Best TV Headphones for Seniors & Elderly

Finding TV headphones for senior citizens can be a little tricky at times. As you need to have assistive listening headphones that allows elderly to listen at a comfortable volume without disturbing others.

Best TV Headphones for Seniors & Elderly can enable them to watch their favourite TV shows & remedy their hard of hearing.

In addition, turning on the volume of TV to hear properly not only disturb others but TV speakers get distorted & damaged over time.

These specialized headphones for seniors can enable them to watch TV without any worries.

Hence we have put forth a list of the most essential TV headphones for elder people. Let’s get into it.

5 Best TV Headphones for Senior Citizens & Elderly

1. Simolio SM-824D2


best tv headphones for seniors & elderly


For the elderly or the hearing impaired, the SIMOLIO SM-824D2 headphones are the best and the most affordable option with all the features one could ask for.

It is one of the best TV hearing aids for the elderly and impaired alike.

It comes with the advanced FHSS technology which ensures high-quality sound without any destruction.

The signal is strong and is resistant to thick walls, so they won’t be a hindrance either.

You won’t worry about the sound quality even within the 100 range feet. It also has dual digital earbuds that can lower the background noise and amplify the audio quality of what’s being heard.

Moreover, for those who are elderly, it might be a concern that changing the volume can be a reason for hearing issues.

The SM-824D2 is the safe option for those who are conscious of their ear because it protects them in case of a sudden change of volume.

There is also a balance control option that is responsible for balancing the sound produced in both ears.

There is a personal sound amplifier, which is the best part. Without removing the headphones, it is possible to hear whispers in the background with the help of this feature.

Finally, the material is durable and flexible, but not recommended for those who use a pacemaker.

For those who are suffering from extreme hearing loss, this headphone isn’t s suitable option either.


  • Affordable for the features they offer
  • Great sound quality
  • No setup required


  • The base has to be plugged in the TV, so that might hinder convenience and mobility


2. Simolio SM 824D1

Again, SIMOLIO’S SM 824D1 is another TV headphone who are looking for an option to protect their ear without compromising on the sound.

It has a little problem that the Bluetooth connection takes longer than expected, which might leave you frustrated.

Though the device has remedial measures in place. Furthermore, the sound from both external sources and the TV can lead to confusion sometimes and it can become a bit difficult to distinguish between both.

The weaknesses of this device end just there. It has the voice clarifying circuitry to make sure it wards off all the problems regarding the sound differentiation more often than not.

It also helps in fading the sound from sources other than the intended connectivity option so the sound quality is improved.

It can also be paired with AUX audio port, RCA, and digital optical. In case you have an optical studio out, it will have to be changed to the PCM format.

It does not work with a functional audio port, so if you have a TV that does, buying it isn’t the right choice.

In addition if you can opt for a smart TV for Seniors as well which has voice-control.

This will enable them to connect this headphone system wirelessly & with the help of a universal remote they can watch anything they want much easily.

Finally, similar to other SIMOLIO headphones, the SM 824D1 do not work with pacemakers. They come with a very descriptive manual, so you will get all your instructions on the do’s and don’ts through them.


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • No comprise on audio or sound quality


  • The Bluetooth pairing process might be unsuitable
  • Doesn’t work for no functional audio port


3. Cowin E7 Pro



COWIN E7 Pro isn’t just for the seniors, but for everyone who wants significant noise reduction and supreme sound quality.

You can enjoy whatever you are hearing without being disturbed by what’s happening around you.

The COWIN E7 Pro has the professional-grade active noise cancellation technology that makes sure to focus the sound being played for those who have issues hearing properly.

It doesn’t matter if you are on wireless mode or the wire is attached, it works well with both.

With the help of a 45 mm large-aperture, the sound produced is accurate, crisp, and the quality is what you expect from them.

They just don’t provide quality, but the upgraded soft ear cushion makes sure the comfort is paired as well.

It makes them durable, lightweight and comfortable to be worn even all day long.

There are high-quality built-in microphones so calls can be made when you are wearing them. The Bluetooth 4.0 is available for stable connectivity.

The E7 Pro has a stable battery life of 30-hour playtime in Bluetooth mode. The headphones won’t power off due to the built-in 800mAh battery.

All in all, these headphones are the perfect package for the seniors who want one for their TV.

The company offers an 18-month warranty, so should you have any issues with frequency and breakage, they will be happy to assist.


  • Professional active noise cancellation technology
  • High-grade sound
  • Comfortable ear cushions
  • Built-in microphone
  • Stable battery life


  • High-frequency sound reproduction
  • Some might report breakage


4. SennHeiser SET 840



You have hit yourself a jackpot if SennHeiser SET 840 is the device of your choice because they are sure to amplify your sound experience by at least ten times.

We are certain it amplifies the experience by at least ten times and provides top-notch sound quality and productivity due to 2.4GHZ FHSS Technology.

The distance range for breaking the sound barriers is nearly 100 feet, so it can cross the walls, window or anything that might obstruct the sound from reaching you properly.

This technology also allows you to pair the headphones only once and no further connections will be required.

Those who have hearing issues can be sensitive to different sound frequencies as well.

With this headset, the frequency can be customized as per one’s liking and the sound source tone can be selected as well.

There are right and left volume buttons to adjust the sound in both ears as well.

There is a stereo option that makes sure the sound quality is improved and you can continuously use it for 5-7 hours without requiring to charge, as it comes with a replaceable battery.

Finally, there is a MIC button that lets people hear each other when they are talking without disturbing or causing their headphones to be haggled with.

The TV earbuds are also extremely flexible and there are steel strips to adjust their arms for instantly changing the shape.

The only glitch among this never-ending list of specifications is that these headphones do not work with 3.5 mm aux audio or RCA audio outputs in TVs.

For digital TV with digital audio output, these won’t work.

However, if you aren’t the user of any of these, you are very much in the safe zone and have the opportunity to buy this amazing pair of TV headphones.


  • Top-notch sound quality
  • Great sound range
  • Customized sound sensitivity option
  • Comes with a MIC


  • Only works with TV boxes of 3.5 mm aux audio or RCA audio output


5. TV Ears Inc 11841



TV Ears Inc model 11841 has great features and amazing sound quality for the seniors who want to be satisfied with their headphones.

The COWIN E7 has much the same features as the successor E7 Pro.

It has high-grade noise cancellation with top-notch sound quality and bass.

There is a built-in microphone that can be used with Bluetooth connectivity to make calls. NFC pairing is also available which ensures stable connection.

The earpad and earcups are professionally attested and ensure comfort and durability.

Finally, the battery time is around 30-hours with Bluetooth mode and you also get an 18-month warranty with them.

The only catch with the COWIN E7 is that unlike the Pro upgrade that followed they are way delicate and can feel clumsy to use, as reported by a few users.

However, it is fair to say that the price tag they carry, the features and the usage is way better than you can expect.


  • Accurate sound response
  • Built-in microphone
  • NFC technology
  • Long battery life


  • Delicate
  • Can be clumsy to use



All the options mentioned in the list take into consideration the requirements elderly and seniors have from the headphones they intend to pair with their TV sets.

When you compare them with the everyday headphone brands, even the most popular ones, be assured we have picked the right options that make sure comfort, quality, ease of usage and a decent price tag as well.

We care about seniors and just because they don’t have the same hearing power they used to; it does not matter they cannot have the same fun.

It is never too old to wear a headphone and shake legs on the favorite music beats.

Overall, if we had to boil down on the favorite, we think the SIMOLIO SM-824D2 are best in terms of features, quality, budget, and the usage longevity.

However, if the budget is tight and the features are a priority, the TV Ears Inc might lack a bit of hardware but does not compromise on quality.

In the end, this list is in front of you with all the pros and cons; the choice is yours!