How to Measure TV Size for Room (Calculator Included)

It’s not that difficult to measure TV Size for Room. Trust us.

In this guide we will help you figure on how to best calculate an appropriate TV Size that can fit your room, lounge or bedroom without any hassle. And save some space as well 

First off let’s look at this image below to have a general idea of TV Size, Viewing Distance (Min & Max)

How to Measure TV Size for Room

We hope this rough estimate will give a good idea of the TV Size you should go for when it comes to your room or lounger or wherever.

Screen Size & Viewing Distance Formula

It’s pretty simple actually. If you think the above image doesn’t help you decide the TV size you need here a straight forward formula for calculating Viewing Distance & Screen Size

  Viewing Distance (in inches)/2 = Ideal TV Size

For example, if you usually sit 10 feet from the TV, that’s 120 inches (10 feet x 12 inches).

120/2 = 60

The screen size for you is 60 inches (and remember, that’s the diagonal measurement of the screen) 

Moreover, this will also help you decide your seating position as well in a room.

If you want to know more on sitting distance from TV then check our guide on how far should you sit from a 65 inch TV

Now let’s dive into the learning part where we will explore on how to measure a TV and it’s co-relation to your room.

Learn How to Measure TV Size for Room

Television are not designed to fit in every room. In fact, there is no TV brand with models that would suit all room dimensions and tastes.

This is because every home has its unique Goldilocks zone.

So many factors should be satisfied if a television needs to fit in it perfectly. Factors like how far is your seating from the screen, are you planning to mount the television, or is the room brightly/dimly lit? These are few factors to begin with. Determining the ideal television screen size is important before you make a purchase.

If you want a strike a balance between the funds available, the room décor and your entertainment needs – you should keep in mind that the television size should be determined accurately.

With this being said, let’s understand how to measure the size of a television screen for your room.

Will it Fit?

Before you head out to shop for a television, you must figure out where the TV should be placed. The location plays an important role in choosing the size of the TV. The moment you finalize on the location, you should measure the depth, width and height of the actual spot. Never make assumptions in this step. If possible, take a picture of the location and note down the measurement.

When you head out to shop for the television, you should ensure that the TV would fit within this space. Match the measurement with the actual dimensions of the television. Don’t measure only the screen size.

The actual size of the television will be bigger than the screen size. Some brands design televisions with physically large footprints. This makes the TV look bigger than its actual size. When you choose such television models, you must ensure that it fits in the chosen location perfectly.

It should blend with the interior décor and also fit seamlessly.

Width of the Stand

Once the location is confirmed, you should focus on the width of the television stand. This is another size oriented concern. When you are not planning to wall mount the television, the width of the stand is important. That is because the stand can be big, broad and bulky.

It will consume a good amount of space on the table. Some televisions have far edges. Before you buy a television, ensure that the table can accommodate wider stands. This is an area you should be very careful about.

Be strict with the figures. A lot of people assume that television stands can be left to hang in the corners. This is a dangerous way of keeping the television. All television stands are designed to remain flat on the table.

If you fail to keep the television on a flat surface, it may tumble down with the smallest blow. Aha, doesn’t this sound like an expensive mistake?

Always find a table that fits in the chosen location, and pick a television that would stand flat on the table.

TV Dimensions

Now, let’s try to calculate the actual dimension of the television for your room.

Though newer television models like the UHD can be viewed from a closer distance, it is not advised! You may destroy the health of your eye by doing so. Always maintain a good distance from the television screen. Of course, the final call depends on your personal needs. But, there is a simple formula to help you calculate the recommended viewing distance.

By default, the ideal viewing distance should be twice the size of your television (includes the screen and the physical footprints). For example, if your television is 60 inches, you should sit 120 inches away from the TV. Here 60 inches represents the diagonal size of the television screen.

When you are planning to buy a 4K ultra high definition television, the above theory slightly changes. This is because 4K television have an improved resolution. The best viewing distance for a 4K television is 1 to 1.5 times the actual size of the television screen. For instance, if your television is a 70-inch 4K model, you can sit anywhere between 70 and 90 inches from the TV. This is completely acceptable!


A lot of people prefer watching their television screens from a distance of 9 feet. Well, this is a comfortable seating position. However, few technical factors should be considered before you finalize on the actual position.

First things first, if you want to sit far away from the television screen so that the pixels don’t bother you, don’t worry about the above equation. However, if you want to enjoy the television’s improved screen quality and not hurt your eye sight, stick to the above formula.

Room with Less Space

The number of people in your family can also impact on the size of the television.

During the big games and special movie nights, so many people will end up sitting in front of the television. This happens, and you cannot avoid it! As you step into the living room and find another person enjoying your spot, what would you do? If the room is going to get crowded, you should take the following factors into consideration while measuring the TV size:

  • If everyone is going to sit within 6 feet from the television, a 40-inch screen would work fine!
  • If everyone is going to sit within 7.5 feet from the television, a 50-inch screen is apt.
  • When you measure the television size, you should be aware of it is going to be mounted or placed on a table. Mounting will give you additional walking space. Thus, you can consider buying a bigger television.

Viewing Angles

Finally, you should take into consideration the viewing angles. If the TV is ought to be positioned parallel to your view, it must not be up or down by 15-degrees. And, it should not be to the left or right by 40-degree angle. In any other position, the screen will appear distorted and you will have a bad viewing experience.