Best TV for Motion Blur [2020] Reviewed

If you are experiencing slight lag or distorted image on your TV, that’s known as “Motion Blur”

Mostly, LCD TVs are more prone to blur images as their pixel response time is high. 

It is the time your TV takes to switch from one pixel to another or transition from one color to the second one.

Now you might have a very pertinent question, What is the Best TV for Motion Blur?

An OLED TV is best for motion blur handling, specifically LG Electronics C8 series which is also highly recommended by

You can easily adjust the settings by using LG Tru Motion and turn on “motion smoothing”.

Moreover, the higher the frame rate your TV has, the lower the chances of motion blur you will incur.

The refresh rate does not have any effect on the frame rate, contrary to the popular opinion, so don’t fall a victim to this perception.

So without further ado, let’s get straight into the reviews of TVs with optimal motion smoothing to counter any Blur, judder or flickering.

List of the Best TVs for Motion Blur Handling in [2020]

Following are the 5 highly recommended TVs for handling motion blur issues while watching movies or gaming in general.

1 – LG OLED55CXPUABest Motion Interpolation TV (Rated by

2 – Samsung QN55Q80Best Overall (Ideal for Motion Smoothing)

3 – Sony XBR-55X900HTV with Best Motion Rate

4 – LG 55NANOMid-Range Option

5 – TCL65R625Budget Option

5 Best TV for Motion Blur

1 – LG OLED55CXPUA – Best Motion Interpolation TV (Rated by


best tv for motion blur


The LG OLED55C8 is a great 4K OLED TV with stunning picture quality and a perfect option for those who want complete motion smoothing.

The C8 Series in general has perfect blacks with the uniform darkroom content excellent for dimly lit or completely dark places as well.

It is good for wide seating because the images remain the same at different viewing angles.

It produces saturated, bright highlights and performs fine with the HDR content. The best part about this TV is its motion interpolation.

It is excellent and due to an amazing input lag; the TV becomes all the more fun for gamers.

The downside to this TV is that the brightness changes depending on the content being viewed. It is also at risk of burn-in, even though there aren’t a lot of cases reported with this issue.

The LG OLED is a multi-function TV great for a wide range of uses. The perfect blacks, the instantaneous response time, excellent motion handling and the images at 60Hz to clear up motion make this one of the tops in our list.

It also has reflection handling. All in all, it has everything you need in the best TV to fulfill the majority of your needs.


  • Instantaneous response time
  • The accurate image at an angle
  • Deep and uniform black


  • Brightness varies with the screen content

2 – Samsung QN55Q80 – Best Overall (Ideal for Motion Smoothing)



Runner up is the Samsung QLED series model, which is best overall for all types of lag & judder.

The Samsung QN55Q80 a 4K TV with consistent overall performance and usages that surpass the functionality of a normal TV.

The Q80 has stunning picture quality, which makes black look the best of blacks notwithstanding how dark the room is.

Hence, if you are a fan of watching TV at night, this will be the right pick. Due to the instantaneous response time, motion handling is great.

For high-action sports and video games, the content appears as you want it to be.

Unfortunately, the lack of blur is the reason that the low frame content appears to be choppy. The brightness also changes as per what’s being played on the screen.

With the static content, there might be a risk of burn-in too.

The Sony A8F has consistent images from varied angles and has an instantaneous response time for games and sports.

For rooms with ambient lighting, reflection handling is amazing. Overall, we find this TV pretty competent according to our research & testing.


  • Instantaneous response time
  • Amazing dark room performance
  • Accurate images at different angles


  • 1080p minor input lag

3 – Sony XBR-55X900H – TV with Best Motion Rate



The Sony XBR series is on par with the other OLEDs mentioned in the list of the best motion rate TVs.

With wide viewing angles and perfect deep blacks, this TV has the right motion handling for every viewing need.

Among the other things, the Sony XBR-55X900H has the best wide viewing angles and deep blacks.

It has the best color volume so far in this list. The wide color gamut is excellent with low input lag for gamers and PC users. The motion handling is great too.

For connectivity, there are four HDMI ports with HDMI 2.0 full bandwidth. It has the Android 8.0 Smart platform, which is better and faster than the ones in the Sony TVs.

The setback to this TV is that it isn’t very bright when it comes to the white scenes with extreme brightness. Other than that, we have only its vulnerability to burn-in to point at.

This TV is an excellent one with the tendency to handle just about everything else. It is perfect for gaming and watching movies in a dark room.

The XBR series in general is among our priority for fast-paced content with no motion blur issues.


  • Near-instantaneous response time
  • Perfect dark room performance


  • Limited brightness in white scenes

4 – LG 55NANO – Mid-Range Option



Another LG in our list, but for all the right reasons. An excellent OLED 4K TV with stunning picture quality and attention to detail.

The LG 55NANO has great picture quality, darkroom experience and accurate viewing experience from different angles.

It can display HDR content and has a wide color gamut. The highlights are bright and the colors are sharp and vivid.

For most PC users and gamers, this TV is a steal deal because of the low input lag. The motion handling is excellent and there are only low chances of “flicker” at times.

The TV has a gray uniformity for sports fans, which also adds to the adequate motion blur capacity.

The fast response time makes the LG NANO series are a great choice for those who are specifically looking to buy this TV for responsive content.


  • Accurate images
  • Great darkroom presentation
  • Very little motion blur due to instantaneous response time


  • Brightness changes with screen content
  • Risk of permanent burn-in

5 – TCL65R625 – Budget Option



Last on our list is the most affordable option for people who want judder free image quality.

The is a multi-purpose TV remarkable for a variety of usages. From PC to sports, gaming and beyond, this one fits the bill for so many.

The TCL65R625 has almost no motion blur, especially in action-packed live sports and fast video games.

The picture quality is clean and crisp even if you are viewing in a dark room.

Due to the emissive technology, the blacks produced are perfect and near to perfection.

The instantaneous response time makes sure that motion handling is accurate and no blur is noticeable or visible when watching certain content.

For the wide seating times and large groups, the images are also produced nicely at certain angles.

The screen brightness also depends on the content and can be distracted depending on what’s being viewed or if it is fast changing.

This model of TCL offers impressive features and performance. From HDR to SDR content, it is good for watching both.


  • No motion blur while gaming
  • Great picture quality


  • Some traces of judder & flickering arises


This was our list of the best TVs that work against motion blur. As we have mentioned, it is a feature that one has to have in their TVs if they don’t want to experience lag and blur in the pictures and video.

Among all the options mentioned, the LG OLED C8 & Samsung QLED is our top pick for both affordability and the all-rounded features.

If you want to get out of LG’s standard functionality and move on to another option in a good price range, the Sony XBR is the right choice.

In the end, all of the options we have selected for you are the ones picked after careful reviews and consideration.

Therefore, the right way to choose is depending on what meets your pocket and eyes the most. This way, you will easily have your pick.

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