Best Soundbar without Subwoofer [2020] Reviewed

For those with limited space in their TV rooms or who desire for a clutter-free setup, you can opt for a soundbar that comes without a Subwoofer.

Hence the only remedy is to get a Best Soundbar without Subwoofer.

The technologically advanced slim and sleek TVs may be able to give exceptional display but their thin bodies do not have the capacity to contain hearty and powerful speakers.

Which is why soundbars came into existence. Soundbars make up for the immersive and powerful sound system that the TVs today lag and without the hassle of connecting multiple speakers with wires here and there you get a surround sound setup.

However, most soundbars come with a built-in subwoofer to enhance audio imaging and deliver your highest quality playback sound.

Probably by now you’re wondering, what are the best soundbars without subwoofers? Let’s find out!

8 Best Soundbars without Subwoofer in [2020]

Following is the list of the best soundbars without external subwoofers (i.e. mostly entail a built-in subwoofer)

1 – Bose Soundbar 700Editor’s Choice (Ideal for Audiophiles)

2 – Sonos PlaybarBest Overall 

3 – Yamaha YAS-109Perfect for Surround Sound

4 – Sonos BeamHigh Performance (Best for TV)

5 – Sony S200FSmall Soundbar without subwoofer

6 – Bose Solo 5Budget Option 1

7 – Samsung HW-S60TTop All-in-one Soundbar

8 – ZVOXBudget Option 2

8 Best Soundbar without Subwoofer

1 – Bose Soundbar 700 – Editor’s Choice (Ideal for Audiophiles)


best soundbar without subwoofer


First on our list is the Bose power-house when it comes to sound bars in general.

The Bose Soundbar 700 has a compact design of a black mesh kind of fabric running around and the sides supported by aluminum edges.

At the top, you can find power and volume controls plus a Bluetooth pairing button with Alexa (Built-in) for voice commands.

In connectivity features, you get a USB port, a 3.5mm jack, digital optical input, coaxial inputs, and stereo RCA.

Plus, you can make most of the built-in Bluetooth to stream live music via your smart devices wirelessly. The feature to watch out for is its DTS support feature.

The Dolby Digital surround sound makes for the cinematic sound that is crisp and clear filling your whole room and not just in front of the speakers.

Meanwhile, the DTS TruVolume lets you comfortably enjoy your sound at a consistent level without having to grab the remote at every explosion or crash and again raising volumes to hear the dialogues clearly. With DTS TruVolume you can set your desired volume and the highs and lows will be balanced with it automatically.

Despite not having a subwoofer for support, this soundbar will deliver powerful and spacious sound to indulge in movies like that in a cinema or get immersed in gaming.

When played in movie mode, you can hear every word with crystal clarity while the background noise is balanced.

And for music playback, you can enjoy high-end sound with an expansive bass and acoustics.

With less than 1% total harmonic distortion you get to enjoy 100 decibels of surround sound that fills your whole room.


  • Elegant and compact
  • Excellent sound in movie and music playback both


  • Price point for people on a budget

2 – Sonos Playbar – Best Overall



Sonos is a trusted name in the audio category and the Playbar is its latest launch. Despite not coming equipped with a subwoofer it is everything you’d wish for in a soundbar.

In terms of design, Sonos Playbar  is a simple lozenge-shaped beam that has a black grid all around and at the sides is the support of two metal plates.

Its compactness makes it ideal to be easily placed at your console beneath the TV and not even be noticed.

It doesn’t come with remote control; however, you can download the Sonos app which works pretty well as a remote using the IR blaster to transmit signals.

Like majority soundbars, this too has a restricted media interface with two ethernet ports, optical audio input and that’s it.

So before going out to buy one, make sure that your TV has an optical output because the Playbar doesn’t have an HDMI interface.

On the performance front, you can expect a decent playback for movies and music both. The frequency range is great for a 3.0 system.

You can hear clear dialogues and the rumble in low sounds. There are depth and immersion in sound that will make you enjoy your TV time.


  • Nice sound quality
  • Excellent design
  • Easy to install using the Sonos App


  • Heavy design

3 – Yamaha YAS-109 – Perfect for Surround Sound




If you are audiophile on the hunt for a high-end surround sound then Yamaha YAS-109 is the brand to go for.

Yamaha doesn’t focus much on the design yet on the performance of the soundbar. The body is a slim shiny body made of plastic and in the center is the black grid.

Since it doesn’t come with an external subwoofer, it comes equipped with two 3-inch subwoofers built-in for extra bass.

The built-in gyroscope delivers complete sound no matter if mounted or placed on a console. Additionally, you can link it to two Bluetooth devices at once and also connect with Amazon Echo to stream music.

Yamaha hasn’t let any audiophile down before nor does it now, you can expect to get an immersive and captivating experience which seems unlikely from a tiny bar like this. You will love the clarity and accuracy of sound without any hiccups.

It balances the highs and lows very well and maintains a consistent volume without any surprising drops or loud thunders.

In music playback, you can expect meticulousness in the minutest details of the music. The same is the case of games, when played they will draw you in sound that sounds as good as real.


  • Thundering sound for its small size
  • Clear high pitch sound and powerful base
  • HDMI Interface
  • Reasonable price
  • Two Bluetooth devices can be connected together


  • Setup experience isn’t that great

4 – Sonos Beam – High Performance (Best for TV)



The Sonos Beam not only looks great but delivers exceptional sound quality. Its compactness makes it all the more preferable because that way it can be placed anywhere without specifically having to make room for it.

Plus, with voice command, you can have it ready with ease and within minutes of installation.

Like most soundbars, this too is restricted on the connectivity front. It comes with Ethernet, HDMI slot and a built-in Wifi. Like all Sonos soundbars, it also doesn’t have any remote control, and it can make use of the app on your smart devices.

The sound is deep and the correct balance between mid-range and treble. Dialogues in TV shows or movies are enhanced and the background is blended well along.

In music playback, you cannot expect precision in tune details but it will not disappoint you for sure.


  • Decent performance
  • Compatible with HDMI ARC
  • Built-in Alexa


  • No Dolby Atmos support
  • The app isn’t very user-friendly

5 – Sony S200F –Small Soundbar without Subwoofer



The Sony S200F offers a basic design and has an aluminum body that has metal mesh around the speakers while rubbers support the edges.

Size-wise it is much more suitable for TVs that are 50 inches or greater. It comes with built-in 4-inch subwoofers that can captivate your entire room.

There is a single optical and coaxial interface plus an analog input for stereo. It lags the HDMI interface but has Bluetooth for wireless streaming.

Even though it comes with a very lumpy and boring remote but the S200F can be operated with your TVs remote for basic power and volume controls.

Like DTS TruVolume this has a similar feature called the output leveling that will keep the volumes comfortably consistent without making them unbearably loud during actions or loud music.

Also, there is a feature that is known as Intellivoice which helps the hearing-impaired listen and process the dialogues better.

Other than this, the movie playback is excellent and the dialogues are crisp and clear. While the music playback is accurate and delivers a sound that can make you absorb every little detail.


  • Expanded range of bass
  • Immersive sound
  • Sturdy built quality


  • Overall design is very basic

6 – Bose Solo 5 – Budget Option 1



Bose is known for its ultimate audio devices that deliver incomparable audio experience.

Bose means pricey top-notch machines but this one is going to go easy on your pocket.

With all black and a Bose logo in the center, Bose Solo 5 a classic beauty. Plus, the lights that indicate the mode in which it is being used is the cherry on top that beams in the dark.

It comes with a hefty remote and no buttons on its sleek body. The remote is universal which is programmable to operate 6 devices at a time. In terms of interface, it has an optical output, coaxial inputs, and built-in Bluetooth.

Its USP is the auto-wake feature that awakens the soundbar to life whenever it picks a signal. And the auto power-down turns off the TV after 60 minutes of inactivity.

And with its Bluetooth, you can pair up to 8 devices which will be readily available for connection. And similar to the DTS TruVolume it has a smart sound feature that adjusts volume depending on the content.

The mid-range and treble of the audio are all clear and crisp. Projected voices and music playback are pretty good. For the given price it could do much better.


  • Compact
  • Universal remote comes in the package
  • Sound is loud and clear


  • The bass isn’t that powerful
  • No wall mounts included

7 – Samsung HW-S60T – Top All-in-one Soundbar



The beauty of Samsung HW0S60T is that its presence in near your TV console will make your whole TV setup all the chicer.

You can mount it or place it depending upon your preference and have it on with a single socket.

At the back, you will see there are optical and auxiliary audio input and output in case you ever want an extra subwoofer.

Plus, it has multiple connectivity options such as Bluetooth, WiFi and 4K capable HDMI loop-through system it becomes ideal for use at home.

The greatest thing about this soundbar is its base levels and there hasn’t been any audio device yet to beat that as of yet.

You can stream wirelessly using Bluetooth or Samsung’s multi-room application. The sound quality is remarkable and the bass boosts the sound and the noise cancellation effect makes it crisper and deeper. From highs to lows, you will notice there is consistency in frequency.


  • Supports many formats
  • Sound is powerful and captivating
  • Wifi Connectivity


  • Stereo effect limited
  • The stereo effect isn’t as great as expected
  • Doesn’t support Dolby Atmos


This brings us to the end of our exhaustive list of soundbars that come without subwoofers. You will find varying price points, durability, and performance here.

However, every soundbar on this list is tested and favored by audiophiles like you in the market.

Bose Solo 5, Yamaha YAS-108 and Sonos Playbar are some of our very favorites and once you’ve used any one of them, you’d know why.

For us, the deep and encompassing sound leaves us mesmerized and hooked.

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