Best Speakers For Small Room [2020] Reviewed

A general consensus regarding small speakers is that they are incapable of producing high-end audio.

Well that’s just a myth & certainly not true.

So if you’re looking for high-end speakers for your small room that can pack a bunch, then we’ve got you covered.

Hence we have put forth a list of the Best Speakers for Small Room for almost any budget.

What to Look for when Buying Speakers to Place in a Small Room

Following are some of the most important factors to make an informed decision regarding small room speakers.


The ideal size is more or less 10 inches in height (when standing).


The brands & specific models we have reviewed are small to medium in size, hence are very easy to move around.

All the models are wireless in nature & fully support multi-room audio.

Smart Features

Getting small speakers doesn’t mean you’ll be left out with smart functionalities. 

Our list includes majority speakers which are Alexa enabled & also support other voice assistants like Google Assistant etc.

A Quick Comparison of the Best Small Room Speakers [2020]

Following is the list of the best speakers to place in a small to medium size room suitable for any budget.

1 – Marshall Stanmore IIPremium  Choice (Ideal HiFi Speakers for Small Room)

2 – Elac Debut 2.0 B6Premium Choice (Essential Home Theater Speaker in a Small Space)

3 – Polk Audio MonitorBest Overall ( Small to Medium Size Room Speaker)

4 – Klipsch R-M15Best Small Speaker

5 – Edifier R1700BTBudget Option 1 

6 – Pioneer SP-BS22Budget Option 2

7 – Micca PB42XHigh Performance (Bookshelf Speaker for Small Room)

8 – Echo Plus 2nd Gen(Small Smart Bluetooth Speaker)

8 Best Speakers for Small Room

1. Marshall Stanmore II – Premium Choice (Ideal Hi-Fi Speaker for Small Room)


best speaker for small room


When Marshall designs a speaker, it not only builds a machine that would produce exceptional quality of audio, but also a benchmark for other contenders.

And Marshall Acton II still maintains an exceptional appearance with the design that the brand has accustomed us to.

Marshall Acton II is a feature-rich Bluetooth speaker that can even form a multi-room Wi-Fi network.

It has the perfect size to place on a shelf or in a room and with its 40 watts, it will provide a better sound than anything of its price range.

2 – Elac Debut 2.0 B6 – Premium Choice (Essential Home Theater Speaker in a Small Space)



Second on our list is the ELAC Debut B6 home theater speakers.

It comes with technologies such as Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. Marshall Acton II reaches a ridiculously high volume.

By simply tweaking it a bit, you can achieve a really good bass with it.

It offers a perfect blend of sound and size, of course, a larger speaker will have a better performance but not everyone wants to have a 6 kg speaker on their table.

3 – Polk Audio Monitor – Best Overall ( Small to Medium Size Room Speaker)



Third up, is the heavy hitting, Polk Audio Moitor of the 40 Series lineup.

Unlike other Bluetooth speakers, Polk Audio uses Wi-Fi technology to access higher bandwidth.

The usage of WiFi improves the range of usage and reproduce sound at more kilobytes per second.

Once the system is synchronized with any other kind of device, we can use the controls of the device itself to swift through the playlist.

It can reach upto 90 dB and is enough for a medium-sized living room. Its design, although classic, is sober, and elegant.

4 – Klipsch R-M15 – Best Small Speaker



The Klipsch R-M15 is our top choice “Small Speaker” for small spaces.

This speaker is IP67 certified, which means that in addition to being protected against corrosion in water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter, it is also totally dust resistant.

It is the brand’s smallest speaker. Small enough to fit in any space, but so powerful that it will fill a room with music, offering nuanced sound.

5 – Edifier R1700BT – Budget Option 1 


The Edifier R1700BT is our featured budget friendly option 1.

It is a set of two wireless speakers (Wi-Fi) that offers surprisingly good quality sound and can be considered one of the best budget bookshelf speakers.

This speaker can be controlled with our smartphone, has touch functionality, comes with wireless functions and has multi-room options for automation of audio at home.

6 – Pioneer SP-BS22 – Budget Option 2



One of the loudest speakers which are compact in design is the Pioneer SP-BS22 (which is rather affordable).

If you are into classical & jazz music then these small room speakers are ideal.

They offer a surprisingly balance sound throughout the room considering the price tag it carries.

7 – Micca PB42X – High Performance (Bookshelf Speaker for Small Room)



Last but not the least on our list is the Micca PB42X, one of the top bookshelf speakers for home audio.

The set produce a warm, rich & layered audio in a small room setup especially. These are essential for everyday use in homes.

You can easily connect them to your PC to watch your favorite shows via streaming etc.

They produce a really rich, warm and layered sound. They are perfect for everyday use in a home setting.

8 – Echo Plus 2nd Gen – (Small Smart Bluetooth Speaker)



Our last recommendation is loved by many & has the highest no. of positive reviews.

The infamous Echo Plus Gen 2 is smart speaker which is Alexa enabled.

Based on its ease of use and the market alternatives, it is not easy to find a rival. It is discreet and firm, expandable through other speakers of the Echo family.

The Gen 2 claims 15 hours of playtime which according to us is an overkill, but it can surely give you a runtime of 6+ hours.

It also comes equipped with a docking charger as well as a mobile app that lets you connect your speaker to your phone so that you can change the playlist on the fly.

Buying Guide on Speakers for Small to Medium Sized Rooms

You will need to think about the sound that the speakers emit, know how it would sound better or if you prefer a high-power speaker or not, considering it can become too noisy or too dim if not of proper power.

You should also take into account if you want the speakers to stand out or if you want them to be incorporated and integrated into the decoration of your bedroom.

It is important to know about your chosen speaker’s size so that it would not cause a lot of issues for you to place it in the room, as you would be much constrained on space.

Also, in this way you can also know if the speakers you buy can be adapted to the room. So what kind of things should you be looking for when you are buying a speaker for your room.

Purpose of the Room

It is necessary to define in which room they will be located and how much they would be used. Having a room with simple, mid-power stereo equipment is not the same as for a late-model, high-end Home Cinema system.

So it really matters what is the purpose of the room.

Big vs Small Size Speakers

Taking as an example of a room that will have a stereo system, the first question to ask is how much power is it going to consume. To determine this, just look at the size of the speakers.

Putting a two-meter-high speaker in a room with the two-and-a-half-meter ceiling cannot go right. According to some experts in the acoustic field, never let the speaker take more than half the height of the room. If the ceiling is 2.5 meters, the speakers must not exceed 1.25 meters.

Room Size

The way to reduce the number of acoustic emissions is by managing the sound pressure and the reflected sound.

For that, you need space.

Each speaker box radiates energy, and depending on its design, it is necessary to dedicate a minimum space to them.

For example, there are some that get their bass reflex affected when they are attached to the wall by having the bass reflex located at the rear.



Sonos One wireless Wi-Fi self-powered speaker is a box of pure fun from a musical point of view, making it a very good solution for those who are short on space and have an adequate Wi-Fi connection, but who do not want to be without their music anywhere in the house.

With a very successful minimalist aesthetic and excellent construction quality, it offers a superb look wherever it is placed.

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