Best TV for Caravan Reviewed

Caravanning through the country side or anywhere across the country to relieve some stress of your day to day routine you are likely to crave some good old movies or television.

In order to make most of your vacation home away from home you should be equipped with a Caravan TV. Thus we have put forth a guide on the Best TV for Caravan and outdoor trips.


Caravans and RVs go hand in hand. If you are considering a Caravan TV then you can also check out the top TV for an RV.

A Caravan TV is a 12V TV that runs on a 12V adapter that comes along with the package. When buying a Caravan TV you shouldn’t aim to get a large screen to please your desire rather make a wise decision in specifically choosing a Caravan specific TVC that is sturdy and durable for the jerky jumpy rides.

You must ensure that it’s the latest of technology that has quick-tune function to catch moving reception with just one click without wasting time to catch reception and tune in every time.

Plus, it should be equipped with all connectivity options like Bluetooth, HDMI ports, USB ports etc. so that when there is no reception you can hook up your DVD or gaming console to spend some leisure time. Great displays plus further additions like Freeview or HD satellite TV are a bonus when looking for a Caravan TV.

So here is a thoughtfully selected list of the best Caravan TVs in the market considering all our requirements.

Best TV for Caravan 

1. Sniper HD LED


best tv for caravan


A 19 inch display that hosts all your favorite features, the Sniper HD travel TV is every travelers favorite. It’s a 12 V TV that consumes very little power thanks to functioning at 18 watts only.

It has a built-in Freeview HD and HD satellite receiver that lets you connect to a library of long list of entertainment content. Further it comes with built-in Bluetooth that will let you connect your gadgets wirelessly which makes it very easy in compact spaces like a caravan. With Bluetooth connectivity you can connect sound bars or stereo speakers for an enhanced leisure.

Also, the built-in DVD is hassle free, wireless making space a non-issue.

You can also benefit from the USB PVR functionality by plugging in the USB you can record or playback your TV. And by connecting a dish you can tune into your satellite TV as well.

With a 1000:1 contrast ratio and 1366 X 768 resolution you will get your hands on a more than decent display to enjoy your favorite shows on your road trips. It’s a great product over all with every priority feature needed for a fun-filled vacation that too on an affordable price.


  • Great value for money
  • Built-in Freeview brings endless things to binge watch
  • Built-in DVD player
  • Connect your gadgets and sound bars with Bluetooth
  • Built-in stereo speakers save the cost of upgrading to good speakers


  • Limited space to plug things in and hence some people have reported to have to buy angled plugs for aerial satellite leads

2. Cello 12V 



One of the most popular Caravan TVs is the 12V Caravan TV by the brand Cello. It has all the good things we have been looking for including the different display sizes to suit your caravan space and size.

The greatest feature is that it comes with a built-in Freeview T2 HD channels that will enhance your tripping through scenic sites while you have the HD channels at your disposal with a great library to scroll through.

Furthermore, a built-in DVD player is a bonus to rely back on when there is no reception so you can just play some old classics to enjoy with family. In case you come upon a major scenic sight you don’t want to miss and neither want to compromise on your live TV, then you can make use of the USB to plug in and pause or record to watch later while you get a peek out the window of the beautiful sights.

If your kids are a hindrance in your drive through the woods, you can always let them play their games by connecting their gaming consoles with the HDMI ports. The sound quality may not be one of the best, but you can always connect to better ones.


  • Affordable
  • Great display that too comes in various sizes
  • Freeview T2 HD channels come built-in with the TV
  • Energy Class A+


  • Sound is not very good
  • Wall mount stand is to be purchased separately

3. Avtex L199DRS 



Avtex is the name of classy and premium TVs and therefore is one the priciest TVs we have on our list today. It comes in a beautiful sleek and slim design that is frame less and comes with a full HD ultra-wide edge-to-edge display.

A 21-inch display that can become the star of your caravan trip across the country. It also comes in smaller display sizes to meet your compact needs.

Moving ahead after raving its class oozing looks, it also comes with built-in HD satellite tuner and built-in HD Freeview tuner to tune to reception on just one click and comes with a multi tuner that lets you watch one channel while you record another or watch DVD while you record live tv.

Plus, it comes with an integrated DVD player to let you play movies or audio CDs. It has a dual voltage option where you can run it on 12V or 240V and 3 year-warranty to make your investment worthwhile.


  • Frameless sleek design
  • Full HD display
  • Built-in DVD player and Freeview Tuner
  • 3-year warranty


  • Pricey

4. Sharp 12V Smart TV



A name that is known for durable products, Sharp is known to be one of the best amongst Caravan TVs and it is the only Caravan TV that is Smart and if you have the internet connection you can run various applications too.

It also comes in dual voltage and can run on 12V and 24V too. The screen size is decent of 24 inches and the TV comes in with built-in Freeview HD TV to enable you to experience endless digital content in high definition.

Furthermore, if there is ever no reception or internet at your access you can always use the built-in DVD player to play movies for past time.

It has the energy efficiency rating A and also comes with a yearlong warranty. At the given price bracket, you cannot get anything better than the brand Sharp.


  • Satellite Tuner that lets you record tv while you watch on DVD
  • Freeview built-in gives so many digital tv options
  • Smart TV that comes with various applications like Netflix or Youtube pre-downloaded
  • Comes with 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports
  • Aerial included in the price


  • Internet connectivity issues faced by some people

5. Denver 1031 Portable TV



If you are on a lookout for a super cheap buy that is compact, then Denver LED-1031 should be your next purchase. Its portable and easy to place anywhere given its small screen size of 10.1 inches.

It comes with a built-in battery that comes with 12V adapter for recharging. It has a good display of 1024 X 600 resolution that provides with rich colors and bright pictures and makes sure it will liven up your cruising experience across the country.

The cherry on top is the Freeview tuner DVB-T2 that will make this display more everyone’s favorite.

However, that experience may seem to be short lived due to its lack of DVD player built along unlike the rest of the TVs discussed here.


  • A bright and crisp display
  • Remote and earphones included in the same price
  • A yearlong warranty
  • Budget buy
  • Portable


  • Screen size is too small for those who prefer big displays
  • Doesn’t have a built-in DVD player


From expensive to cheap we covered all kinds of caravan TVs for you. You can get a Smart TV and portable TV as well among-st our suggestions. Depending on your budget and preference you are now equipped with the knowledge to buy the right caravan TV for your trips.

However, if you ask us our favorite then the Sniper LED HD has all the best features and decent screen size. But if you are a caravan TV connoisseur then the Avtex is most likely your kind of TV that will just make your caravan look elegant and classy.

In the end, whatever you may choose out of these 5 we vouch for all of them. Happy tripping!