Best TV for Seniors & Elderly Reviewed

Most elderly spend multiple hours of their day watching TV. So TV is one of the most essential gadgets in their lives.

While purchasing a TV for Senior citizens a few things to take note are its sound and picture quality and how user-friendly is the TV and its remote.

Most elderly have compromised vision and their hearing capacity starts to deteriorate with age so it is likely that they may begin to start complaining about the picture quality and sound of their current television sets.

Therefore, it is essential to pick a simple, easy to usesmart TV for seniors.

Now you may ask “What is the Best Smart TV for Seniors?”

To be honest, there’s no single product we recommend & classify to be the ‘best TV for senior citizens & elder folks’.

However, our recommendations are based on the following factors so you can pick your poison.

What to Look for in a TV for Senior Citizens

Screen Size

A rather practical advice would be to go for a big screen TV. An optimal choice would be 55 – 65 inches smart TV.

This will also increase the price point as well. 

It makes it very easy for old people, especially with dementia to stream or watch their favourite channels even without wearing their glasses in most cases.

Sound Quality

The sound quality from most smart TVs isn’t that great. The speaker placement inside the thin frame obviously can’t compete with the sound produced by external speakers like sound bars etc.

To counter this issue we have a few suggestions which are as follows:

  • TV Headphones for Seniors

Get them a pair of TV headphones to help them with hard of hearing.

This is one of the best solutions for older people when you want them to enjoy their favourite content while not disturbing others.

  • External Speakers for Hearing Problems

You can always add a decent set of speakers or sound bars to a TV so that seniors can hear & enjoy watching TV.

Sound quality heavily relies on wall & floor reflections.

Make sure there’s carpet or anything else between the TV & the user.

In addition, you can use tapestries or hang curtains or blinds on the walls to counter recessed sounds.

OS (Operating System) in TVs

The operating system or OS in a smart TV is crucial when it comes to elder people.

We have rated the following OS present in TVs with regards to ease of use for seniors.

1 – LG Web OS

With Smart TVs, the Web OS by LG is very simple & easy to use. There’s no need to remember the options on the screen as everything is labelled upfront.

To top it all, switching back to FTA TV is possible with a single button.

All you need is a simple universal remote to operate Netflix, Hulu & other apps.

2 – TCL Roku TV

Roku TV is also simple to use & offers a plethora of apps to choose from.

3 – Samsung Tizen OS

Tizen is one of the most popular & widely used OS present in Samsung Smart TVs.

The only reason it’s third on the list is the ribbon like menu at the bottom which is sometimes a little difficult with older folks to switch back & forth.

List of the Best TV for Senior Citizens & Elderly

We have classified the following as the top TVs for seniors:

1 – LG 49NANO85UNAPremium Choice (NanoCell TV)

2 – TCL 50S425Roku TV with 4K

3 – Toshiba 50LF621U21Budget Option 1 with Fire TV Edition

4 – Hisence H55Budget Option 2 with Voice Remote

5 – SkyWorth E20300Quintessential Android TV

6 – Insignia NS-43DF71Budget Option 3 (New Release!)

So now without further ado, let’s get into the detailed reviews of the most sought after TVs for Seniors & older folks.

Best TV for the Seniors & Elderly


best tv for seniors & elderly

As discussed earlier, LG Web OS is one of the easiest & intuitive smart TV platforms for senior citizens.

The LG 49NANO85UNA provides a robust combination of easy of use & HDR 10+ content with the help of LG Nano Cell technology.

High Dynamic Range ensures and finesse in dark and bright areas of the screen by adjusting the brightness using AI.

So elderlies who have troubling viewing dark scenes can enjoy a better vision with HDR.

Most popular HDR formats are Dolby Vision HDR or HDR10 which give better results when coupled with HDR content.


  • Nano Cell technology provides a true 4K display
  • Magic Remote is ideal for older people


  • A little pricey


2. TCL 50S425


The TCL50S425 offers a true 4K UHD display coupled with Roku TV. It offers a wide variety of apps to choose from and the menu is very accessible making it a great choice for older folks.

It has deep blacks & very low latency at 6oHz. You can calibrate this model using the following settings which are essential for seniors:

Picture Mode : Normal, Backlight : 75, Brightness : 50, Contrast : 100, Color : 50, Tint : 0.


  • Built-in Roku TV
  • One click opening of apps, suitable for elders to operate


  • Vesa mounting can be a little tricky


3. Toshiba 50LF621U21

If your choice is restricted to smart TVs only then this Toshiba 50LF621U21 is your best bet.

Despite being a smart TV it has the easiest navigation system, with only a few buttons on its remote easy to control as well it wins full points for a user-friendly interface.

Plus, with Dolby Vision HDR technology you can expect nothing less than an awe-striking picture quality.

The HDR technology provides an enhanced 4K resolution with superior brightness and widespread contrast giving rich and deep colors to your images.

8 million pixels result in breathtaking clarity and the pictures seem true-to-life. So you can happily put a check across great for viewing for the elderly.

The remote control is easy but using a voice command via Alexa is easier.

If you hook it up once with Alexa the elderly at home can simply use voice command to navigate across.

The built-in Fire TV is a cherry on top giving an endless library of digital content.

The sound quality is also above average but if you want it further enhanced you can upgrade it with a soundbar of your choice.


  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Built-in Fire TV
  • Dolby Vision HDR means the best picture quality
  • Easy navigation
  • Voice control


  • No real HDR 10+ support

4. Hisence H55



Hisence H55 offers a beautiful lightweight flat screen with nice clear picture.

Good Volume and works perfectly with NO CABLE, just with mobile hot spot from your android. It Arrived fast, in new condition and in a protective box.

Setting up Netflix was fast but my Amazon prime was a real process but don’t give up, chat with techs and they will help you, even lots of video assistance online.

Overall this is a good tv for senior folds which has great value compared to other TVs listed in our guide.


  • Great value for money
  • Voice Remote is perfect for people with dementia


  • Lacks 4K

5. SkyWorth E20300



The SkyWorth E20300 slim TV is by far the most user-friendly TV, unlike the majority that come in this category.

It could be attributed to its non-Smart feature that makes its interface simple to use.

However, despite being a traditional TV it has a great display of 1080p resolution that delivers sharp and crisp picture quality.

It gives a certain depth to your TV images making them more intriguing to watch. Built-in HDMI, VGA and USB ports open endless entertainment possibilities.

However, the sound quality isn’t top-notch that is required for use by the elderly. But one cannot really complain given its price.

It can easily be quoted as the easiest TV for seniors.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to use interface
  • Comes with a wall mount
  • Great picture


  • Sound isn’t top-notch

Buying Guide of TVs for Older People

If you are on a hunt to buy the perfect TV for your old parents or grandparents, then we have a solution for that too.

We have a list of the most ideal TVs that you can pick from which will resolve all hearing and viewing griefs.

The rule of the thumb is to get the simplest model there is. Do not opt for 3D or smart TVs if not absolutely essential.

Meanwhile, in some cases, the remote control can be the issue because if the navigation isn’t user friendly then the seniors are likely to feel agitated with its usage rather than relaxed (which is the purpose of watching TV).

So if you are up to buying a new TV then make sure the remote control and the OS navigation system is super easy to use for the elderly to get adapted to.

Making the TV experience of the elderly better

First of all, there is a recommended distance to watch TV and the elderly usually in order to listen and see better tend to sit up close to the television.

This is may help them in the short term but it can strain their eyes and inducing fatigue that would make watching TV not very fun.

The ideal distance depends on the size of your TV screen and its resolutions.

For instance, one website quotes that for a 1080p HDTV the distance should be between 1.5 to 2.5 times the size of the screen.

So the higher the resolution the closer one can sit without straining their eyes but the lower the resolution the farther away people should be to avoid viewing the pixels on the screen individually.

The second thing to note is that the viewing angle of the seniors is right, if they are seated at a wide-angle then the TV colors can appear to be saturated and images can get hazy.

Thirdly, for optimum vision the brightness of the screen should be 50%, contrast should be around 80 to 100 %, the color temperature should be warm.

For better hearing, go to the volume equalizer settings to lower the base settings and increase the treble in order to get crisper dialogues.

Higher frequency settings are more suited to elderly who are diagnosed with hearing loss.


Changing a TV set can be taxing, it is pricey and the decision making is stressful, which is why we tried to give a holistic solution by not only suggesting the best models in our opinion but also the kind of TV formats or the technology to look out for when making a purchase for the beloved elderlies at your home.

And if you currently cannot afford to make a switch try adjusting TV brightness and contrast, sound base, sound frequency and viewing angle as discussed at the beginning of the article and these tricks will improve their TV experience instantly.