How far Should you sit from a 65 inch TV ?

Whenever a person decides to buy a brand new television, three important questions would pop up! How big should the television be? Will the room have adequate space for the new television? What would be the best viewing distance for the television? Let’s consider you own a 65 Inch TV. So it’s crucial you should consider on How far Should You Sit from a 65 Inch TV?

It is very important to calculate size and viewing distance if you are buying a big TV or you already have one.

Fortunately, both these factors are strongly related. Finding a solution to one of these questions will help you answer the next.

In this modern era, there are so many different types of high definition televisions. Most of these TVs come in sizes that are bigger than traditional CRTs. Above all, these televisions are lighter and thinner.

They can be installed easily on any wall or kept on any stand. However, it is important to place the television in a convenient spot. It should not affect your viewing experience. With this being said, how far should you sit from a 65-inch television? Can an ordinary room support a television as big as this one?

In order to understand how far you must be from a 65-inch Television, you should understand the science in measuring it. The actual size of a television is the diagonal distance from the bottom right and the top left corners. The distance is always measured in inches. The viewing distance for a 65-inch television depends on four important factors:

  • Your personal requirements
  • The room’s dimensions and design
  • The resolution of the television
  • The quality of your eye sight

If you keep two different people in a similar room and ask for their opinion, you will be surprised to hear difference answers. That is because individual requirements differ. However, there are calculations to help you find a safe position for keeping the 65-inch television. As a golden thumb rule, the television should be kept 1.5 to 3 times away from you.

Viewing Distance

how far should you sit from a 65 inch tv

If you are aware of the room’s actual size, you can make use of this method. Since you are investing in a 65-inch television screen, the ideal distances will be:

  • The minimum distance will be 1.5 times 65.
  • The maximum distance will be 3 times 65.

Any position within the maximum and minimum viewing distance will assure you a great TV time!

Screen Size Fit for Room

Now, you can decide if a 65-inch television would fit in your room or not based on the size of location. This is another way of making the decision. In most rooms, the distance you have for installing a television and experiencing a good movie is limited. Aha, doesn’t this sound sad?

If you are planning to buy a 65-inch television, you must be very clear of where you are planning to sit. Once this position is identified, you should divide it by 3 or 1.5 to find the minimum and maximum viewing distance.

TV Brand Options

A lot of people are curious to know if the brand would have an impact on the viewing distance. Would a Sony TV be different from a Samsung TV? The answer is “No”! You don’t have to worry about the brand when you are calculating the viewing distance. This is because similar models from different brands are more-or-less the same. However, you should be aware of the type of television you are going to buy.

TV & Screen Type

If you are going to buy a 65-inch High Definition or a 4K Ultra High Definition television, you will be able to compromise a little bit on the viewing distance. Now, you can sit 1.5 to 2.5 times away from the screen. In fact, these televisions look amazing when you are seated a little closer. Buying a 4K HD television will let you enjoy the benefits of both: a bigger screen, and a shorter viewing distance.


Now, let’s venture into the unknown territory! Can the genre of the program affect your viewing distance? Regardless of whether it affects your viewing distance or not, it will have an impact on your viewing experience.

The moment you invest on a 65-inch television, it is quite evident that you are looking for detail and more action. The larger screen shows your need for a better, high quality television experience. Thus, if you want to watch high definition sports, movies and documentaries you should be prepared to sit a little closer to the screen. On the other hand, if you are binge watching shorter episodes, you can sit a little away from the big screen. Sitting too close to a 65-inch screen will be overwhelming when you are less attentive to the program.

Tip: If you consider watching in the big screen as an overwhelming experience, you must pick a bigger room. A closer viewing distance will be appropriate only when you want extra fun, more color and a better experience.

TV Cabinet

Moving on, the distance between the television and you depend on where it is ought to be installed. When you wall mount the 65-inch television, you will receive more space in the room. Even if you sit near the television, it wouldn’t have any impact on your viewing experience. However, if the TV is placed in a cabinet, the room will appear filled! Now, you should identify a spot that is further away from the cabinet.


Most of the time, manufacturers recommend a viewing distance for buyers. These are more-or-less fixed numbers. To be in the safer side, you should make use of this number. Try to design your seating and furniture with this number in mind.

With HD televisions, you can sit nearer and not worry about seeing individual pixels. Likewise, if you are planning to watch Blu-ray movies, sitting near the television is a better option. When you decide on the viewing distance, don’t forget about the viewing angle.

The viewing angle is also important! It decides how much strain is going to be put on your eyes.