Best TV Antenna that Picks Up Cable Channels Reviewed

Are you searching for a TV antenna that picks up cable channels seamlessly? Well, good news for you because are in the right place.

It is now the right time to cut your cable cord and buy yourself an HDTV antenna that will catch the cable signals for you and you only. If you are worried about making this choice, let us tell you it is fairly inexpensive and way better in picking up channels when compared to your regular cable provider.

We have shortlisted some of the top Indoor & Outdoor TV Antenna that hook up cable channels with ease. Let’s find the right fit for you

Best TV Antenna that Picks Up Cable Channels

Indoor Options

1. Mohu Curve 50 TV Antenna


The Mohu Curve 50 Indoor Antenna can easily be termed as the most stylish and impressive we have currently available.

This is why it is recommended for those who have shorter spaces but they don’t want to steal the charm away from their home.

It has an easy plugin and set up that can be done within a matter of minutes. You can enjoy free access to over-the-air TV broadcast channels quickly and clearly with crisp pictures that can be operated in full 1080p HDTV. Curve 50 can find channels easily over-the-air within a 50-mile radius, which is impressive.

The multi-directional Mohu Curve 50 TV Antenna has a 16-feet cable with a clean peak filtering technology and an antenna amplifier to make sure you get the access to the channels without any distortion and interruption.


2. 1 BY ONE 

The 1byone Digital Amplified HDTV Antenna’s upgraded 2109 version was the Amazon Top Choice and for all the right reasons.

All you need are three minutes to install it and it can catch the signals at a whopping 80-mile range, which is impressive and premium. The broadcast towers that are 80 miles away can send singles to the antenna at your home.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that your location can dramatically interfere with the range, so do not blame the antenna if there are any issues.

The best part about 1byone HDTV antenna is that it is priced at less than 30 dollars. Hence, there is no harm in trying it out and experiencing how awesome it is.


3. Demorex 

Another Amazon Top Choice in the list, the Demorex Amplified Indoor Antenna was updated and revamped in style the last year. It has almost the same features and work-ability as 1byOne.

It has a 12-foot-high quality RG6 coaxial cable and comes alongside a standard, detachable amplifier signal booster. The range you get with this one is somewhere around 80 to 120 miles.

On the design front, it is stylish, so you won’t mind placing it around your living room as well. It is also less than 30 dollars in price, so you can easily check it out to experiment.


Outdoor Options

4. Antennas Direct 8-Element Bowtie

It is the top-rated and top-performing antenna on Amazon and we think it completely deserves the spot. The Direct 8-Element is the most powerful bowtie antenna, it is mighty in catching the signals and has a range of over 70 miles. Hence, there is no doubt and question on how it works and if it is the right one or not.

This antenna has a multi-purpose arrangement. This provides easy installation, ease of use and flexibility as well.

It also has the capacity to work in areas where stations are in different directions so you will be able to watch them on your TV.

All in all, the Antennas Direct 8-Element gives you the bang for your buck and provides you with easy access to all the stations so you can watch your favorite channels without any interruption and distortion.


5. Channel Master CM-4228HD 

The Channel Master is another name worthy of being in this list for all the features it offers. It is an antenna that packs the punch and has a rock-solid body to overcome any weather issues and problems.

It can catch both HD and UHF signals. The antenna is pre-assembled and has an 8-bay outdoor TV capacity.

As per the official quote, the Channel Master CM-4228HD has the signal range of 60 miles, but as per the users and experts, it can catch the signals up to 65 miles.

This means you get a bonus without the company bragging about it. It will easily pick up HD signals and local digital signals available in the range vicinity.

Moreover, if you have an HD Television, you are in for good news. This antenna can catch HD signals in your area and broadcast them to you in a crystal-clear manner.


6. Antennas Direct ClearStream 4V TV Antenna

Another antenna in the list, but definitely worthy of this spot. If we had to rate just based on the looks, this one is the coolest.

Even if outdoor, you will be adding value to your home with how it looks. This sleek and stylish looking antenna can offer efficiency and power that the antennas 10 times its size provide you with.

The ClearStream 4V has a long-range of 65+ plus miles and it can catch the signals. We recommend this antenna to all those who live in suburban or rural areas.

Most of these areas have challenges regarding the installation and receiving signals due to roofing material in the attics and heavy foliage doors. If you have this antenna placed outdoors, we don’t think how any of that or something else can be a hindrance to your TV signals.


Buying Guide on TV Antenna that Picks up Cable Channel Automatically

You have taken your first step; we will help you take the second one.

Now that you have made your choice to install a TV antenna, let’s take a look at the hardware you need to know and have in order to get started.


The first thing you need to make a decision on is whether you should opt for an indoor antenna or an outdoor one. Let’s make that choice easier for you first.

When To Install An Indoor Antenna?

Before we begin, there is one thing you need to know. Getting an outdoor antenna installed is always the preferred choice. If you don’t have the choice to opt for outdoors, then we recommend choosing an indoor one. However, the following are the reasons that should prompt you to choose an indoor antenna.

Installation Tips
  • If you live close to an indoor antenna; at least 50 miles or less
  • If you live in an apartment complex that does not allow the outdoor antenna
  • If you do not want to spend a lot of budgets

If these three primary options are what you can check-mark easily, we recommend going for an indoor antenna.

How To Install An Outdoor Antenna?

As mentioned above, if you have the chance and the budget, outdoor antennas are the best option. If otherwise, then you should go for an indoor antenna.

When mounted at the right height, they will give the best results.

In short, if you have an open space where an antenna can be mounted properly and there are no obstructions, getting yourself an outdoor antenna is a favorable choice.

As compared to the regular and mainstream cable options, the antennas are becoming popular day by day.

Let’s just say, we are going back to our old ways of having the personal antenna for cables. It doesn’t matter if they are indoor or outdoor, the ever-improving antenna technology has made it easier for you to access signals from transmitting towers miles and miles away with precision and clarity.

Another point in their favor is that they are extremely budget-friendly. You won’t have to spend a huge chunk to get them and installing them is super easy, so you can make do with your talent.

In short, it doesn’t matter which option is the right one, we recommend you overthrow your cable and get an antenna for yourself.


All the options mentioned in the list have been carefully analyzed to recommend you.

If you are looking for an indoor option that won’t spoil the décor of your lounge or any room that you want to place it in and is inexpensive, the best choice is the Mohu Curve 50 Indoor Antenna.

It is stylish, can catch signals easily and provides HD configuration to all the TVs.

However, if you fulfill the requirements and can easily buy an outdoor antenna for yourself, our top pick for you is the Antennas Direct 8-Element Bowtie TV because it has a great signal range capacity, easy setup & installation, and is super cheap. The options are here, the choice is now on you to make.