Best TV for Bright Rooms [2020] & Daylight Viewing

Any regular TV will do for normal rooms, but if your viewing space has ambient light (natural light) present then you would need a bright room TV.

Or else you will experience a washed out picture quality and some dark scenes will become almost impossible to watch.

Now the question arises, “What is the best TV for Bright Room?”

An anti-glare TV is best suited for bright rooms, specifically QLED TVs by Samsung as they feature triple layer screen technology that outcasts reflections & glare.

But before considering buying a TV that works well under the lights you should overcome your bad room setup by controlling :

(a) ambient light source
(b) recessed lights already present in your room.

You can also go a step ahead and install blackout curtains.

After the aforementioned steps are taken care of, we shall discuss a prevalent argument when it comes to TVs in the brightest environments.

Whether QLED TVs or OLED TVs are good for daytime use?

Well according to our research & testing we concluded the following:

  • QLED TVs are much brighter, deliver powerful HDR performance & enable wide viewing angles as well. 
  • On the other hand, OLED TVs are better suited for SDR content & front viewing angles.

So without further ado, let’s get into the detailed reviews of TVs for sunny rooms.

List of the Best TV for Bright Rooms

We have classified the following as the best TVs to use in bright rooms.

1 – Samsung QN55Q90Premium Choice with 8K & AI Upscaling

2 – Samsung QN43Q60Best Overall with 4K AI Upscaling

3 – Sony XBR55900FOffers Wide Viewing Angles

4 – LG 65NANExcellent Local Dimming

5 – Vizio PQ55OLED Budget Option 1 

6 – TCL 75S4OLED Budget Option 2

Best TV for Bright Rooms Reviewed

1. Samsung QN55Q90

best tv for bright room

It has the brightest screen that washes out sunlight entering your room so that you can enjoy watching TV during the day.

With 8K HDR the Samsung QN55Q90 features 4K UHD  AI upscaling and deserves to mentioned 1st on our list of TVs for direct sunlight.

The lag time is the least with motion rate 120, so you can enjoy fastest action happening on the screen.

Furthermore the quick buttons to everyone’s favorite applications Netflix, Hulu, YouTube are right there so you don’t waste your time navigating.

Contrast levels are robust making sure your display has rich and deep blacks that are visible in super lit rooms.

The Q90 precedes the Q60 series featuring various sizes starting from 43 inches onwards & supports wide viewing angles as well.


  • You get real life-like colors thanks to its great contrast ratio
  • More fun less navigation – your favorite applications are just a click away
  • Beautiful & delicate – will suit your interiors no matter what room you place it in
  • Affordable
  • Have the option to choose from different pictures modes from the menu by going in the expert settings


  • Some glitches have been reported with the AI upscaling

2. Samsung QN43Q60

Powered with the Quantum HDR 4X processor, the Samsung QN43Q60 delivers stunning 4K bright picture quality that is perfect to fight ambient light in your room.

You will be awestruck once you see how crisp and accurate the colors on your display are.

Unlike the HDTV the dynamic crystal color will let you feel your pictures with their true to origin color and real life like feel. The cherry on top is the 4K UHD processor optimizes the performance so that you are covered in all aspects.

Its edge-lit LED backlights coupled with its contrast ratio make sure you enjoy deep black and bright screen without uneven display of light in a super lit room.

And to add to its praise, the edge-lit LED TV will also beautify your home with its sleek and slender look.

It has a feature called UHD Upscaling that will help convert high definition and standard definition video to near 8K level videos.

Furthermore, the auto game mode will reduce lag and give you smooth close to actual visuals.


  • UHD Upscaling will give your less than UHD videos a close to 4K feel
  • Get ahead of your games with auto game mode that will reduce your lag time to the minimum
  • Get immersed in millions of colors to enjoy life-like images
  • Voice command lets you go hands-free controlling your TV
  • Bright display unlike ever before with the Dynamic Crystal Color


  • A separate soundbar is required if you are an home cinema enthusiast

3. Sony XBR-55X900F

The Sony XBR-55X performance wise is somewhere between a QLED & OLED TV.

The price range is less compared to the aforementioned Samsung QLEDs but offers almost the same bright picture quality required in a bright environment.

You will get unique range hues that is supported by full array local dimming and boosting to reach an exact dynamic contrast to bring you the brilliance of 4K HDR to enlighten not just your room but your house with its splendor.

You can use this for any kind of lighting and it will only and only leave you awestruck with its absolute pixel resolution and contrast that will make you feel you are in presence of everything displayed on the screen.

With numerous connectivity options you can turn this 4K HDR baby to a full on gaming machine, a TV console and surround sound for a cinematic setup.

And all in all this simple to use interface will make you fall in love with this TV and will not let you miss the money spent in buying this TV.


  • 4K Ultra HD display that will do justice to every inch of the big screen
  • Phenomenal color
  • Premium built quality
  • User-friendly interface
  • Connectivity options are multiple giving you ease of hooking up DVD/Blue Ray players or gaming consoles


  • Do not have the latest upgraded application

4. LG 65NAN


An OLED equivalent but offers nothing less than a QLED due to it’s NanoCell Technology, the LG 65NAN is perfect daytime binge watching.

The processor not only makes the images better but also reduces noise distractions in videos, reduces motion blur and augments accurate colors and sharp pictures.

Hence, the large screen is worthwhile if the images are captivating with their bright and rich colors making you experience life-like feel.

The unique thing about this TV is that it’s the first TV with built-in Google Assistant and Alexa using LG ThinO AI technology that will compliment your smart life.

However, the service may not be usable for everyone since it is limited to a few languages only.

All in all, this is a good TV to enjoy a premium and bright colored display in your room.


  • Smart function remote will make your life easy
  • Easy to setup
  • Picture display of 4k with quad core processor
  • Average priced
  • Good sound quality


  • Built-in Alexa and Google Assistant is restricted to certain languages only

5. TCL 75S4

Last but not least on our list is the budget friendly, TCL 75S4 (affordable option 1) or as aforementioned the Vizio PQ65-F1 (affordable option 2).

It has got a LED color technology that ensures a bright and very real feel images.

With its Dolby Vision it gives a high dynamic range to your pictures and the high contrast ratio will let your room be lit with rich and deep colors even on a sunny afternoon.

The back lighting LED and contrast control will give the deepest of black color possible without a hint of grey in your display, in short you will experience really sharp and accurate content and colors so much so that you wouldn’t want to move from your couch all day long.

Another great thing about TCL Class 6 is its display is you will enjoy its wide screen from edge to edge and get immersed in the actions that happen on the screen.

It has an easy to use interface that lets you easily navigate through an infinite content via Roku TV.

Furthermore it goes on a game mode automatically to provide you faster action and just the ideal picture settings for the games.

Multiple options to connect lets you set up a whole TV and game console altogether by hooking up your game machine, DVD or Blue Ray player, laptop and make the most of your big screen in any kind of lighting.


  • 4K UHD will give you an astonishing display
  • Expanded features
  • Roku TV
  • LED lightning and contrast will give you a display that will bring alive your room
  • Durable and sleek
  • Voice command via Alexa and Google Assistant will make your life easier


  • Can occasionally experience Network errors
  • Some have reported to see flickering on the back screen


When choosing a TV for your bright room, be it bright due to sun exposure or due to your ambiance, always go for a matt finish QLED TVs.

OLED TVs are more suitable for dark rooms as their glossy screens can cause reflections all over your room.

We definitely love each and every product reviewed in depth for the purpose of your use but given the various pros and cons, the QN55Q90 & QN43Q60 remain the undefeated winner with exceptional features to counter bright light.

Not just its features but also its interior will beautify your living room with its presence.

However, if you want to save some cash and maybe spend on a better home theatre audio then TCL 75S4 & Vizio PQ65-F1 should be your picks.

It will truly blow your mind with the most premium and brilliant display that will be most suited for a large and bright room with natural & recessed lighting.

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