How Wide is 43 Inch Flat Screen TV?

How Wide is a 43 Inch Flat Screen TV? Read on to find the answer.

Buying the right television is not an easy job, you must take several factors into consideration. You must consider the screen size, brand and so many other things!

Few people feel confused on how big the television should be. Choosing the right screen size is not an easy job. Without the right guidance and information, you may end up buying a television that is too big or very small.

In fact, a lot of people are unaware of how big a 43-inch flat screen television can be. This is why you should read this guide and know everything about television dimensions before making a purchase.

How Big is 43 Inch Actually ?

how wide is a 43 inch flat screen tv

Few decades ago, the television industry was topped by CRTs that didn’t cross 21-inches.

Today, you have so many options to choose from. Technology has changed the way we see televisions. Now, we have televisions that are thinner, more efficient, more advanced and bigger in size.

In just few short years, televisions have become better and finer than computing devices. You should be aware of the television’s performance, dimension and features to ensure that they are placed in the right spot.

how big is a 43 inch tv

Rationale Behind TV Measurements

Television screens are carefully measured from the top-left corner to the bottom-right corner. What you see on the label is the diagonal distance. This is the same for tablet, laptop and flat-screen televisions. The diagonal measurement is the precise size of the television screen. This remains the same between brands.

That means a 43-inch Sony television is the same as a 43-inch Samsung TV. However, the overall size of the television will be different. This can be attributed to the physical footprint of the TV.

Different brands come up with a range of television designs. The stands, sides and speakers add more width and height to the TV. Thus, you are likely to see many 43-inch flat screen televisions that are actually bigger than 43-inches. The TV frame would add up to the extra dimensions.

Take home tip: The “43” in a 43-inch television is only the diagonal screen size. It is the display and not the overall size of the television. What is housing the television will add more size to it.

Aspect Ratio

Modern televisions have an aspect ratio of 16:9. This is considered as the best angle for viewing the television. The aspect ratio is very important in high-definition televisions. In some televisions, even the 43-inch ones, you will see black bars.

These black bars are caused due to the aspect ratio in which the movie was filmed. (Generally, movies are filmed with an aspect ratio of 21:9). To avoid the black bars, you must position the television correctly.

If you see black bars in a 43-inch television, you should change the TV’s aspect ratio and also the distance from which you are viewing. Handling black bars in smaller 43-inch televisions is an easy job.

The Length and Width of a 43-inch television

There is a fixed formula for computing the length and width of a television. The dimensions can be computed using the aspect ratio and the diagonal screen size. When you decide to buy a 43-inch television from a 32-inch one, this computation will help you make a wiser move. You will understand how big the new buy is going to be.

The calculation is based on the traditional Pythagorean theorem, which is nothing but basic algebra.

  • To understand how big 43-inch flat screen TVs are, you must know the actual aspect ratio. As mentioned previously, it would be 16:9. However, the ratio can also be 16:10. The aspect ratio is nothing but a relationship between the width and height of the television. Thus, if the aspect ratio is 16:9, it means for every 16 points in the width, you will have 9 points in the height. It is nothing but a simple ratio.
  • Using the Pythagorean Theorem, the ratios are used to compute an end figure, which is nothing but 18.9 for an aspect ratio of 16:9. Thus, the diagonal length of the television is 18.9 points. With these figures you will be able to compute the actual size of the television.
  • If the television is 43-inches, the diagonal ratio (in inches) is 43/18.4. And, using this figure you can understand the height and width of the television. For a 43-inch television, the height will be 21 inches and the width would be 37.4 inches.
  • Once the actual height and width of the television is identified, you can compute the overall viewing area. For a 43-inch television, the viewing area is 786.4 inches. This is how big your 43-inch flat screen television is!

Viewing Distance

It is quite evident that a 43-inch television is not as small as it appears. Thus, the television has to be placed within the right distance for a flawless viewing experience. If you are shifting from a CRT to a 43-inch ultra-high definition television, you must change the room’s setup drastically.

Remember, the viewing distance is important if you want to avoid eye strain and for a better TV experience. People who fail to understand the importance of viewing distance will end up have serious eye issues in the future. This is very true for children.

When the screen size is more than 43-inches, you shouldn’t watch it very close. That is because you may see the scan, black lines. And, ideal viewing distance for 43-inch televisions would be 5 to 8 feet!


Technology has blessed us with huge televisions. However, a 43-inch flat screen TV is not as small as it appears. The moment you decide to buy a 43-inch television you should smartly prepare the room. Every television has an ideal viewing distance. Calculate this distance and arrange your room. Whether it is a living area, bedroom or anywhere in your home, the minimum and maximum viewing distance along with the angle should be maintained for a great experience.