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Once upon a time, when TVs would consist of large cathode-ray picture tubes and would be too heavy to carry by a single person, you probably wouldn’t have ever imagined them being used for a purpose outside of watching the news, sports, or drama serials. The TVs of today, however, are much different from those of yesteryear. Not only do they come with a number of amazing features, they do not even need to be used as TVs at all. You can buy a TV and use it as a PC monitor, using it to browse the web, play games, or watch your favorite movies. With many different TVs out there, choosing the best one for use as a PC monitor might be a little tricky. To help you decide, we have compiled a list of some of the best TVs that you can use as a monitor for your PC that are available in the market today.


1. Samsung 4K Smart LED TV

We start off our list with the Samsung 4K Smart LED TV, a great TV that you can use as a monitor.

Notable for its attractive design, this TV compromises on the extra, luxurious features in order to provide you a lower-priced TV that has all the essential Smart TV features. These features include a highly impressive contrast ratio, low input lag, and a very fast response time, making it an excellent monitor for you to play games on and stream content.

As great as it is for its price, its limited color gamut and low brightness do not allow for HDR performance. It also only possesses 2 HDMI inputs, limiting the number of connections you can make to it. It also does not have any voice interaction features. With all that being said though, the Samsung 4K LED Smart TV’s low price and still impressive features make it a good choice to consider for use as your PC monitor.


2. Samsung Q80R TV

If there’s one thing you might have noticed that a lot of gamers seem to have in common with their PC monitors is that many of them use several PC monitors connected in series to function as a single screen. While this is a clever solution if you want to achieve a larger screen, the edges of the individual monitors get in the way of fully enjoying the experience.

A solution to this is the Samsung Q80R TV, a TV so large that you wouldn’t even be thinking about wanting an extra monitor. It is notable not only for its large screen size, but also its impressive contrast ratio, great local dimming, and amazing black uniformity. It is also built on Ultra Viewing Angle technology, allowing you to view it from any angle and still experience great visuals.

While it does have a few drawbacks, such as how there may be grey uniformity issues on the edges of the screen, or how the inputs might be a little difficult to reach when its wall mounted, the Samsung Q80R is one of the best TVs you get for yourself for the perfect PC gaming experience.


3. Samsung 8 Series

The next TV on our list is the Samsung 8 Series, a popular QLED TV introduced by Samsung a few years ago.

Possessing updated features from previous Samsung models, it comes with an impressively wide color gamut, resulting in visually stunning images on screen. Its low input lag and high responsiveness make it an excellent screen for gaming, and the fact the screen can handle rapid motion without experiencing blurriness makes it great for watching your favorite movies and shows as well as for playing games.

While it has been criticized for not maintaining the same impressive picture quality when viewed from an angle, the Samsung 8 Series is still a highly impressive QLED TV that you can use as your PC monitor.


4. LG SK9000

We move on by talking about the LG SK9000, one of the best 4K TVs released by LG.

Capable of providing great picture quality, the LG SK9000 is great if you want to view images or videos on your PC. Its impressive brightness further enhances its video output. It also comes with an incredibly low input lag and refresh rate, as well as excellent motion handling capabilities, making it ideal for gamers playing their fast-paced games. Even when viewed at an angle, the video quality remains pretty much the same.

While its blacks might not seem as dark as they should be, especially in darker rooms (where they might seem grey), the LG SK9000 would make an excellent addition to your PC setup as a monitor.


5. TCL R617

The next TV on our list is the TCL R617, a TV notable for its impressive video quality.

The TCL R617 is capable of performing amazingly in both SDR and HDR. Its outstanding picture quality is enhanced by its incredibly strong contrast, accurate color, and powerful brightness. Its wide color gamut range is especially exceptional in HDR, displaying saturated, vivid, and detailed pictures and colors. It also has amazingly deep black levels and impressive dark scene quality because of its full-array local dimming. Its low input lag also makes it a great option for PC gamers as well.

While its outstanding video quality isn’t able to hold up as well when viewed at an angle, nor at times is its color detail able to always maintain uniformity, the TCL R617 is a TV would make an excellent PC monitor for gamers and content streamers alike.


6. Vizio PX65-G1

If you’re looking for a PC monitor that is capable of producing an incredibly bright and vivid display, even in already bright rooms, then the Vizio PX65-G1 might be the TV you are looking for.

Its outstanding peak brightness in both SDR and HDR make it stand out from the other TVs on our list, providing you with a display that can overcome a great amount of ambient light already present in the room. It is able to display high resolution content with incredibly deep and detailed colors, and its blacks are also very deep and impressive. Its impressive motion handling and low input lag also make it an excellent screen for gaming.

While it does have a few drawbacks, such as not being able to upscale lower resolution content very well, or how its image quality degrades when you view the screen from an angle, the Vizio PX65-G1 would make an excellent monitor for your PC, especially if your setup is in a room that lets in a lot of light.


7. Vizio E Series

We round off our list with another TV from Vizio, in this case, the Vizio E Series.

While this TV might not have any stand out features, the fact that it has decent features and is available at a very good price earns it a place on our list. It is able to offer very good picture quality with deep blacks and great colors, and while its motion handling and input lag might not be as great as some of the other options on our list, it is still very impressive considering its price.

While it possesses a few flaws, such as how when viewed at an angle the image quality drops, or how it lacks a large color gamut resulting in more detailed pictures, or even how it isn’t able to attain a high brightness, it is all understandable considering its low price. All in all, the Vizio E Series is an excellent choice to consider as a monitor for your PC for those who use their PC casually and want a good screen at a very budget friendly price.



Having gone through our list, we hope you are now able to decide which TV is best for you to use as a monitor for your PC. There are many different choices on our list, and they all vary from one another in some way. Remember, the best choice is not the one that has the most features but is instead the one that is able to meet your requirements as best as possible without exceeding your price range. There are several options outside of our list as well, so if you feel that a TV outside of our list would make a better monitor for your PC than any of the options that we have presented, then do not hesitate in choosing it. Feel free to go through our list again if you ever have trouble in making a choice.

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