How to Make a Cheap Projector Better & Brighter?

So you were on a budget and purchased a cheap LCD or LED projector.

Now you are wondering is there any possibility on How to Make a Cheap Projector Better & Brighter?

Most importantly Brighter!

The answer to the question is YES. We have laid down a concise guide on how to make your cheap projector better & brighter. Let’s get into it.

4 Steps to Make a Cheap Projector Better & Brighter

how to make a cheap projector better

The projectors which make use of light-emitting diodes in place of the traditional high-pressure carrying bulbs, playing the role of their main light source, carry multiple advantages.

They are small in size and are said to run cool. The LED bulbs in these projectors are said to last for up to 10000 hours or even more.

They are able to stand strong against any bumps or vibrations that come along during travelling.

In return of these offered benefits, the projectors carry one prominent drawback. The light output of led projectors is typically much lower, even the brightness, as compares to the priced projectors that make use of the traditional lamp technologies.

Therefore, it is a crucial step to maximize their respective light output as well as minimizing the competing light sources.

Following are the steps which need to be taken into account:

Step by Step Guide

Step 1:

Try and cover up a maximum number of windows. Until and unless the person is projecting at night time, the reason being that sunlight is said to be a much more powerful competitor for the light source of your LED projector.

Step 2:

Make sure to turn off maximum lights in the room. At the very least, turn off any such lights which leave a reflection on the screen.

This will allow you to make optimum use of whatever light is being emitted by your projector.

Step 3:

If the person moves the projector closer to the respective screen, then this will allow the generation of a smaller and clearer image.

The light generation of the LED projectors is the same; the size of the screen does not matter. If the image is small, it will appear brighter.

Step 4:

It is important for the high brightness mode of the projector to be activated. There are certain LED projectors which require the user to make use of the control panel buttons or remote control in order to enter the respective on-screen menu or be able to select an item from the picture mode list.

While on the other hand, there are projectors which dedicate a specific button for various purposes such as pictures or video modes.

Upon clicking on these buttons, the user can cycle through the various options in picture modes etc.

The user is advised to install a screen which carries the status of a high-gain screen.

The reason behind this is that the high-gain screens are those which are made up while making use of such material which focuses on the light which is to be projected and make sure that it is reflected with much higher brightness.

The disadvantage is that people have to view from a rather narrow-angle to enjoy the stated benefits.

Noisy Projectors

There’s a high possibility that if you own a cheap projector it may produce un-necessary noises.

If you want to learn more, the check our guide on how to make a projector quieter.