How to Connect a Laptop to a Projector Wirelessly?

The major reason behind the popularity of laptops is that they make multi-media items portable, specially projectors.

It includes all kinds of projectors which projector desired content on to the big screen in home theater setups or business environments.

If you connect your respective laptop to a projector wirelessly, it will make it easier as well as convenient for you to share any type of media with the projector from the laptop.

A good example of this could be the PowerPoint presentations in classrooms, offices or home theater setups.

Following are the simple steps to connect your laptop to a projector without the need of cables.

4 Steps to Connect Laptop to a Projector

connect laptop to projector wirelessly

Step 1

Turn the laptop and the projector off. These need to be turned off so that the respective media file is able to recognize the hardware once the laptop is restarted.

Step 2

Furthermore, you are required to hookup a chosen wireless transmitting device which will help in transferring the media signals from the laptop to the projector. The wireless transmitters play a key role in the process of transmitting cable and internet signals from one media to another. The receiver is a device which also plays the role of an antenna, is required to be hooked up to that hardware device which will receive wireless signals.

Step 3

Turn the projector and the laptop on. Wait for some time until the respective media program recognizes the hardware. This will further enable the provision of prompts on the screen of your laptop. Make sure you are following the command prompts. There are certain operating systems which are unable to recognize the new hardware automatically.

If your operating system is also unable to, all you need to do is press the “start” menu. After that, type “projector sharing” in the search box which will be available at the bottom of the menu. Select on “connect to a network projector”.

Step 4

From the drop-down list, select your projector and wait for the installation of all the necessary components by the connection wizard.

Keep following all the command prompts until you are done.