Best TV for Bedroom [2020] Wall Reviewed

Choosing a television for your bedroom is like choosing a companion! (no pun-intended). 

In sickness, in health, in times of boredom and in times of joy, to re-watch old memories or celebrating new milestones your bedroom TV sticks to your side pretty much through it all.

So, buying the Best TV for Bedroom should be a deliberate and well-thought out decision to reap its benefits fully.

Now the question arises, what size TV is ideal for a bedroom setting?

After thorough research, testing and personal experience, we found out that sizes from 32 inch to 55 inch is the best size for smart TVs in bedroom.

So if you are on the lookout for TV for your bedroom then you have reached the right place, because we have un-earthed some of the best bedroom TVs that have smart OS, are of adequate size and offer serious picture quality.

List of the Best Bedroom TVs in 2020

Following is the list of Smart TVs which are perfect to place/mount in your bedrooms.

1 – Sony 800XHEditor’s Choice (Ideal Smart TV for Bedroom)

2 – Samsung Frame LS03Ideal for Bedroom Walls

3 – TCL 65R625Best Overall (with Roku TV)

4 – Samsung UN50TU8000Great Value

5 – Toshiba TF-32A7Budget Option 1 (LED for Bedroom)

6 – LG 24LJBudget Option 2

6 Best TVs for Bedroom Walls

1. Sony 800XH – Editor’s Choice (Ideal Smart TV for Bedroom)


best tv for bedroom wall

The Sony 800XH is first on the list for a reason.

The most expensive TV on our list but worth every penny with its 4K UHD display with built-in Alexa capability.

You will experience crisp and rich visuals with vivid colors. will almost feel like that everything on your screen has come alive.

Additionally, the built-in Fire TV will provide you with ceaseless entertainment library of thousands and thousands of channels, movies and apps that you are unlikely to exhaust any time soon. With Hulu, Disney+, Netflix, YouTube and HBO there is something for everyone to watch.

Its Voice Remote feature helps you use it to its full capacity with your voice instruction only.

If your room is large and you feel like splurging then you can opt for a bigger screen beginning from 43 inches to 55 inches depending on your requirement.

And you can have it mounted on your bedroom wall for a complete cinematic feel.

2. Samsung Frame LS03 – Ideal for Bedroom Walls



Second on our list is special one, Samsung Frame LS03.

The prime reason for recommending it is it’s sleek design which will save space in your bedroom. And you can almost place it anywhere in your room.

This is a rather new release from Samsung, a frame with a TV built-in which is perfect for bedroom walls. No need to fiddle with mounts & all.

It features the in-famous “ART MODE” as when the TV is not being used, it turns into a smart frame. If you happen to have kids, then they’ll adore it!

In addition, it boasts a Quantum Dot Display powered by Quantum Processing capabilities.

3. TCL 65R625 – Best Overall (with Roku TV)



The TCL 65R625 also has variables sizes available in its LED TVs for you to choose from for your bedroom depending on your room size.

Here we have chosen the 32 inches full HD to review. This particular choice of ours is a Smart TV that comes with Roku TV pre-installed that brings you your favorite applications like YouTube, Netflix to begin your binge sessions.

Having these applications saves you from the hassle to run a web browser and log in each time. You can just press play and enter the library to endless content. You can get access to 5,000 streaming channels, 500,000 movies and TV episodes on Roku TV.

And it goes without saying its full high definition native resolution enables you to enjoy everything at supreme clarity and brightness that lights up your room and gives your room a cinematic aura.

4. Samsung UN50TU8000 – Great Value



Known for its name and a leading name in the market Samsung UN50TU8000 is definitely everyone’s favorite.

Having a native resolution of 4K it will display twice the clarity of HDTV and bring alive the content on your screen.

Coupled with a Quad core processor you can enjoy butter like smooth switching experience from one application to another and the Motion Rate 60 will give you an amazing refreshing rate that will let you enjoy a clear moving picture without any lags.

Its 3 HDMI ports lets you connect gaming consoles, DVD players, laptops etc. all simultaneously and enjoy a house full of entertainment options.

Furthermore, 120 Hz refresh rate assures that you do not experience any motion blur and fully enjoy fasting moving action scenes without any lag.

You may notice on usage that its remote quality isn’t very fine but the fact that this TV is compatible with Alexa and Google assistant will automatically make you neglect your remote control quality because you can easily operate your Smart TV with voice command.

5. Toshiba 32 LF221U – Budget Option 1 (LED for Bedroom)



In Toshiba you can get multiple options to choose from 32 inches to 55 inches plus also the choice between full HD and 4K TVs.

The best thing about this durable Toshiba 32 LF221U is that it comes in a Fire TV edition that will give you access to infinite HD TV including 500,000 movies from Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, HBO and etc.

Further it has 3 HDMI ports that enable you to connect all that you need for entertainment needs.

However, the picture quality isn’t the best yet the affordability factor with so many TV programs to choose from makes it worthwhile.

6. LG 24 LJ4540 – Budget Option 2



An affordable TV for your room that comes in multiple sizes, according to our review the 24 inch LG 24LJ is ideal for your bedroom.

Having a HD display and LED back lighting it ensures that your images are bright and clear and placed facing your bed you are not likely to experience any glare when watching lying down on the bed.

You are likely to enjoy a life-like picture with deep colors and rich contrast thanks to its Triple XD engine. And its smart energy-saving feature will help in being energy efficient.

You can connect your laptop or gaming consoles or DVD players to enhance your usage and have a full-fledged up & running set up in your room. Plus it comes with a stand so you can easily have a TV set up on your TV console.

Giving all the good things about this LG TV there are certain things that cannot be neglected like the size of the screen is small and for those preferring a large display or having a huge room might not like it.

One other issue that you may face is that at times the pictures may not completely fit the screen size and there may be black borders around due to the difference in aspect ratio of the TV and the content being played.

All in all, this LED TV is energy efficient and lets you enjoy high definition TV.

Buying Guide on TV for Bedroom

There doesn’t seem to be any issue with this black beauty except the fact that it comes for a hefty price. If you can afford it then there isn’t any issue.

First things first, what are the essential features to note when you are on the hunt for a TV? Here’s a quick glance at them.

Bright Rooms

You would have to consider ambient light & natural sunlight while choosing a TV for your bedroom. To find more relevant information check our guide on the top TVs for Bright Rooms.


Of course depending upon the size of your room and what size of screen you desire you should decide the size that you require. Too big a screen for the size of a given room can make your room look too full and suffocated.

Smart or Not?

Now day, most TVs are smart and there is no doubt whether people prefer a smart TV or a non-smart one because just like the cellphones everybody wants a Smart TV that is able to everything that you can with your phone.

Applications & OS

Depending upon your usage you can decide what features does your OS offer and depending on your requirements the price may vary as with more features the cost is likely to go up.


The native resolution of your display will impact how crisp the image will be and what content you can play on it.


How much does the TV weight, is it mountable or not and if it is to be used on a table top then does it have a stand to support its weight.


TV is a high investment purchase and before going out to buy one you are bound to have a figure in mind that you’d like to spend buying a television. Depending upon your budget you will have to short list the best TVs.


Of course since we were here to review the best 5 TVs for your bedroom we are totally in love with them all.

However, if we had to choose just one staying within budget then we would blindly trust Samsung to adorn your bedrooms but if budget was not an issue then nothings better than the Insignia 4k UHD display that comes in multiple sizes and we can choose the display size according to your bedroom size.

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