Best Speakers for Bedroom [2020] Reviewed

If you are here then you are probably looking for an ideal bedroom speaker. 

It can be very confusing sometimes to pick one considering a plethora of options out there in the market.

Hence we have laid down a comprehensive list of the Best Speakers for Bedroom.

These bluetooth bedroom speakers offer high fidelity balanced sound, ideal for home entertainment.

In addition, you can utilize these wireless speakers for your bedroom TV as well.

One important thing to note here is that budget also plays a vital role in selecting speakers for your room.

When it comes to budget speakers, our list of recommendations don’t really contain “Really Affordable” or “Cheap” options.

As we don’t want you to end up with an empty box full of marketing hype (especially with self acclaimed home theater speakers).

So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Best Bluetooth Speakers for Bedroom in [2020]

Following is the list of speakers to have in bedrooms which are wireless, portable yet sound great.

1 – Marshall Kilburn IIEditor’s Choice (Bluetooth Speaker for Bedroom)

2 – KEF Q350Premium Choice (Stereo Bedroom Speaker)

3 – Sonos One (Gen 2)Best Battery Life

4 – Klipsch HeritageHigh Performance (Top Wireless Speaker for Bedroom)

5 – Bose SoundLink RevolveBest Overall

6 – JBL FLIP 5Budget Option 1 (Perfect fit for a Small Bedroom)

7 – Bose Solo 5(Essential Speaker for Bedroom TV)

6 Best Speakers for Bedroom Audio

1 – Marshall Kilburn II – Editor’s Choice (Bluetooth Speaker for Bedroom)

best speakers for bedroom

First on our list the most sought after bluetooth bedroom speakers, the Marshall KilBurn II.

It offers a battery time of 10+ hours which is more than enough for your bedroom audio needs.

With it’s Bluefin stereo tech, it offers an immersive mutli-directional sound with clear highs, smooth mid-range & audiable lows.

It is widely known as one of the top “neutral speakers” in the market which is easy on the ears to most people, especially in a room setting.

All in all, with a sturdy built & aesthetic portable design, KilBurn is a self-seller.

2 – KEF Q350 – Premium Choice (Stereo Bedroom Speaker)

KEF has probably developed a sound system that is easy to use, provides great sound quality, in such a small size.

The KEF Q350 offers sound quality is crisp and the system is quite modular, meaning if it is paired with other systems, it can act as a custom surround system as well.

Accepting around 110 – 120 V at around 50-60 Hz, the Aiwa Exos outputs the power of 200 Watts.

The system also comes equipped with a standard Bluetooth system that has a range of about 50ft with a battery time of around 8 hours.

If you are someone that would sacrifice design, all modern features for exceptional sound quality that cannot be matched by any of the other portable bedroom speakers that are out there, then this is the system that you should consider buying.

3 – Sonos One (Gen 2) – Best Battery Life

Third up is the Sonos, one the most ambitious portable bluetooth speakers in the family: the Sonos One Gen(2).

It’s a choice for the tech savvy who want to experience great home audio coupled with smart features like voice control (with Alexa built-in).

The woofer is aimed towards the opening, while the tweeter is focused on the front and the three 2-inch mids are divided between the upper loudspeaker output and two lateral ones.

Coming at a very affordable price but with very exceptional acoustic qualities, the Gen(2) is the speaker for those who are looking for greater sound quality in a very small system.

4 – Klipsch Heritage – High Performance (Top Wireless Speaker for Bedroom)

Klipsch Heritage provides a world class frequency and output response system in such a small and concise system that would leave your jaw dropped with how much power it is packing.

It is packed with voice recognition features as well and provides many other versatile features and is definitely designed for those who are looking for a more ruggedly designed speaker device.

The first most striking feature is the rectangular design of the system. Unlike new systems, that are more round and edgeless.

The sound quality of the system is quite exceptional as it provides a wide frequency response, making sure each note is clear.

Klipsch seems more inline with outdoor use, or for people who have pets that are used to knocking things down, although a battery variant of a system would do wonders, that probably would not happen due to its power requirements.

5 – Bose SoundLink Revolve – Best Overall

What happens if you put wireless control, omnidirectional sound and a pinch of Artificial Intelligence as a dressing in the same gadget?

The result would be something like this Bose SoundLink Revolve, a family of portable speakers with Bluetooth connection and 360 ° sound.

At first contact, its structure is striking: its dimensions are very small, it has a very contained one-piece body. And a sound spectrum, which is highly optimized.

The front pad has six buttons: Bluetooth, On / Off, volume increase and decrease, indicator button to use the speaker and button to toggle between Auxiliary audio and USB audio.

Its touch is smooth, without travel, an immediate response membrane touch – so you wouldn’t have to keep your finger pressed.

It is clear from the first glance that BOSE has presented a simple and intuitive stereo speaker for your bedroom.

6 – JBL FLIP 5 – Budget Option 1 (Perfect fit for a Small Bedroom)

If you are looking for a compact bedroom speaker, the JBL Flip 5 is the ideal option.

Don’t go for it’s small size, as this small speaker will fill your bedroom with expansive sound.

It is waterproof so you can easily take in your bathroom & outdoors and enjoy it as a great bedroom speaker system.

Flip 5 is not exactly a mini powered monitor, but with it’s price tag it can surely offer balanced sound which is perfect for any room.

7 – Bose Solo 5 – (Essential Speaker for Bedroom TV)

Last on our list, is the quintessential bedroom TV speakers, the Bose Solo 5.

If you want a wireless speaker system for your TV in a room, then look no further.

The Bose boasts a compact design without taking up much space, you can mount it almost anywhere in your room.

The sound quality is really good, especially the dialogues & music overall. In addition, you can use the “voice enhancement” option to adjust sound settings accordingly.

To top it all, it has auto-shut down support, that means if its not in use it will turn-off automatically.

Buying Guide on Speakers for Bedroom


Beyond the quality or sound power of each speaker, your Bluetooth speakers must have a series of characteristics that we could consider as basic and common to all of them, whatever their type.

Perhaps the most important requirement for a Bluetooth speaker is compatibility with different versions of this same standard.

Wireless Connectivity

In addition to the mentioned support for different types of wireless connection, your Bluetooth speaker should have some of the most common wired connections.

Yes, you will surely ask yourself why I want to connect a cable if precisely what I am looking for is to avoid them.

Having certain connections will bring versatility to your device and expand its possibilities of use.

Scalable Sound

Scalability is a very rare feature among portable wireless speakers, but it comes in handy on certain occasions and you’ll be glad your speaker has this feature.

Some Bluetooth speakers allow you to connect to different devices with each other, in addition to the device that emits the sound.

This, for example, will allow you to unite your speaker with that of your friend and quickly create a 2.0 sound system with which the sound experience will be substantially improved, or you can extend the coverage of the sound to cover more area. Ideal for parties or impromptu gatherings.

Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speakers

Not all Bluetooth speakers are designed to be portable. In fact, improving the quality of Bluetooth data transmission has created a new market for high-fidelity Bluetooth speakers that are capable of reproducing crisp, powerful sound to satisfy even the pickiest people.

Enjoying a home theater sound system doesn’t have to be accompanied by a tangle of cables scattered throughout the room.

Thanks to Bluetooth home theater systems you can enjoy most versions of Dolby sound from soundbars that you can synchronize with your TV or wireless 5.1 and 7.1 sound systems without tripping over any cable.

Audio Imaging 

In general, the ideal speaker is that that is capable of reproducing the entire frequency range that the human being can perceive.

This range is between 20 Hz for the bass frequencies and 20,000 Hz (or 20 kHz) for the treble.

In other words, if a speaker is capable of covering the entire frequency range, it will be able to reproduce a sound with more nuances and more true to reality.

If this range is lowered down, the speaker will not be able to deliver deep bass. If you do it in the upper part, the highest tones will not be harmonic.

Always try to test your speakers before buying them. No matter how good a speaker is, in the end, what counts is that the type of sound it produces is pleasant to you and, since that is a subjective perception of each person, you will have the last word.


Considering its features and limitations, this Revolve works just as well as a backup speaker for a peaceful outdoor barbecue, as it copes with the day-to-day rotation of the office computers. The same cannot be said about our other systems in the list.

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