How to Mount Projector to a Ceiling : Ultimate Guide

After buying a projector for home or elsewhere one important issue arises.

How and Where to Mount a Projector ?

To solve this issue for you we have laid down a step-by-step guide on How to Mount a Projector to your Ceiling for best viewing angle & picture quality.

Our detailed guide will ensure proper installation of your projector to the ceiling, but you will have to follow the Instructions carefully.

Note: The following steps need to be taken into account in order for you to set up a projector.

It is very important for you to try and make the most out of respective media room experience, by adding on the wall a projector screen

5 Steps to Install a Projector to a Home Ceiling

mount projector to ceiling

1. Placement

Projector screens prove to be a great experience with regard to watching movies while at home. It is very important for one to plan to install the respective projector screen in that area within your place, which is easily viewable from the seated furniture.

It’s better not to install the projector over a window which manages to receive direct sunlight. The reason behind this is that intense and prolonged sunlight can cause damage to the projector, therefore screen can be used as a covering.

Note : One thing to understand is that projectors manage to produce the best image quality in dark environments. Sunset will result in the best image quality.

2. Ceiling or Wall Mount

The most important element which plays a key role while deciding on placing the wall mount screen is having ample knowledge about whether or not there are any major obstructions concerning the wall beneath the screen.

The projector screen, which is wall-mounted, will pull down and will further retract very flush against the respective wall.

Furthermore, a quite narrow existence of the picture frame or even a window trim will play a sufficient role in requiring the respective unit to be anchored 1-1/2 away from the wall.

3. Prepare Pre-Drill Holes

The pounds range of projector screen will be between 30-60. In order to make the installation of the projector precise an easier, you can make use of a piece of cardboard to create the template.

The role played by the template is that it makes sure that the holes for screws remain evenly spaced from not only each other but from the wall as well if the person intends on extending the bypass window trim or wall art.

4. Drilling

You will have to make use of a 3/16 drill in order to dig a hole through the drywall. This particular step carries the status of a two-fold; therefore, pre-drilling is always considered to be much better as it makes the installation of real screws easier.

In addition to this, it is also considered to be an easy way whether or not you will need to install a stud in the ceiling.

The hitting of studs are giving the status of a best-case scenario during the installation for heavy objects. Anchor bolts can be made use if the studs are not hit, or even if the respective ceiling joists are accessible in the attic.

5. Mount & Raise Screen

You will certainly need help and assistance for the process of installing the big screen. The best way to achieve this is to set two ladders or stools under the holes that have been predrilled, and further lift the projector screen towards the ceiling.

Make use of the screws and drill for the purpose of attaching one end of the projector screen first. Then further keep on tightening the screws to the maximum. Keep alternating between all the sides, further tighten down the screws until and unless if felt that the respective mount is fully flush with the ceiling.

Make sure that the screws are not over tightened.


In end we would like to believe that we have covered all the important steps and aspects of mounting a projector to a ceiling. If you are having any problem you can leave your comment below.

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