Best Speaker for Living Room Reviewed

If you are here, then we consider you a avid music aficionado who likes listening to great tracks and is very particular about sound quality.

Merely buying a set of speakers for your living room won’t do the trick here.

You would need to make up your mind regarding how loud do you want to listen? What genre of music do you play usually ?

And most importantly do you plan to have a fixed listening position or you want a balanced audio throughout your living room?

All of the aforementioned questions will be answered in this guide as we reveal our list of the best speakers for living room, to cater all your audiophilic needs.

Best Speaker For Living Rooms


best speaker for living room

The Edifier R1280T is a 2.0 speaker system that oozes versatility. It has a system of bass and treble controls housed in the speaker.

With this, you can equalize to your liking the sound and the emission of the different frequencies as well as the general volume control.

The Edifier speakers are classified within the group of so-called bookshelf speakers. Ideal for living room and even professional environments, these 2.0 speakers can be connected to other devices such as a turntable or Hi-Res player.

The R1280T model is flashy, elegant looking and has quite good bass, with a very adequate amount of features that would be enough to serve you as a daily driver.

If you are looking for something simplistic, then this is the speaker for you.


  • Among its most interesting features stands out its spectacular bass response thanks to its 4-inch subwoofer and a Flared Bass Reflex port.
  • As for its RMS power, it should be noted that each box develops 21W, enough to use it as a sound system for your living room console, television or your favorite music.
  • The Edifier R1280T has a dual RCA input through which you can connect multiple audio devices and get the most out of each sound source.


  • Through its wireless remote control, you can control the volume and put the speaker in silent mode, which surely leaves a lot to be desired for a modern bluetooth speaker.
  • Its design, although quite exquisite, does not make you feel like it is of great quality. It is quite light as well. Not many people would enjoy the design choice, except for minimalists.


2. Sonos Move


The Sonos Move is one of the best standalone speakers for placing in your living room. It’s operative power is 50w which is quite marginal for a system of this range.

They can also be arranged in different orientations, whichever that may fit you. If you are really tight on a budget and would not mind wavering off some quality features, then you can’t get anything better than this.


  • They are water-resistant in nature so if you have a jacuzzi, then you can surely use it there as well.
  • Very competitive audio for such a cheap audio system with such versatility.


  • Their response range floor is of 100Hz, rather than then usual 60Hz, which might not sound great outside
  • Grills are prone to dust quite often.



If your living room is quite big, then this in-ceiling speaker would work exceptionally well for you. It comes with an 8-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter. They are marvelous for a music system without any sort of visual cluttering.

The Polk Audio RC85I system comes with a great design. It offers great versatility regarding adjustment, tuning and in-ceiling placement.

The RC85I is one hell of a contender when you are deciding on having a surround sound system for yourself and is a very capable system with a wide range of frequencies that are covered by it.


  • Perfect sound isolation. Heavenly bass. And you won’t even notice them unless you are using them.
  • It is also moisture resistant. So you can feel free to use it even in places other than your living room, such as your bathroom or outdoors if you feel like it.


  • Do not play around too much with tweeters as they can break up easily.


4. Sonos Play-Base

The Sonos Play-Base has a modern and elegant style. With a simple aesthetic, it integrates perfectly into minimalist environments. Its understated style fits well in front of any type of television.

It only weighs 1.5 kilos, so together with its support, it is perfect for hanging on the wall. On its right side it has 4 buttons, two for volume up and down, one for power and one for source selection. The Sonos Play-Base includes a wireless active subwoofer and is Alexa controlled as well.

It is one of those mid-tier systems that give you bang for your buck. They are fast and are good at providing an overall surround sound experience. Yes, it’s not a top tier system, but it is surely worth it.


  • It covers a frequency range that goes from 45Hz thanks to the subwoofer to 20KHz.
  • The HW-M360 soundbar includes “Surround Sound Expansion” technology. With this mode you try to recreate surround sound.
  • This Samsung soundbar is perhaps one of the most complete in its price range.


  • The connectivity options are a bit of a disappointment since they are mostly old and very limited in nature.


5. Polk Audio Monitor 75T

This white Polk Audio 75T is going to give your internal audiophile a great time. It is a pair of 2-way floor standing speakers, which will give you excellent sound quality and you may also fix them at an appropriate distance to fill the whole room with great bass.

It is 8 inches in size, so you must make sure it matches the size of your room, to save you from any hassle.

It has a frequency level of 35 HZ to 20k HZ, which falls on the list of good speakers. It has the capability to cover a good distance through its frequency.

However, it is not the best in terms of Frequency as to make your music travel great distances a frequency level of 50 HZ to 20k HZ is optimal.

But, if you’re not looking for that sort of frequency, then this speaker will just do! Also, it comes with the special feature of metalized soft dome tweeter with 15 degree-swivel mount.


  • One good thing about this in-ceiling speaker is that it is moisture resistant.
  • Its quite a compact sytem, so you can even move it round like the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.
  • Once you connect it with a sub-woofer it will create much greater sound frequency than before.


  • It comes in white color only, which usually is good, but with time, it will most likely start losing its pure color and would get stains all over.



AIWA Exos 9 is a portable Bluetooth speaker, that is equipped with 200 watts of powerful speakers that would provide with exceptional bass. It comes with 5 drivers as well as a 6.5 inch coil woofer. Which does sound a bit old fashion. But it is also capable of connecting with apple and android devices.

It’s the kind of product that you would surely need in your living room if you are a big fan of music, and don’t mind a system that is a bit bigger than usual speakers on the market.


  • The sound quality is almost comparable to many stereos of much bigger size and which would be more expensive.
  • Dedicate midrange and tweeter provide with rich, deeper bass.


  • Comes with a 9 hour battery time, which is quite small for a system of this size and range.
  • The manual is really difficult to find.




The SoundTouch 10 offers a compact design , designed to be able to place the speaker anywhere. SoundTouch allows you to assign a preselection for various functions, being able to access it quickly using these buttons.

The SoundTouch 10 arrives to compete with rivals and they are all compact speakers that offer wireless connectivity and are part of a family of multi-room devices. The Bose speaker is somewhat cheaper than its rivals but does not compromise in the music quality section.


  • It connects to the WiFi network so that we can listen to the music that we have stored locally.
  • SoundTouch speakers offer wireless access to the most popular music services , such as Spotify or Pandora.


  • Many people have complained that it loses connection to the device quite a lot. Which can be a bit frustrating.


Buying Guide on Living Room Speakers


Let’s go to another important element in HiFi audio equipment: the speakers. The elements on which will depend the listening of the music in the greatest quality.

They can be quite different from each other and choosing the appropriate model will take us a little research since there are options for all tastes and preferences.

As with amplifiers, we must look at the power they have. 100W is enough per channel if we are not going to put the sound system in a very large room.

Also, take into account the number of channels at the time of distribution, there are some packs with several speakers that come already prepared and offer very good performance.


The form factor is important and will depend on our tastes and preferences. Do we want speakers with a standing base or to place on the shelves or furniture in the living room?

This is important to keep in mind, although if we change our mind we can always resort to accessories to put them in other places.

Wireless vs Cables

Distribution and installation are very important If we are going to opt for models with cables, it is important that we stop to think about their place and focus on how we are going to place them.

In stereo, it is easy because we only have to put them apart from each other but with some 5.1, for example, we have to take many other factors into account such as space and distribution of them as well.



The Polk Audio speaker is highly recommended by many of its users. Although it is not a great selection if you’re particularly looking for a surround system.

It can surely get the job done, but other brands get the job done much better.