Best Ultra Short Throw Projector Reviewed

If you are looking for a short throw projector, you’ve landed at the right place.

UST projectors are usually very handy when it comes to presentations especially, as there’s no light beam in-front which can cause image shadowing.

Their throw ratio is usually less than 0.5 with a wide angle lens. This makes it placement more easier when aligned with a screen.

In addition, it’s pretty straight forward to install without going through a rather conventional mounted ceiling (saves you a bit of cost too).

Hence we have put forth a guide on the Best Ultra Short Throw Projectors especially for PowerPoint presentations in classrooms.

So without further ado, lets get into it.

Best Ultra Short Throw (UST) Projectors

1. Epson LS100


best ultra short throw projector


Epson Home Cinema LS100 gives you a picture quality that is astonishing and worth more than the price attached. It falls right between the high-end and low-end projectors in the price range, but its features are definitely the former.

Key Features

  • 1080HD resolution
  • 4000 lumens brightness
  • Wireless screen sharing
  • Comes with a remote
  • Connection ports including 3 USB and 3 HDMI
  • 120-inch display for projection

Before we begin, we are sure, you will look at the resolution and wonder it is only 1080HD, whereas the mediocre projectors are 4K. But we are putting this on top of the list for a reason, and the right one too for that matter. This projector has a contrast ratio that has absolutely no competitor in the market. When you look at the contrast ratio of the high-end throw projectors, they are nowhere near.

It has a 2.5 million to 1 contrast ratio. This implies that you will be able to see on-point details, shadows, and pictures to the hilt in a way that you won’t even see in bright light. If you compare the HD video with this contrast ration to a 4K Ultra HD screen of 200,000 to 1 resolution, we bet the lower resolution video will be better.

In addition, Epson provides you with striking details in the pictures that will make you sit right in front of it for hours.

2. OPTOMA GT5600 



The Optoma GT5600 is another name that easily takes the place at the top of the charts. Not a few, but all of its specifications are worth the price and a place in your home.

Key Features

  • 20,000:1 contrast ratio
  • 3600 lumens brightness
  • HDMI, USB, and several cable connections
  • 80 to a 100-inch projection screen
  • 1920 by 1200 native resolution for HD picture
  • 16-Watt speaker

This projector provides a bang for the buck. It has 3600 lumens of brightness, which means you can watch whatever you want to even when the room is lit by the natural light. The contrast ratio is 20,000:1, which is pretty decent and can provide amazing picture quality as well.

The best part about this projector is that it isn’t only for mainstream entertainment purposes. You can use it to have a game marathon with friends or family too. There are several connection outputs that allow you to connect your gaming systems easily. There is a screen mirroring feature that can use with your iOS or Android device alongside a computer as well. Furthermore, there is also an HDMI support too.

The Optoma can project an image of up to 100 inches with 1080 HD resolution. It has a 16-watt speaker, but you can connect an external audio system if you want. It has everything you want to include in your home theater system and more. The best part? It is under $1500, so not heavy on your pocket either.


3. Richo PJ WX4130 



The Ricoh PJ WX4130 is your best choice when you want a number of devices connected to it. It provides the best connectivity options on this list.

Key Features

  • 2500: 1 contrast ratio
  • Numerous input options; HDMI, RCA, VGA, and USB among others
  • 2500 lumens brightness
  • 48 to 80-inch projection size
  • 1280 by 800 resolution
  • Easy setup

It gives great quality picture and has 2500 lumens of brightness. It projects great in ambient light as well, even though we generally prefer those projectors that have above 3000 lumens. The contrast ratio is also nice at 2500:1 and the image projection quality is 1280 X 800, which is somewhat a lower spectrum of the high-end projection.

What makes this projector stand out is that you don’t need much space to fit or place it around. If you have a small living room, you will hit a jackpot with this one. You only need a distance of four feet from the projection surface, which we are sure you will easily have.

The Ricoh has a 15 pin VGA connector, a USB type-mini B, a video RCA composite cable connection, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and an HDMI. These are a lot of input options for just one projector. Hence, if you are big on plugging things in, look no further because we have got you covered.


4. LG LF HF85JA – Laser Projection



If what you want is a high-end image and picture quality that no other projector can compare to, the LG JF85JA is the best option for you. We are completely in awe of the picture quality it produces.

Key Features

  • 1500 lumens of brightness
  • 150,000: 1 contrast ratio
  • Various cable connections including 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB
  • Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity options
  • Can project up to 120-inch picture
  • LG Smart Functions
  • 1920 X 1080 resolution
  • 20,000 lamp life
  • Perfect short throw

You would have already guessed how great this LG projector is considering the list of highlights you just went through. The 150,000:1 contrast ratio this device offers in the decent price range it comes in is completely astonishing. It also requires very little space to be set up and used properly. You can just be 4.7 inches and the 100-inch screen will be projected as clear as it can get.

One setback to the LG HF85JA is that it has only 1500 lumens of brightness, which means the sunlight will have to avoid. To get the best out of the amazing contrast ratio it offers, you will have to either have complete darkness or just a bit of light.

The LG HF85JA laser projector has the best feature of the LG Smart TV platform. You just need to have a stable Wi-Fi connection and whichever apps you want to stream will be available without requiring connection to any external or secondary devices. From phone to computer, you can wirelessly share all the content you want to without going through the hassle of connections and setup.

Note : This LG projectors is considered to be one of the sought after laser home theater projectors. If you want to explore more options then check out guide on the best laser projector.

5. VAVA 4K



If an extremely short throw projector with a sharp and bright screen, portable usage and easy setup is what you want, the Vava 4K Projector is the one you should be making the purchase of.

Key Features

  • 100,000:1 contrast ratio
  • 5200 lumens of super brightness
  • Various cable connections including audio output, HDMI, and USB
  • Dual 10W speakers
  • 1200 X 800 viewing resolution
  • Wireless screen sharing streaming with mobiles and computers
  • The 30,000-hour life expectancy of the lamp

The Vava 4K is an incredible one is this list because it produces 5200 lumens of brightness that provides the kind of bright display you can see even in the broad daylight. It is absolutely gorgeous and stunning. The contrast ratio is a spectacular 100,000:1, which provides multiple tones, colors and display without letting the daylight interfere or any other external factor to cause a hindrance. If you want to play a game? You can! If you want to watch a movie during the day? You definitely can!

Another feather is this device’s cap is the space it takes to project and be adjusted. You only need 0.23 inches of distance to project a perfect picture. This is just exceptional. This projector might be a little under $3000, but it provides tons of value for what it offers. The lamp life is extremely long and can run up to 30,000 hours. The chances are bulb won’t run out till the time you decide to upgrade the hardware.

The Vava 4K Short Throw Projector has a multitude of connections, which allow you to plug multiple secondary devices at once. From USB type-A, an audio out, USB mini-B, two VGA connections, LAN connection to many other ports, there is even an HDMI connection on the front. The latter comes handy when you don’t have space to connect at the back.

The Vava 4K has dual 10-watt speakers which work fantastic, but you can plug in external audio setup if you want. This projector is indeed a load of features packed into a small device.


Buying Guide on Ultra Short Throw Projectors

short throw projectors

 The short throw projectors have unique specifications that you have to look out for. When buying one, make sure to look out for a few of the below-mentioned specifications in detail.


The first and foremost would be brightness. If you are using the projector in a bright room, it is necessary that the brightness of the device is high so the external light does not distort the image. Check out the lumens of the projectors you are interested in. The higher, the better. In general, when looking for a home theater projector, we suggest you go for at least seven thousand lumens and more.

Contrast Ratio

The second thing to check in your desired ultra-short throw projector is the contrast ratio. If it is low, the pictures and shadows on the screen will start to look bland and will adopt a muddied appearance. Look for the device which has contrast ratio equal to or more than ten thousand.

Price Range

Lastly, as always, the price is a major factor in your purchase. While we don’t have to tell you about it, because you certainly will have your own budget, be careful with what you spend. As per our suggestion, the best short throw projectors lie somewhere in the range of $1500 and go up to $7000.

There will be a difference between a low-end and high-end projector, so make sure you have your priorities sorted and do not expect to get mountains in a low budget.



This was our list of the essential short throw projectors released in recent times.

Make your pick and get the best out of your movie or gaming experience with them.

They will indeed turn your normal lounge or living room to an extravagant home theater.