller movies or feel every move during a game. Dolby Digital sound will give depth and expansion to your sound just like a cinema sound feels.

The wireless subwoofer not only lets you place the subwoofer anywhere in the room without any clutter but also gives a richer deeper bass.

It performs well during movie playback and music playback both. Paired with an additional rear speaker you get exceptional quality surround sound. Without much hassle, you can install this powerful soundbar that doesn’t even cost you an arm and a leg.


  • Exceptional sound
  • A beautiful addition to your TV room


  • No HDMI interfaces
  • Connectivity features are limited


4. Vizio SB2821-D6

Another one of Vizio’s simple designs that comes in a budget and will not let you down. A long beautiful black mesh that is supported by aluminum panels on the sides and a logo in the front.

There are the standard power, volume and Bluetooth buttons at the top. And the rear compromises of a USB port, 3.5mm jack, subwoofer output, digital optical output, stereo RCA and coaxial inputs. Inside the package of Vizio SB2821-D6, you will find a wall mounting bracket, cables for connecting to the TV and a remote for easy control.

Featuring Dolby Digital surround sound will let you enjoy a cinematic sound filling your room. The DTS technology will let you have a comfortable experience with DTS TruVolume by balancing the volume highs and lows depending upon the demand of your content.

And the DTS TruSurround will expand crystal clear sound around your room making it really spread out like a surround sound system.

The subwoofer is easy to connect without getting any wires tangled and gives a boost to your sound letting you listen to every fine detail of sound in your movie or music.

With less than 1% harmonic distortion you will hear crystal clear dialogues. All in all, this is a cheap machine that works like high-end soundbars.


  • Excellent sound
  • Elegant design
  • Wireless subwoofer means less clutter
  • Affordable


  • The clarity isn’t 100%


5. Bose Solo 5

Bose is a name for all supreme sound accessories that deliver exceptional audio experience. Bose is synonymous with expensive high-end machines but Bose Solo 5 is a fairly new soundbar that is surprisingly a budget buy.

Design-wise it’s a premium beauty with all black and a Bose emblem shining bright in the center. Additionally, it has lights that indicate the mode in which it is being used.

Since it doesn’t have any buttons on the body, it comes paired with a remote that is rather chunky. It is a universal remote that can be programmed to operate 6 devices at a time.

In terms of interface, it has an optical output, coaxial inputs, and built-in Bluetooth.

A unique feature of Bose Solo 5 is the auto-wake feature which brings the soundbar to life whenever it picks a signal. And the auto power-down turns off the TV after 60 minutes of inactivity.

And with its Bluetooth, you can save up to 8 paired devices which will be readily available for connection. And just like DTS TruVolume, it has a smart sound feature that adjusts volume depending on the content.

When the volume is at 100 you will still be able to hear the sound from a distance. The highs and lows of the audio are all clear and crisp. Projected voices and music playback are fairly decent but not the best. For the given price it could do much better.


  • Compact design
  • The universal remote comes in the package
  • Sound clarity


  • Expensive
  • The bass isn’t powerful
  • Doesn’t come with the wall mounts



In conclusion, the best-paired soundbars with any Visio TV is a Visio soundbar and the best of the three mentioned above is the Visio SB29290-C6 which comes with a wireless subwoofer.

It means least clutter, astonishing sound with an immersive experience that too at a budget price.