Best TV for RV Reviewed

We have earlier discussed the use of Caravans and how one requires a TV for their trailer homes to past free time.

Same goes for an RV that is like a bigger better version of your Caravan. One may think what’s the difference between a caravan and a RV?

For ease of understanding and making a literate decision you should be aware of the difference between the two so you can choose better furniture or equipment to equip your respective caravans or RVs.

Caravan TVs

You can also look check out the top TVs for Caravan, if you want.

A caravan is your trailer that is non-powered and should be attached to a vehicle to become mobile. However, an RV is itself a powered vehicle and a fully equipped mobile home for you to not feel homesick when makes on the move.

So, let’s dive into the Best TV for RV use & outdoors.

Best Tv for RV Use 

1. Supersonic SC 2412


best tv for rv use


Who says you must compromise on the native resolution or picture quality of your RV TV? You can still enjoy high definition TV on a decent sized screen that is wide and displays a spectrum of colors that are rich and deep enlivening your RV. You also get a HDMI and USB port to connect your gaming consoles, firestick or flash drives to make the most of the ideal screen size of 24 inches. You can plug in your laptop for access to various streaming sites or movie libraries to enjoy on your road trip across the country.

It has got everything you need from the right size that doesn’t shrink images, good quality display thanks to its contrast ratio and resolution and connectivity options that will expand your TV choices.

Thanks to its manual its super easy to setup and comes with an AC adapter and a remote so you are all set to plug in and begin your leisure time.


  • Light in weight
  • Great display that is rare to find in an RV TV
  • Its multifunctionality gives you more choices of entertainment
  • Affordable


  • When viewed from side you get glare issues

2. Proscan 3280A



Compact in size with various connectivity features makes the Proscan LED TV a very much favorite amongst campers. It comes with a built-in DVD player that is noise-free and lets you run DVDs when you are out of satellite TV reception so getting bored is not an option. You can hook up with Roku TV via the HDMI port and plug in things like gaming consoles and laptops to get access to Netflx or Youtube so you won’t miss having a smart TV at all.

The sound system is decent and the setting up of the TV is super convenient. You won’t even need the manual that comes with it. All-in-all it’s a good package that can very much become a part of your road travel each time.


  • Antenna reception is good
  • Easy to install
  • Built-in DVD expands your options to keep the leisure going on
  • Display is great


  • DVD player doesn’t start automatically when a DVD is inserted
  • Isn’t a Smart TV


3. Axess 1805 LED HDTV



With so much to offer by the Axess LED HDTV that its small size something one can deal with especially since it will help not cramp up space in the already space-limited RV. It comes with a built-in DVD player that further means you have an entertainment system that is compact and just ideal for your RV. You can connect your gaming console or laptops with it via the HDMI cable and connect flash drive to play pre-recorded media.

The display has a native resolution of 720p HD quality so you can expect crisp and bright images making your journey even more fun. It comes with a stand to place anywhere in your RV and it is also mountable so you can mount it, but you will have to purchase a mounting stand for it separately. The great part is it comes with a digital and analog tuner that helps you tune into to your favorite channel easily.

Axess is the name that makes many TVs suitable for vans like RV, Caravans or Camper vans and hence it can be said with great confidence that this TV will be sturdy and durable and value for money.


  • Digital and Analog Tuner helps tune easily to maximum channels
  • Built-in DVD player makes it a great package
  • Mount-able
  • Display quality is HD


  • Screen size is not very ideal, slightly small than most people prefer
  • Not a Smart TV


4. Jensen JTV-19DC



If there is any TV specifically designed to be an RV TV, then the Jensen HD Ready is the one. Jensen is the only brand that makes TV for use on the road using robust industrial grade metal that is tried and tested for vibrations and jerks on the road.

Apart from its sturdiness, it also has a great 19-inch display that gives clear pictures that are bright and rich in colors just like an LED should. Further it has got an auto-tuner and the setting up of channels is made super easy. Also, this TV has the option to choose from 30 different digital channels. It is known that its sound system is just average and can be made better with additions like a soundbar or a sound system etc. It has got all the necessary connectivity features like that of HDMI or a USB port.

It is an elegant looking TV that just comes with a single wire of 12V to connect to the battery or fuse panel and the setup is ready and hassle free.


  • Tuner that is built-in makes setup easy
  • It’s receiver and tuner enable to catch signals even when parked
  • Good display
  • Built for the road
  • Elegant design


  • No stand to mount the TV
  • No DVD player decreases entertainment options


5. Sceptre E195BD



One of the large displays among-st our list. With 24inches this RV TV makes to our list of favorites for your camping tours. It has got a display that will keep your equally hooked to the TV as the scenic sights you witness on your way along. A 720p of native resolution promises to give your bright contrast and beautiful hues that will make watching movies worthwhile.

A built-in DVD makes it all the more interesting as it makes it compact and more entertainment options evolve with the DVD player. A USB and HDMI port will let you connect to laptops, gaming consoles, flash drives to playback media files and what not. So, get ready you are not likely to get bored on your RV now.

The only downside is that the sound is not that wow, but it can also be worked around with a sound accessory hooked to the Sceptre RV TV.


  • Large Screen
  • Light in weight
  • Easy to set up
  • Comes with a built-in DVD player


  • Sound quality is low


6. Naxa Electronics NTD-2460



With its 19-inch LCD/LED display this is quite good to set up in your RV saving space and giving a good picture quality. The fact that like majority of motor-home TVs this also comes with a built-in DVD player saving cost of purchase and hassle of managing with all the additional wires in a space constraint vehicle.

Further, its USB and HDMI codes make it all more like-able for keeping entertainment options open. You can mount this TV for a better view. One different feature of this TV compared to all other RV TVs we came across is that it comes with an SD card to view images stored in your card.


  • Watching movies on DVDs is now a non-issue
  • Can be wall mounted quite easily
  • Comes with an SD card slot to view photos


  • Side angles give a glare
  • Sound is average


7. Supersonic SC-2411



One of the bigger screen RV TVs is Supersonic LED which has a widescreen and promises to give a crisper and brighter display than TVs in this size do. And it is evident as it comes with a built-in noise reduction feature which enables smoother pictures.

It’s TV antenna is also one of the better ones since it catches great reception and brings you more channels than it is expected. Additionally, this TV has an SD card slot, HDMI and USB Port for you to be fully equipped to connect your SD cards, PCs laptops, gaming consoles or flash drives to play old pictures, pre-recorded movies or just make it a computer monitor to save space and use it dual. It also has a built-in DVD player that will let you run CDs/DVDs to watch movies from rentals or listen to songs.

To wrap up, its one of the better ones with full connectivity features, built-in DVD and energy efficiency among-st all the large screen TVs reviewed for RV so far.


  • Crisp and Smooth images
  • Built-in DVD Player
  • Bigger display


  • Sound isn’t very great


8. Pyle 15.6 Inch UHD TV



It’s a little bomb if we had to say, a size as compact as 15.6-inches it has a widescreen that displays full HD 1080p content ensuring you get richer and high-quality imagery. It comes with a stand that is easily move-able and can be placed anywhere on your RV depending on your usage.

A tiny little baby like this yet still has a DVD player built-in making it a full throttle entertainment house. You can convert it into your monitor by hooking up your PC as well as it is compatible to Mac also.

With RCA viewing you can plug in your media and have multiple viewing options.


  • Display quality is great
  • Mobile with easy to move stand
  • RC gives multiple viewing options


  • Sound isn’t very good despite having a stereo sound system



With this we come to the end of our RV TVs discussions. We have given you a thorough list of TVs that will suit your road tripping needs with maximum entertainment you can get.

All match our basic requirements and are not too heavy on the pocket either.

If you want things further simplified the Supersonic LED wide screen TV and Proscan LED TV are our all-time favorites as they are multifunctional and have great displays plus are from a brand we trust.

Others are not bad either and should be considered if they meet your specific requirements more than these two does.

Whichever you choose, we are sure you are going to have a blast on your RV with these TVs. Happy vacationing!