Best Stereo Tube Amplifiers

Many people have no problem spending huge amounts of money just to get the best high-end amps available. The only issue is, most end up regretting because they don’t get what they expected.

Our list of best stereo tube amplifiers should help you make the right choice you won’t regret. We have reviewed for best those looking to improve their music experience.

Best Stereo Tube Amplifiers Reviewed

1. YAQIN MC-135 Push-pull Integrated Stereo Tube Amplifier

best stereo tube amp

If you are still using the MC-10L, its time to upgrade to YAQIN MC-135, to have a better experience of sound quality. This is because the latest version is powered by Yaqin 6CA7T tubes that are better functioning than Shu Guang EL348.

Right in front of the panel there’s an analog Volume Unit (VU) meter to operate the sound recording and to eliminate overloading by determining the signal levels. This equipment has a greater output power due to the presence of the ultra linear push –pull amplifier and also the class A push-pull power amplifier minimizes distortion which makes it better than other amplifiers using the single ended one.


The YAQIN MC 84L x4 is automatic a better choice due to the presence of the ultralinear push pull circuit functioning in high performance to reduce harmonic distortion.

It’s amazing since it produces sound with minimal noise due to the audio-grade electrolysis and the Philips MKP non-polar AC capacitors. The capacitors also make it durable.

It’s also possible to play audio through your headphone with the headphones jack available.

The most amazing aspect of this equipment is that on the output transformer is made of Japan audio-specific oriented copper wire. This increase the sound emitted by the sound output devices lie the speakers and also widens the frequency response.

3. Dared MP-5BT

The Dared MP-5BT is equipped with a headphone jack hence it’s possible to listen to music via headphone or to transfer records from the phone. Choose between the USB, Bluetooth and any other analogue options. At the rear end there’s an analogue input and a preamp output and can also be connected to the computer using the usb port.

It has two pairs of speakers and aside from having a Bluetooth antennae, it also as support for Bluetooth devices like android devices. It has a magnificent colour: the black shiny spray gives it a descent touch added to the metal ventilated cover. This allows effective circulation of air to cool the tubes. Any passionate music lover will go for this equipment since it’s the best selling cost effective amplifier in the planet.

It comes with a one year warranty and a refund is allowed in cases where the customer is not satisfied with it.

4. BOYUU A10 EL34

The BOYUU A10 EL34 has an imported 0.35 thick core manufacturing power transformers to maximize enough power input and reduce the temperature use. It has a quality export base with a transparent cover. It also has strong and stainless steel that gives it a silvery mirror appearance which is also imported.

To ensure the stability of the output transformer, its installed with a potting type output transformer. The system is functioning at its best since it has a newly imported copper wire attached on the output transformer. The method of string connection is also an added advantage and has two clips running around the system.

5. Nobsound Luxury Alqin L-02

It has an output impedance of 40 and 80 which is perfect for speakers with 10-100w and 88dB. And has weight of 9kg. It has a harmonic distortion of 1 KHz causing a legendary soft sound in the amplifier. With the powerful output transformer, sufficient power is produced. All the tubes adopted here are of the high and latest quality.

The Nobsound Luxury Alqin L-02 amplifier has minimal noise produced since it has a CLC filter inductor and the power output transformer is handmade. It’s also equipped with high quality metal film resistor rings. It is built with high quality capacitors as well.

6. Nobsound 6P1 6.8W 

There a toggle in the front of the panel enables the user to switch between the speaker and headphones to ensure a high quality sound production. The tube amplifier uses a hand welding .What makes the equipment special is the headphone output that suites all kinds of headphones. Its internal resistance is reduced by the transformer’s parallel output which is an added advantage.

The noise is reduced due to the use of anti-magnetic transformer which prevents current interference .The bass is deep and loud since the output adopts an analogue style. Every customer would want equipment that is classy and has an attractive appearance. The Nobsound 6P1 6.8W 2 amplifier is the best option.

7. Gemtune APPJ PA 1501A Mini Tube Amplifier

The Gemtune APPJ PA 1501A mini tube amplifier has a high performance and  is more powerful .It is an affordable integrated class A tube amplifier .It is durable and has a great play back sound. It has a high shipping weight of 5.3 pounds, it has a descent colour. It has a one voltage amplifier pentode used for the amplifier input and a beam power tetrode with the output stage.

The amplifier is relatively small making it favorable for portability. It has a banana plug spacing that is perfect to dual accommodate banana plug arrangements. It is recommended for use with 3.5 watts of output power which makes it work fast and effectively. The amplifier emits a quiet volume even when turned up at low signal.

8. ACIN Stereo Hybrid Tube Amplifier

The ACIN tube amplifier class AB emits a high powerful sound due its design and use of working tubes.  It is the best option for anyone in need small sound system with multiple functions. Has a magnificent shiny black case appearance. It’s equipped with USB ports and also supports wireless Bluetooth devices. It is easy to use.

It has cool and beautiful music irrespective of all genres whether running on Bluetooth or vinyl. It works well with tube buffer which adds a bit of harmony. It is a hand wired and it’s come with a one year warranty.


There is power in choosing the right amplifier. With so many choice to pick from, you are bound to make a mistake along the way.

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This review for best stereo tube amp will help you get the gadget that serves you as you deserve. Just make sure you have set the right budget.