Best Stereo Amplifier Under 100 Reviewed

Stereo amplifiers have really improved. They are not as simple as they were before. Today, they are coming equipped with better inputs to take the changing trends in technology.

Note : In the old days, we used to have analogue inputs for speaker terminals. But those days are long forgotten with the introduction of portable mobile devices. Many stereo amps now come equipped with built-in digital-to-analogue converters, phone stages for turntables and USB & wireless connections.

And when it comes to buy the right amp, you need to have the best insight. The problem is so many fake products are on the market now. That is why we have chosen the top amplifiers to make your work easier.

7 Best Stereo Amplifier Under $100 Reviewed

1. AudioSource AMP100VS

best stereo amplifier under 100

  • 5-way binding posts
  • A/B speaker selection
  • Auto signal sensing power on
  • Dual switching power on
  • 2 channels rated at 50 watts into 8 Ohms. 60 watts RMS per channel at 4 Ohms.
  • Bridge output of 150 watts at 8 Ohms

This is a really amazing unit you can use to power you sound. It comes with 5-binding posts, A/B speaker selector, auto power sensor, Dual auto outputs, great controls and diagnostic LEDs.

It can automatically sense when you turn on your system. This is perfect for quick configuration as you will not need to wait for configuration.

It is a great system for home audio system, designed for multiple rooms. It provides professional quality sounds with great output.

One downside of this system is its lack of digital output.

2. Pyle Pro

  • FM radio
  • MP3/USB/SD/AUX playback
  • LCD display

This is one amplifier you will find quite useful if you are using digital devices to play your audio. It has a USB/flash reader. It is MP3 compatible, offering great listening experience with a variety of music sources.

It is Bluetooth enabled for easy connection to mobile devices through wireless connection. No need to hassle with too many wires when you have a simple way out.

Another great feature is the Mic and Stereo line inputs with XLR support and unbalanced ¼” plug. This comes with a phantom button, highly accurate LED peak level indicator and ultra-low noise.

Power input is amazing. The new multi-voltage power supply ensures there is balance in the system. And the price is surprisingly low.

3. Pyle Hybrid – PT272AUBT – Best Outdoor Stereo Amplifier

  • A great Home theatre amp stereo
  • Bluetooth streaming for easy access.
  • MP3/USB/SD reader
  • AM/FM support
  • 300 watt

For those who love to enjoy great audio from the comfort of their homes, this is one item you will find quite amazing. It is a full home theater amplifier receiver system for great home entertainment.

With Bluetooth capability, you can connect it with your mobile devices to enjoy wireless connectivity. Even if you have speaker is different rooms, all you need is one control unit, which you get with this receiver.

It is equipped with MP3 digital audio, USB and SD memory reader capability. No hassle playing your favorite songs.

Note: This amplifier is perfect for outdoor events, parties or corporate events where you would require quality sound. To know more read our guide on the best amplifiers for outdoor speakers.

4. Micca OriGain Compact 

  • Varying size speakers for different occasions.
  • Power output 50Wx2 into 4 Ohms
  • 3Wx2 into 8 Ohms
  • Total harmonic distortion

For those who know how to pick quality amplifiers, you might have come across Compact Stereo products. They are the best choice for powering speakers at home and in the office. They offer great balance and high quality sounds.

The OriGain can be used with speakers of any size. Whether you only have small cubes or full floor standing speakers, you can trust this amplifier to offer great performance.

Its power is quite recommendable for the kind of service it offers. It produces 50W x 2 power output into 4 Ohm, and 30W x 2 into 8 Ohms with less than 0.5% total harmonic distortion.

It includes UL-Certified 24V/4.75A power adapter with level VI Energy efficiency rating. This is one unit you can trust for your audio needs.

5. Pyle Bluetooth – PDA6BU

  • Wireless connection capability
  • Aux input
  • Max power output
  • Stream audio

With technology for stereo systems changing all the time, you need an amp that is easy to use. The Pyle PDA6BU is one such system. The Bluetooth connectivity works well with multiple devices including iPhones, android, IPad and other devices.

It is equipped with an FM radio with LCD screen display. These are great features for selecting the exact audio you want to play. You don’t have to guess the track number.

It has controls for treble, bass, master, mIc volume. Other connections include (2) RCA inputs, (1) pair output, 2 pair and two pair banana plugs.

High frequency response with 20Hz – 20 kHz frequency adjustment. All with maximum power output – 200 watt at 4 Ohm.

6. OontZ Angle 3 – IPX5

This splash proof portable Bluetooth speaker with volume booster amp is a great source of entertainment. It has a 10 Watts power output, custom bass radiator, 100 wireless range Bluetooth 4.2.

It offers high quality crystal clear sound with greater clarity stereo sound. There is great base enhancement from the propriety passive bass radiator.

More than other similar products, the IPX5 offer higher volume with quality sound music. You can connect it you your Smartphone for better experience. With an incredible 100 foot Bluetooth range, you can play music from anywhere in your house.

7. Pyle PTA4

This 2x120W Mini dual channel mixer sound stereo receiver box with w/RCA, AUX, and mic input is a great amp choice for speakers. You can connect to amplified speakers, PA, CD player, Theater and studio use.

It is perfect for your PA and home theater system, producing a power of 2×120 watts. This can be used for multi-speakers, providing w/4 Ohm impedance. You will enjoy high quality amplified audio from the comfort of your home.

I equipped with 4 input for various sources; 3 pairs RCA audio input for tuner, CD player, tape deck, camcorder/VR. It is also integrated with a pager and mixing mode to signal mic override with you talk-over audio.

One disadvantage of this amp is the lack of wireless connectivity.


We have come up with this list of best stereo amplifier to help you choose the right item. With so many gadgets on the market, sometimes it is not easy to have it all figured out. The most important consideration is the features, then the price will follow.

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